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List of

[REF: A rough article or note which was found in the Tom Dunkin papers. It is assumed the paper was written in 1959.]
[TITLE NOTE: The heading for this was damaged by water intrusion. The following is all that was readable]

                List of persons sentenced for capital punishment
                _________ shooting at Santiago de Cuba

(Captain Antonio Gutierrez Valdes, a resident of Wood, Los Olmos, Responsible of murders.  Perpetrator of the student Calas, on the Morro road.
(Captain Luis G. Gamboa, a resident of 918 Aguilcra St., Portuondo Ward, Murders, Tortures.  Murder of rebel prisoners.
Lietenant Ramon Heredia, a resident of 212 D. ________ Suenos Ward, Murders.  Amongst others of Gustavo Almejeira.
Lieutenant Manuel Pina Martinez, a resident of 16_ Third St., Sueno Ward, Manhandles, abuses, tortures, violation of domiciles, murders.
Lieutenant Enrique Despaigne Noret, a resident of 62 Hermanos Marin, Vegiuta de Galo, Murders.  Amongst them, those of Ramiro Blanco Torres, Luis Caucel, Seguras, Hung and others.  The murder of Norberto Emilio Macias, whom he arrested in his home, and who was found a few days later with his eyes out.  The murders of Luis E. Cala and Marcelino Veranes.
(Sargent Eladio Abreu Pedroso, a resident of 263 Third St., Sueno Ward. Murders. Tortures. Took part in the torture and murder of Cuqui Bush, with private Borrero.
(National Police Sargent Rene Caso Perez, resident of the Moncada Barracks.  Tortures and murders.  Among them that of Rafael Palomo Carceller.  The Torture and death of the young man Perez Castillo.
(Sargent Heliodoro Montes de Oca, a resident of 19th and Vicente Aguilera Sts., Palma Soriano. Tortures and murders.  Responsible, amongst others, of the death of Jose Rosales del Toro, who was subjected to inhuman tortures.  Depredations.
Sargent Armando Chaviano Reyes, a resident of San Luis, Oriente. Murders. Tortures. Amongst the proved murders are those of Felix Fustier, Manolo Morcira and Ponciano Duenas.  Depredations on the property.
(Sargent Juan Jose Torres Martinez, alias "The Tiger", resident of 11 14th St., Mariana de la Torre.  Murders, Tortures. Amongst others, the murder of the youth Enrique Ladron de Guevara, who was arrested and then tortured, with Lieutenant Despaigne and private Balas, executed.
(Sergent Facundo Duran Matos, a resident of 66, 4th St., Sorribas Ward. Murders.
(Corporal Victor M. Castro Lora, resident of Eduardo Dominguez, El Caney, Murders, Known as "Manolito The Vulture" and "The Hyena".. The Torture of Juan Rolando Ferrer.  Other similar deeds.  The murder of Frank Pais.
Corporal Jose R. Morffi Castillo, resident of Ceiba and Carretera Central 103, Murders.
Corporal Angel Luis Balboa Lopez, resident of 168 12th St. Mariana de la Torre. Murders, Tortures.  The torture and murde of the minor Doris Aguiar Oliveros, 17 years old, amongst others.  Jointly with Corporal Rene Caso Perez, likewise executed.  Murdered of Rolando Roca Pacheco.
National Police Commander Bonifacio Haza Grasse, resident of 125 Ray Pelayo. III treatment, striking the persons arrested.  Acts of vandalism.  Murders wich machineguns, amongst them Alberto Sambran.  He gave the order to shoot to death the minor Fernando Proll Cespedes, 16 years of age.  He attempted to murder by fire; he ordered that five yound men be locked in a small cell of the Police building afire.

Private Armando Enrique Marti, resident of Lora St. Palma Soriano, Murders, amongst them, that of Carlos Manuel Veloz Fadraga, who was taken from him home, by the said private executed jointly with Corporal Romero and private Caveda, driven around the City, taken back to his home to say goodby to his Mother and them he was taken to the Loma del Indio where he was murdered.

Private Francisco Caveda Polanco, a resident of San Antonio Ward, Palma Soriano, Murders.  Amongst other deeds, he arrested, jointly with Corporal Romero, Mr. Manuel Marquez murdering him in front of his own home.  The arrest and murder of Justo Manuel Rodriguez.  The torture and death of Manuel Marquez.

Corporal Juan Romero Ramirez, resident of Baracoa, Oriente.  Murders.  Those hereinbefore mentioned and further, amongst others, the murder of Gerardo Cabezas Mistral, in which took part the privates Marti and Caveda, likewise executed.  Also the murder of Alfonso Pereira.
Private Leonel Cala de la Rosa, resident of 89 Bacardi Ave., San Pedrito.  Murders.
Private Jose Bravo Montalvo, a resident of 119 Comandante Borrero, Asuncion Ward. Murders.
Private Aristonico Lopez Despaigne, resident of La Maya, Oriente. Murders
Private Antonio Borrero Silva, resident of 19 E St., Aguero Ward.  Murders, amongst them that of Ramiro Blanco Torres, jointly with Lieutenant Despaigne, likewise executed.  Tortures.  Also the torture and death of "Cuqui Bush", with Sargent Abreu.
Private Fidel Aragon, of 6th Street, Santa Barbara Ward. Murders.
Private Israel Arencibia, of 77 First St., Sorribas Ward.   Tortures. Murders. Amongst others, he ill treated and took part in the murders of Frank Pais and Jose Pujol.
National Police Officer Alcides Soler Fuste, of 159 8th St., Mariana de la Torre.  Murders.
National Police Officer Orlando Ortiz Verdecia, of Marti an. Calvario.  Murders.  Tortures.  Amongst others, that of Sergio Marano Perez and Melquiades Maranon Perez, who were tortured and their eye taken out, thrown on the Loma de la Cruz after they had been arrested -- also the murder of Conrado and Hernan Maranon Perez and Marcelo Pacheco Perez, likewise tortured.
National Police Officer Ignacio Olea Cross, of Garzon and Madre Vieja.  Murders.
National Police Officer Federico Oliu Cordero, of Marti between Calvario and reloj. Murders.
National Police Officer Domingo Olea Cross, of Garzon and Madre Vieja.  Murders
National Police Officer Arvelio Martin Cespedes, of 214 Rosa La Bayamesa, Camaguey.

Abuses.  Tortures.
National Police Officer Manuel J. Gonzalez Guillot of 94 General Wood, Los Olmos. Murders.
Sailor Filiberto Torres Lopez, of 12 Emilio Bacardi, Municipal Ward. Murders.
National Police Officer Francisco Alvarez Diaz, of 4 Fourth St., Serribas.  Tortures, amongst others, that of Andres Cobas Mustelier.  Murders.
National Police Officer Pedro Castillo Ramirez, of 18 Tejado Murders.
National Police Officer Fernando Diaz Rodiles, of Carretera Cuabitas and Los Pinos Ave.  Tortures.  Murders, Amongst them, that of Jose Grimon Driggs.
National Police Officer Angel Esteban Garay, of 112 Bernada.  Murders.  Tortures.  He took part amongst others, in murder of Angel Palacio Munoz, who diappeared.  Also in the murder of Antonio Garcia Rosados, who was tortured.

All the foregoing belong to the Army, the Navy and the Police of the overthrown tyranny.
The following Members of Masferrer's private militia were likewise executed.
They are guilty of belonging to said group of delinquents, armed for crime purposes, many of them taken out of prisons, remune rated by the above mentioned ex-Senator.

They coordinated a murder plan against citizens and the revolutionary elements, using the unlawful and inhuman methods of tortures of all kinds, attacking the physical and moral integrity, threats, money exigencies and murders, all carried out with the cooperation of Member of the Armed Forces.

The persons executed for such deeds are:

General Palencia, of 103 Cespedes Ave., upper floor, Sueno Ward.
Armando Martinez Montero, of 501 Second St., Sueno Ward.
Angel Leiva, of 4 Celda, Flores Ward.
Juan Daunidot Bell, of 856 Jose A. Saco.
Aristides Lao, of Maribel Ward, Palma Soriano.
Pedro Rodriguez Perez, of La Maya, Oriente.
Antonio Morales Carrillo, Guard, Cementos Nacionales, Babun.
Pedro Olivera San Secret Police, Provincial Government
Benito Cortes Balnodado, Cuartel Moncada, La Ceiba Ward, Palma Soriano.
Antonio Reyter, of San Basilio and Corona, Boardinghouse.
Aristides Lopez Toledano, of San Mateo and Carniceria.
Alfredo Hill, of 2nd and G. Streets, Sueno Ward.
Raul Diaz Zamora, of Calvario and Santa Lucia
Jose Hernandez Morales, of Factoria and Maceo, El Platanal Ba
Nicolas Novas, of Carretera de Bacardi, without number.
Ernesto Fernandez Valverde, of 2nd and G Sts. Sueno Ward.
Armando Plutin, of Calvario, of 2nd and G Sts., Sueno Ward.
Juan Gutierrez Garcia, of 2nd and G Sts., Sueno Ward
Antonio Ramirez Caballero, of Calvario and Santa Lucia, Diario Libertad
Rafael Duarte Anaya, of Calvario and Santa Lucia, Diario Libertad.
Celso Saavedra Pineda, of 2nd and G Sts., Sueno Ward.
Luis A. Portuendo Rodriguez, of Calvario and Santa Lucia, Diario Libertad.
Helicones Herrera Duque, of 2nd and G Sts., Sueno Ward.
Manuel Prat, of Calvario and Santa Lucia, Diario Libertad.
Evelio La Rosa Beltran, of Calvario and Santa Lucia, Diario Libertad.
Benigno Torres del Toro, of 2nd and G Sts., Sueno Ward.
Emerico Chacon Santa Cruz, of 2nd and G Sts., Sueno Ward
Antonio Alvarez of Calvario and Santa Lucia, Diario Libertad.
Eraclio Oduardo, of 2nd and G Sts., Sueno Ward

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