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Louis Bosch
1935 Death
Political Refugee

[REFERENCE: (Prosecution file, Florida State Attorney, Dade County, Florida)
#457 Bosque, Fred -x- State
(Louis Bosch Death)]


Relating to the death of Luis Bosch y Martinez Age 46, a citizen of Cuba, born in Regla, Prov. Of Havana, living at the New York Apts.  11th, and Miami Ave. Miami: -

Luis Bosch y Martinez, a political Refugee, of the past administration in Cuba, came to the United States Nov. 4th, 1933, via Pan American Airways:

Upon his arrival in Miami, he rented and lived in an apartment at No 12 N. W. 11th St. and Miami Ave., in company with Dr. Rogelio Diaz Pardo, an ex senator and Pedro Anyaumat, ex second chief of police Department of Justice, Havana- Cuba, both persons of good conduct and standing:

It is reported by his friends Dias Pardo and Anyaumat, that Bosch, won about $1600.00 in a Tampa Lottery, on or about the later part of the Month of March 1934:

That he cashed the ticket, from a Cuban named, or known as "El Consul" who also sells these tickets in Miami, and that Bosch was carrying the money with him in his pockets: That Dr. Diaz Pardo advised Bosch, to deposit the money in a Bank, as he considered it very dangerous to carry it with him:

That Bosch, accepted the advise and went to the First National Bank of Miami, and made a deposit of $1400, in the Savings Dept. of said bank:

The investigation shows that on Saturday, April 21st. Bosch accompanied by a man 5'10", dark complexion, weighing about 190 or 200 lbs. 35 to 38 years of age, went to the First National Bank of Miami, and extracted the balance, issuing a check for $1100.00.--

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On Monday morning April the 23rd. Luis Bosch appeared at the office of Jose T. Medina, in the Immigration and Naturalization Service, P. O. Building 338, accompanied by two other men, and informed, that he intended to depart from the United States, for Mexico, and that he was going with one of the two men, there, who at the time had his back to Medina: Bosch called this man as Sr. BOUSQUE, who turned around and reluctantly, came over to be introduced: This man is about 5'10" tall, dark complexion heavy set, must weight near 200 Lbs. black hair, black eyes, well dressed, clean shaven, round face, shook hands with Medina, and told Bosch to hurry that they had to leave:

Last night, Thursday, April the 26th, I was at my apartment in Miami Beach, and about ten o'clock, a call was made for me I asked the party to come up, and, found Mr. Antonio Bosch, a doctor, Pedro Anyaumat, and another lawyer named Roig, who has just arrived from Havana, and who incidentally was the third person to visit me at the Federal Building:

Anyaumat, who has been a policeman for many years undertook to tell me, that something of a rather mysterious nature had taken place, and wanted to explained to me, and obtain my advise: He said that Bosch, had won the lottery along the lines previously explained: That, about two or three weeks ago, Bosch, had been spending money freely and going to cabarets or night clubs, accompanied by his new friends Bosque and One Perez (Alias) Tripita, who was then residing at the Hotel Concha, No, 38 N West. 5th. Street:

That Bosch had also made the acquaintance of two ladies, one

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living at the same apartment house Bosch lived (#12 N.W. 11th ST. Vorner Miami) and that it was Bosch's intention to take one of these women to Mexico with him, if she desired to go:

That on Wednesday, last, Bosch, invited all his friends to the Concha Hotel, for a farewell dinner party, and the following are the persons who were present in accordance with Anyaumat: two American ladies, one of them the one living at the New York Apt. another man (an American) who is the husband of the other lady: Freddy Bosque, Salvador Perez, (Alias) Tripita) of room No. 1 Concha Hotel, a man from Tampa known as Omero, works in a cigar factory Jose Roig, a Judge of Regla (the home town of Bosch) and Mr. Anyaumat: That the dinner party started at 8:30 and was over at 10 P. M.: That after the dinner Bosch, left the Concha hotel with the American couple, Omero and the American lady living at the New York Apartment (No. 10) and went in the American's car to a night club: That about 12:30 that night, Anyaumat, was walking to his apartment (Miami and 11th.) on Miami Ave going North) and saw Bosque and Perez, driving a Chevrolet, Two door sedan, looked new bright paint, and stopped the car to talk to Anyaumat, and asked him if he had seen Bosch: Anyaumat said no, and Bosque then said, that if he saw Bosch to tell him not to consider taking the two women with them as it was very dangerous to travel with women in the United States when you are not married to them: Anyaumat, then went to New York Apt. (Room 4) where Bosch was living with him, and started to write a letter, and about 2 in the morning, Luis Bosch arrived in the apartment, and told Anyaumat, that he had arranged with the two American women, to leave Miami at 4 A. M. that day, in

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Bosques automobile towards Tampa Fla., at the time Bosh was telling Anyaumat the above, in came FREDDY BOSQUE, alone, and Bosch, began to tell Bosque, the story of his outing with the Americans at the night club, and said: that the two women were ready and prepared to leave with them at 4 P.M. that day: That Bosque then said, "O. K. we have time, lets take a drive until 4 A.M." then, both Bosque and Bosch went to Apt. 10, and after talking to the lady in Apt. 10 they left:

That due to the fact that Bosch did not show up the next morning, that is Thursday morning, and had not return to get his baggage, and the idea that he was to go to Mexico, without his clothes, began to worry Anyaumat, who made certain investigations as to the possibilities of Bosque having left Miami, and found that Bosque, had a room at the Francis Hotel, and investigations there disclosed that he had checked out at 3 P M/ that day, and subsequently, Anyaumat, went to the Concha Hotel, where he was told that Perez, Alias Tripita- had also left the hotel:

That he also had heard Bosque tell, Luis Bosch, that Tripita, had wished himself on the party to Tampa, and that he was unable to refuse him, there by Anyaumat, has the impression that Perez or Tripita, was in the combination:

That, all these details were given me, and information was filed by the writer with Chief Scarboro, early today:

That the writer, had some pictures taken, some time ago at the Miami Photo Studios, and while there, saw a Photo, of Luis Bosch, in the counter there, and this morning, asked the proprietor of the studios to let me have it for identification purposes, and same has seen files with Chief Scarboro.

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