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Letter Dunkin to Jim Garrison

[Reference: Tom Dunkin Papers]

29 April 1968

Jim Garrison
District Attorney, Orleans Parish
Criminal District Court Bldg.
2700 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119

Dear Mr. Garrison:

It is my understanding that the Clay Shaw trial may be scheduled during early May.

I hope to be assigned to cover the trial for the Ledger, as I did the preliminary hearing a year ago last month.

I'm certain the trial date will be well noted by the wire service and will trust in such for notification of the date.

Having had the opportunity to encounter some of the people in whom your investigation has shown an interest, I should be willing to offer any assistance to you that this past experience might possibly provide.

Should you have any questions with which you might feel I could be of help, I will be available to you, your staff or representatives at any time.

Sincerely yours,

John T. (Tom) Dunkin
Staff Writer
The Colombus Ledger
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