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[GENTE Magazine, Vol. 1, Havana, January 5, 1958, No. 1, American Edition]

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PHOTO CAPTION - Andres Domingo Morales del Castillo, ex President of the Republic and now Secretary of the Presidency, looks as one of the most eligible men for the president elections.


Dr. Andres Domingo y Morales del Castillo

For most government partisans, this Cuban with his pleasing personality and his look of extreme self-confidence is the greatest guarantee that the Batista program will be carried forward by the constitutional authority.

Andres Domingo y Morales del Castillo is reported for many years to have been one of the closest and most highly regarded advisors to the President in all spheres of government.

He has advised the President on intellectual matters on affairs of state, on administration of the government and even when the impatient Batista was living a quiet family life in exile.

As minister to the President, Andres Domingo has held one of the most confidential and arduous posts in the President's inner circle.

For some Batista supporters, Morales del Castillo is the ideal man for the job due to his experiencia [experience] of serving as chief executive o the nation on one occasion.

He was the illustrious Cuban who filed the presidential post at the time when the general-president was forced to abandon the palace to run for election in 1954.

While his numerous backers go around constantly boosting his candidacy, Andres Domingo himself remains silent.  He smiles when friends bring up the subject and says nothing that can be taken as a serious indication of his thinking on the matter.

With a stoic capacity for work, and amazing seriousness of purpose and an unruffled composure (which stood him in good stead on March 13 during the attack on the Presidential Palace), Andres Domingo at year's end looms as another of the leading aspirants to the position of president of the nation.

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PHOTO CAPTION - Andres Rivero Agüero, a young high talented politian [politician] Prime Minister of the Government is working hard for his nomination.

Dr. Andres Rivero Agüero

Among the leaders of the PAP figure of the primer minister, Dr. Andres Rivero Agüero, has come to the fore as a possible presidencial [presidential] candidate for consideration by the coalition's general staff.

As one of the President Batista's most loyal friends, he didn't hesitate to join the revolutionary movement of the 10th of March in the first shaky moments of its formation.

Essentially a politican [politician], Rivero Agüero has shown the solidarity of his character and his energetic temperament by defending his leader against the subtle allegations of the opposition.

He has taken part in all the important attempts at conciliation between the government and opposition as the President's representative.  When some of his own companions have remained silent for fear of committing dialectic errors, Rivero Agüero has on many occasions assumed the legal offensive for the regime.

He is, therefore, one of the outstanding figures of the present government.  His main attributes and defects are as follows:

He has the intelligence to know what is best both for his own party and for the enemies of the regime. He is cautious in that he knows when to remain silent and when to advance his arguments.

He is excessive.  There are those who believe that his major defect is that he talks too much.  It is possible, however, that for the dynamic prime minister this is his best weapon.

In at atmosphere in which politicians are constantly reducing the hours in which they receive visitors and when they are cutting down their conferences, Rivero Agüero is noted for doing just the reverse.

He is too empassioned.[impassioned].  Without doubt the prime minister is one of those who transforms his immense energies into lightning, or something very similar to what the Israelites termed the wrath of God.
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PHOTO CAPTION - Anselmo Alliegro, a great politician, President of the Senate looks like one of the most eligible candidates to the Republic Presidency.

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The gravity of his expression is only a manifold reflection of his true personality.

The president of the Senate, Dr. Anselmo Alliegro, another of the many highly eligible figures under consideration for the presidency by parties composing the National Progressive Coalition, hides under the rigidity of his facial expression a political acumen of the first order.

His advanced legislative rank is not the only factor which qualifies Alliegro as an aspirant for the nation's highest office.  He also symbolizes for Cubans a permanent school of exceptionally fine quality politics.

He started his political career as a councilman in the wild regions of Oriente Province.  There he filed away in his memories the history of Cuban independence and the heroic story of the Mambis fighting in zones saturated with colonial oppression.

There also he forged his political career.  He learned first hand to appreciate the unmistakable foundations of true democracy.  And as the Bronze Titan had done 50 years previously, he started his march towards the capital with only one goal: triumph.

Anselmo Alliegro Mila has been proclaimed presidential candidate by the provisional assembly of the Progressive Party of Oriente.  He can count also on the unconditional support of a majority of mayors and councilmen of the republic and strong liberal nuclei in the coalition government.

A champion of the farmer and of historic phrases, Alliegro has carried out a policy of progressive understanding among all sectors of the nation during his term as president of the Senate.  He has worked vigorously, patriotically and willingly for the creation of a sense of impersonal good-fellowship in all question of state.

His adversaries find little ground on which to oppose him.  Alliegro also knows how to give forth with a spontaneous smile and mix with the humble classes of the population.  Silently, but with a firm step, he had laid the groundwork for his own elevation to the presidency of the republic.

Page 68
PHOTO CAPTION - Amadeo Lopez Castro, a well-known politician and had of the Partido Union Radical is one of the main aspirants to the Presidential nomination.


The supporters and leaders of the Partido Union Radical, one of the group of government coalition parties, has proclaimed their party spokesman as an eminently able substitute for President Batista in the general elections scheduled for 1958.

But despite the enthusiasm and drive of this element of the party, the rank and file does not feel the necessary confidence in engineer Amadeo Lopez Castro.

They look very well that Lopez Castro can count on sufficient votes and support among the top echelons of the government to make a hot fight for the nomination.

But at the same time t hey fear that Lopez Castro is not sufficient interested in the chief executive post.

Apathy?  Indifference?  No.  Lopez Castro has dedicated his entire person to the economic problems of government.  He is one of a small group of highly trained Cubans who direct and control, in accordance with the instructions of the President, the country's sugar policies abroad.

Lopez Castro is a man whose axioms and theories are of absolute and proven worth and efficiency.  But he foregoes the social amenities, protocol and other social obligations which form an important part of the duties of a president.

An indefatigable worker who takes in utmost seriousness the responsibilities of his post, he leaves little time for the public aspects of his work.

Some say that Amadeo does not wish to be a candidate.  But to date he has not stated that desire publicly, with the result that his ardent supporters and his figures and take an active part in the democratic rough-and-tumble of continue to push his name to the fore in the hopes that he will leave his desk the political forum.

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PHOTO CAPTION - Jorge Garcia Montes, talented lawyer and Minister of Education, waits for his nomination trough the Progressive Action Party.


To his friends, the active pace of Dr. Jorge Garcia Montes means just one thing –that the minister of education is ready and waiting.  Too much interest is dangerous, but too little is more so.

Garcia Montes' path since that memorable date of March 10 has not led the minister to sensational peaks.  But, as a discreet, hard working and intimate advisor of the administration, his presidential star has risen steadily over the past six years in keeping with his high party post.

Previous to that March day he had thrown his support to the presidential candidacy of Fulgencio Batista and the historic Partido Accion Unitaria.

Afterwards, when Batista had ascended to power, Jorge Garcia Montes was introduced onto the national scene slowly until his full emergence in the post which he now occupies.

Like Raul Menocal, the former pre-

In all important events Garcia Montes has held a front-line post.  He is an imperturbable man, always with a cigar between his lips, who gives the impression of knowing what is about to happen and being "on the inside" in all important events.  But if such is the case, he maintains a discreet silence on them.

Possessor of an eloquent personality, he is a self-contained, purposeful man from dawn till dusk, playing his large part in the march of events with amazing serenity.

His collaborators see him from afar as a little too energetic, a little too indifferent.  But that is a false impression.

The provincial assembly of Las Villas Province has proclaimed his its presidential candidate for the coming elections.

The radar of the partisan Batista supporters has detected unusual activity within education circles on recent occasions.  Does this mean that the former premier is abandoning his reflective, British pose and moving into the political arena?  Until something more definite is known, until a sign is received or the assemblies decide on the man for the job, "Yoyo" Garcia Montes will remain among the ranks of the potential candidates for president.

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