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Fidel Castro Love Affair

May 1963
Page 17

Dictator's Rape of a Teen-Age Girl
By: Harvey Wilson

The world has seen a lot of Fidel Castro.  His political escapades become intelligible only after we learn details about Castro the man.  And what would be more revealing than his attitude toward women, his behavior toward the 18-year-old Captain's daughter, which is typical of Castro's brutality.

FIDEL CASTRO loves to picture himself as a Don Juan.  He boasts about being a Casanova with so much sex appeal that he sweeps girls off their feet without even trying.

But the truth is that the strutting Red dictator gets his way with women only by using the same methods he employed when he seized power in Cuba.  These methods include lies, force and deceit.

The world knows Fidel as a ruthless butcher of innocent people.  It can now be revealed that his private life is even more shocking.

Castro is a degenerate, alcoholic sex fiend.  Of all Fidel's orgies in the raw, the most disgraceful and criminal sex exploit involved a beautiful 18-year-old brunette.

The chain of events–never before revealed in the United States–began on a German passenger liner.  The captain of the big vessel was the father of the gorgeous teen-ager, whom we shall call Lisa [Marita Lorenz].  This girl's real name is in the files of the Police Gazette, but it is being withheld to protect her reputation and her chances for a normal life in the future.

Lisa [Marita Lorenz] accompanied her father on a certain crossing of the Atlantic–from Germany to New York, with a brief stop at Havana.

When the liner dropped anchor, Castro came aboard.  He was making a tour of the Havana harbor.  The sea captain invited Castro to dinner–a routine courtesy for a chief of state.  The captain also introduced Fidel to Lisa [Marita Lorenz].

Castro's dark eyes took in Lisa's charms at a glance.  He saw that she was curvaceous, dark-haired–and young.  His twisted brain was filled with lust.

When Castro boarded the liner that night for dinner, he did his best to butter up the captain with serious conversation.

"I want to build up Cuba's tourist trade again," Castro said.  "Despite what the imperialists say about me, all I really want is to make Cuba strong and free. To do this, we must bolster the economy."

"Of course," said the captain. "I agree with you."

Castro then changed the subject to Lisa [Marita Lorenz].

"I notice that your daughter speaks a number of languages," Fidel murmured.  "I hope that you'll permit her to translate some letters for me.  It's very difficult to find trustworthy translators in Havana."

The captain offered no objection.  Nothing more was said about the matter that evening, however.  The next morning the vessel sailed to New York.  There, Lisa [Marita Lorenz] disembarked.  She planned to spend a few weeks in Manhattan.

In Havana, Castro had told one of his most notorious aides, Captain Jesus Yanez, that he wanted to know every move Lisa [Marita Lorenz] made in America.  Castro's agents followed her from her father's ship to a New York apartment which her father had rented for her.

Once the father had left on his return voyage to Germany, Castro's agents went into action.

"Dr. Castro urgently needs your held," an aide to the Cuban United Nations delegation told Lisa [Marita Lorenz] on the telephone.  "Can you fly to Havana and translate some important diplomatic mail for him?"

Lisa [Marita Lorenz] hesitated.  She had other things to do, but she decided the flight to Havana would take only a few hours, so she agreed.

Yanez met her on her arrival at Havana.  "I am here to serve you," he said, his eyes gleaming.

Yanez took Lisa [Marita Lorenz] by auto to the luxurious Hilton Hotel, a famous tourist mecca before Castro's terrorists took it over.  Lisa [Marita Lorenz] was taken to an upper floor in an elevator.  She thought it strange that she saw no one else on the floor except two uniformed members of Castro's militia, but she said nothing.  The beautiful teen-ager unpacked her bi-lingual dictionaries and waited to go to work.

The next afternoon, Castro came to her suite.  But he had no diplomatic letters to be translated.

When Fidel first entered, he tried to throw his arms around Lisa [Marita Lorenz].  She
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was repelled by his manner–and by his boozy breath and the fact that he obviously needed a bath.

"Please," she shouted.  "This isn't why you brought me all the way from New York.."

"Ah, but it is," replied Castro.  "I'm in love with you.  I've never felt this way about anyone before."

This corny approach got Fidel nowhere.  It was all Lisa [Marita Lorenz] could do to keep from bursting out in laughter.  Castro ranted and raved some more, sounding more like he was making a speech on Marxism than trying to woo a girl.  And then he turned on his heels and left.

Lisa [Marita Lorenz] was now truly alarmed.  Once Castro had gone down on the elevator, she stepped out of her suite in hopes of escaping and contacting either the German legation or some friends of her father's.

But the two guards in the hall motioned her to return to the suite.  One of them touched his gun menacingly.  Lisa [Marita Lorenz] thought for a moment and then decided to make a desperate gamble for freedom.

She screamed with all her lung power!

The guards merely laughed.  "No one can hear you," one guard said in Spanish.  "There are no other guests on this floor.  This has all been planned in advance.  You can stand there and scream all day if you want."

Sobbing, Lisa [Marita Lorenz] returned to her suite and waited for Castro's next move. 

The following day, Fidel appeared again.  He and his bodyguards had slipped into the hotel through the service entrance.  As always, he was determined to keep his personal escapades from both the deeply religious Cuban people and from the highly disciplined Marxists in his organization who turn up their noses at booze and sex on the ground that members of the New Order should concentrate on more important things.

Castro laughed drunkenly as he weaved his way into Lisa's sitting room.

"Have you changed your mind, my pet?" he demanded.

"No," replied the brave but frightened girl.

The hulking, bearded dictator threw off his clothes and raped Lisa [Marita Lorenz] brutally.  She injured a disk in her spine in a futile attempt to resist him.  After the inhuman assault, Castro dressed without a word and stalked out.

The Red tyrant tried a new tack the next day. He was determined that no one should ever know he was forced to rape Lisa [Marita Lorenz] in order to enjoy her charms.  Fidel's personal vanity is so great that he would have felt like a fool if the world had learned that he is not really the Romeo he pretends to be.  So he had several bouquets of flowers delivered to Lisa's rooms, along with candy, jewelry and expensive clothes.  Castro felt that this flood of gifts might persuade Lisa [Marita Lorenz] that he was not such a bad guy after all.

Lisa [Marita Lorenz] accepted the gifts–but for only one reason.  She had decided that her one chance to escape was to make Castro think he had conquered her heart.

Castro visited Lis more and more often.  He talked of marriage.  Although Lisa [Marita Lorenz] found him to be the most repulsive man she had ever known, she no longer resisted his disgraceful advances.

Castro felt so secure about Lisa [Marita Lorenz] that he even allowed her to accompany his party to New York when he went there to address the UN General Assembly.  She thought this would finally be her opportunity to escape.  But she was wrong.

Lisa [Marita Lorenz] was kept under close guard by Castro's armed guards, even in New York.  Because of the Cuban party's diplomatic immunity, New York police kept their distance.  And Castro's men made sure that Lisa [Marita Lorenz] was never left alone in a hotel room containing a phone.

While Fidel's aides were guarding Lisa [Marita Lorenz], the dictator himself was taking part in wild orgies that shocked even blase New Yorkers.  A steady stream of prostitutes of all sizes, shapes and colors visited the Cuban group's hotel rooms. Local police were astounded, but they did not dare act–again because of "diplomatic immunity."

The heart -broken Lisa [Marita Lorenz] was forced to return to Havana with Fidel.

At this point, Lisa [Marita Lorenz] stunned Castro.  She told him she was pregnant.

Castro brazenly suggested that she marry Yanez.  Lisa [Marita Lorenz] refused.

The vicious dictator found another way out.  He ordered Lisa [Marita Lorenz] drugged.  A powerful sedative was planted in her food.  Then an unscrupulous Havana physician performed an abortion on her.

By this time, Castro's interest in Lisa [Marita Lorenz] had waned.  He didn't even visit her as she lay in pain for days in a Havana hospital after the operation.  When she was finally well enough to stir out of bed, a Castro henchman put a plane ticket to New York in her hand.

Castro would undoubtedly have ordered the girl killed if her father had not been a man of power and influence.  Reports of the brutal rape had filtered into the Havana diplomatic corps, and embarrassing questions were being asked.

Castro felt that the only thing to do was to send Lisa [Marita Lorenz] back to New York.  Then it would be her word against his.  And he could produce countless aides who would perjure themselves by swearing that Castro was somewhere else when Lisa [Marita Lorenz] was assaulted.

Every foreign diplomat in Cuba was shocked and angered by what Castro had done.  But there was nothing that any diplomat could do about it.

Lisa [Marita Lorenz], meanwhile, arrived in New York.  American physicians treated the dangerously ill girl.  Only after several major operations was her life saved.

Fidel Castro has gotten away with thousands of bloody crimes, including murder.  But of all of them, none will go down in history as a more vicious brutal or diabolical act than his rape of an innocent teen-ager who had gone to Cuba because she trusted him.

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