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Louis Bosch Death
Mariano Faget Background Report

[REFERENCE: (Prosecution file, Florida State Attorney, Dade County, Florida)
#457 Bosque, Fred -x- State
(Louis Bosch Death)]

[Report of Mariano Faget on background of Bosch]

April 16, 1935

J. B. Rowland
Miami, City

Interpreting your desires of obtaining in writing the details that I know in relation to the kidnaping and assassination of this our Cuban citizen, Louis Bosch Martinez, occurred in the year of April 1934, I have the honor of informing you the following

I reached this country the 6th of April, 1934, finding rooms in hotel Concha where I also had my meals.  A few days afterwards I noticed that a Cuban, Louis Bosch Martinez was going around with two subjects that were not of our political group of exiles, recognizing in one of them Fredesvindo Bosque, who also uses other names, to who I had and have as a subject of bad conduct, whose picture is found in the files of the Cuban police as a professional delinquent, especially in frauds to the tourists of English speaking.  His steps were always followed by the Cuban police.

I observed that Louis Bosch, Fred Bosque and Salvador Perez, alias Catalan, alias Tripitia eat together always paying Louis Bosch and sometimes Fred Bosque, never El Catalan.  One occasion I was sitting at the porch of the hotel Concha and also were Salvador Perez, alias Catalan, alias Tripitia, and he saw Louis Bosch and said to me: " I am in luck because here comes Bosch and it is certain that he invites me to lunch.   Today I haven't one cent."

All the Cubans commented this friendship of Louis Bosch with a pair of delinquents but he, Louis Bosch, would accept no advice and believed them his best friends.

The afternoon of the happening I spoke to Louis Bosch and he told me the following: " I have decide to go to Mexico I already have my ticket (he showed it to me) I am taking my money and I certainly am going to have a good time.  Bosque has told me that there the women are wild about Cubans.  I am leaving this morning."

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Then he said to me: " I wish you would go with me to buy some straps for my suitcase", but on the way he said: "Will you it is better that you who speak English buy them for me and take them to me to my apartment".  This I did, I bought him two straps in a store on Miami Avenue and took them to his apartment in the New York apartments where I helped him pack his suitcases.  While we were doing this he gave me two packages of Cuban cigarettes and spoke with much insistence of the good time he expected on his trip to Mexico, saying that if everything went well with him and that if there was work or some business to start he would not only write me, but to all the Cubans who wanted to work for them to go to Mexico.  That night I went to the Hotel Concha about 7 o'clock and while sitting on the porch Fred Bosque arrived.  He sat by me, and among other things he told me: "Louis Bosch is good boy.  It is a pity that he has to be away from his country.  Is it true that he drew $5,000.00 in a lottery?  I answered: " I didn't know, I believe as they say that they only were $1600.00."  He said to me: "No they say that they were $5,000.00".  Bosque told me also: "It is crazy of Louis to take that money in cash because although he says that he takes the money inside his socks it is better for him to take it in traveler's checks, because something could happen to him," I did not answer anything to this particular.  Bosque also told me that he would accompany Louis Bosch to Tampa and there in Tampa they would be two days leaving afterwards for Jacksonville where they would separate.  Louis would go on to El Paso and he, Bosque, would go on to New York.  Bosque told me that he represented a firm of automobiles that sold on terms in New York; that he was only here for a few days.  That night I saw how they celebrated at the farewell party to which I did not assist because I was not invited with anticipation but they invited me just at the moment to sit down and I had already eaten my supper.  About 9 o'clock while going to the post office with my friends Enique Ordonez I told him: "I am sure that Catalan and Bosque are going to steal from Bosch."  My friend asked me, "Why".  Then I told him my

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conversation with Fred Bosque and his interest that I knew that he, Bosque, wanted that Louis would take his money in a sure way.  I told my friend Ordonez I believe that it is a trap of that thief of Bosque, my friend Ordonez wanted to go back to the Concha hotel to advise Louis Bosch the danger but I told him, "It is useless, many of us many times have told him and Louis is certain that those two thieves are decent persons."  Thus the things the kidnaping took place.

The next day in the hours of the morning I went with my friend Pedro Anyaumat looking for a room, we were in different places at last found a room in Miami Court, 1432, place in which both of us moved, after moving we began the work of looking for Louis Boschs' brother to inform him about missing his brother, thus we did, I remember that the night we were in the Frances hotel and the night clerk of the hotel told us Fred Bosque left last night about 2 o'clock more or less taking his luggage.  Also in my conversation with Johnnie, employee of the Tobacco factory he told me that he, Johnnie, had seen in the corner of Miami Avenue & 11th Street El Catalan and Bosque expecting the return of Louis the two American girls and he.  I also saw him about a quarter of 2 A.M. Bosque, El Catalan and Louis Bosch left in a automobile.  That he remembers this detail because he looked at the watch.  At the moment I do not remember any other detail but I am in condition to answer the Court as many questions it deems necessary if I know.

Very attentively

Mariano Faget

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