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Lillie Gondi
One Time Girlfriend of Fidel Castro

FBI Miami File MM 92-517 [An extract from a larger report]


Concerning CASTRO'S girl friend, LILLIE GONDI, he stated that in 1960 she came to the United States from Cuba.  She arrived in Miami, Florida, and then through connections in Miami, she went to New York City, New York.  It was unknown if ROSELLI had assisted in arranging her transportation and relocation to New York.  When CASTRO traveled to Washington, D.C., in an effort to obtain funds for the rebuilding of Cuba, CASTRO attempted to contact GONDI.  CASTRO was later seen with GONDI at a nightclub in New York City and numerous questions were raised by the press as to CASTRO'S association with her.  He stated that he later learned that GONDI used to live with CASTRO before the revolution against BATISTA.  In 1961, he was asked if he would like to make some money piloting a charter flight.  He believed that this charter was arranged by one SERGIO SANCHEZ and his partner REX BEARDSLEY, both of whom were employed by the State Department and were heavily involved with Cuban activities.  He said that he would and he was instructed to fly to New York City and pick up a passenger, which he later determined to be GONDI.  He flew GONDI back to Tampa, Florida, and during the flight he had general conversation with her, primarily small talk.  During the conversation, however, she knew names of people whom he also knew in the Miami area.  He reiterated that he did not know her name at the time of the flight, but he later saw her at Ronde Plaza in Miami and was introduced to her.  She was in the company of a number of entertainers and important people in the Miami area.  He stated that he later learned through associates (exactly who is unrecalled) that she was to fly to Caracas, Venezuela, for the purpose of setting CASTRO up for assassination.  It was believed that CASTRO would travel to Venezuela to see her.  He stated that he did know that the people associated with her in this effort were also associated with ROSELLI.

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