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History by date -- oldest first

 History of the rum drink Cuba Libre ... an interpretation by Bacardi Rum
 History of Cuba's Central Highway 1928 ... Public Works Project under President Machado
 Santiago Claret, 1934 Kidnapping... Machado Political Refugee, Police report
 Santiago Claret Kidnapping, 1934 ... News Clip
 PHOTO... Dr. Santiago Claret. [looks like a reenactment of hostage scene]
 Louis Bosch 1935 Death... Political Refugee, State Atty Memo
 Louis Bosch 1935 Death... Mariano Faget Background Report

Cayo Confites .. Plot to Invade Dominican Rep Summer of 1947
 FIDEL CASTRO'S SEX LIFE (for what it's worth):
      Mystery of Castro's Wife: Mirta Diaz Balart de Nunez - 1948
      Lillie Gondi .. One Time Girlfriend of Fidel Castro
      Fidel Castro's Women ...
      Marita Lorenz ... Fidel Castro Love Affair 1963
      Marita Lorenz ... Fidel Castro Raped My Teen-Age Daughter by Alice Lorenz 1960
 CUBA:  Sin, Gin and Sovietism .. Batista & Communism 1952
 Guantanamo History of Cuba & Base .. U.S. Navy Perspective 1954
 Will Reds Take Over in Cuba? .. A 1954 article with graphics
 Raul Castro's 1958 kidnapping of 50 .. Americans & Canadian civilians
 Press Reaction to Castro Kidnap of 50 People .. Raul Castro -- 1958
 Raymond Elmore .. Abducted by Rebels in Cuba 1958
 A Short History of Corrupt Presidents of Cuba through 1959
 Castro Govt. Executions by Dunkin .. notes taken while in Cuba 1959
 Arms Smuggling -- Cuba .. from the Herald clipping file 1959-1974
 Invasion of Cuba from Dominican Republic 1959 .. Batista People, etc.
 Invasion of PANAMA ..  1959, Cuba's Response
 Reporter Against Castro .. Dorothy Kilgallen on Fidel Castro 1959
 Situation in Cuba .. Felipe Sarrain speaks about in May 1959
 Gangsters with Florida Addresses: "Top One Hundred" 1959 Florida Addresses
 Brief History of Radio Swan .. clandestine CIA radio Station

 La Coubre .. French Freighter explodes in Havana Mar 1960
Cuban Executives Club 1961 .. Cuban Mob in Miami

 Arms Buildup in CUBA .. Ten-part series on Miami Radio 1963

 Democratic Convention 1968 .. Cuban Incident Reports, Police
 Republican Nat Convention 1972  .. Incident Log Aug 19-23
 Republican Nat Convention 1972  .. Log of Events (8/19/72 - 8/24/72)

 Cuban Crime Confederation: Cuban Mafia, Cuban Lottery

GENTE Magazine, American Edition January 5, 1958

What's True About Cuba (Editorial) page 3
Batista, the Man General Fulgencio Batista page 4
Foundation and Objective of the O.N.D.I. page 8
Havana Crossroads of the World page 11
Cuban Art Center page 20
The Growth of Investments in Cuba page 22
Cuba's National Sports Commission page 27
Possible Contenders in next Presidential Elections page 33
The True Life of Rebel Castro page 34-A
$14,000,000 Havana Riviera page 34-F
Religious Beliefs of African Origin page 35
New Public Works Projects of the Batista Regime page 43
Brief History of the Cuban Labor Movement page 59
Social Policy Since 1952 page 64
Havana's New Tunnel Two Cities Connects page 66-A
The First Cuban Hydro-Electric Plant page 66-F page 66-F
How Many Millions of Dollars Do Cubans Spend on Cigarettes? page 70
Varadero page 83
The Havana Dry Dock page 88
The Clinical-Surgical Hospital page 91
The Plaza of the Republic page 95

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