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Tom Dunkin was a freelance writer who made more than a dozen trips to Cuba from 1957 through 1964 covering both Castro and anti-Castro revolutionary activities.  His camera was never far from his side so his own pictures usually accompanied his stories.

As an ex-Marine he had a flare for the military and covert operations.  Most of his friends were soldiers of fortune, ex-military men and many Cuban exile leaders; one of his closest was Tony Cuesta.  Some of his writings appear in Soldier of Fortune magazine and La Gaceta, a Cuban newspaper printed in Tampa.

A month after his death in 1994, we were given access to his home where he worked.  His files had been ransacked and most covered two to three inches on the living room floor.  Luckily there were about ten boxes of salvageable records which included about 5,000 sleeves of negatives, around 300 cassettes, a few reels of movie film, numerous slides and a few photographs.  Most of the negatives were made for local news stories but many also had been taken in the Cuban rebel area and later in the anti-Castro camps in South Florida.

Illustrated here are some of the significant Cuba subjects he had either written or photographed.

Resume ... Written by Tom Dunkin in the early 1990s
Castro  Govt. Executions by Dunkin ... notes taken while in Cuba.
Arms Smuggling -- Cuba ... from the Herald clipping file

Memo: Dunkin to Dick Billings 1967 .. This memo covers the soldiers of fortune operating from the Miami area in the 1960s including No Name Key. There is a great deal of biographical information included on these men.
Intrigue at NO NAME KEY ... reprint from Back Channels 
No Name Key Proof Sheets ... Eleven proof sheets pertaining to Misc. SOF and Exile Freedom Fighters.

Tom Dunkin's Deposition re: Project Nassau ..  go to Project Nassau ..

Raul Castro's 1958 kidnapping of 50 .. Americans & Canadian civilians.
Press Reaction to Castro Kidnap of 50 People .. Raul Castro -- 1958.

BLIND COURAGE .. Account of Tony Cuesta leaving Cuba in 1978.

Letter Dunkin to Jim Garrison 1968 .. offer of assistance
Photos of Clay Shaw Trial .. Taken outside the New Orleans Courthouse.

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