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Most groups and organizations had enlistment forms.  ... View a typical Enlistment Form ...

NEUTRALITY LAW 960-962 as it pertains to Cuban exile activities

RECRUITING POSTER  in English asking for American support for the Cuban Invasion Government, distributed by the Cuban Christian Brotherhood asking that these posters be placed in every U.S. city.  Another group, the Hermandad Cubana (formed in 1963), asks people to send 96 cents for each poster to the house of Pedro de Haro, president of Hermandad Cubana at 1600 SW 11 Street, Miami.  Checks payable to Jose Maria Iglesias.  (The instructions were written by Diego Dabalsa, secretary.)

Operation Mongoose Training .. Arming - Supplying

Cuban Counter Revolutionary Handbook 10 October 1962 by the CIA.  A handbook of (415) counter-revolutionary groups and movements which have been divided into three categories:  "Leading," "Secondary," and "Minor" organizations. This handbook gives a variety of historical information on Cuban counter-revolutionary groups.

Arms seizure Sep 1959 Francisco del Rey ... Formation of unnamed group

A March 1961 Police memo with attachment, outlines the need for unification in the Cuban community, that Castro propaganda is losing the exiles to Castro, Frank Bender's work with the exiles, the ex-Batista problem and many more interesting thoughts.  The attachment was written by Dr. Luis Aguilar Leon.   Unity Problems

Cuban Exile Organizations (a list) .. a limited list
The Cuban Exodus .. a report by Metro Dade County with emphasis on Exile organizations
Cuban Organizations in 1972  .. a profile

[NOTE: It is difficult to determine which organization is Moderate, Liberal or Hard Line. The headings below are the opinion of the individual writer]

Moderate Cuban Organizations 1993  .. a limited list
Hard Line Cuban Organizations 1970s ...
Hard Line Cuban Organizations 1993 ...
Liberal Cuban Organizations 1993  .. a limited list
Cuban Based Human Rights Groups 1993  .. a limited list

 Movimiento Revolucionario 30 De Noviembre .. List of Members (early 1960s)
Alpha 66 .. A Menu
 Antonio Maceo Battalion ..
 Brigada 2506 .. a MENU -- Brigade 2506 and Bay of Pigs
 Christian Democratic Movement Foreign Agents Registration
 Citizens Committee for a Free Cuba (1964)  ..
 Comandos De Liberacion Unidos .. Attempted Invasion of Cuba 1996
 Crusade of Revolutionaries Against Communism (CRAC) ..
 Cuban American National Foundation .. Members & Directors (Through 1994)
 Cuban Anti-Communist League (LAC) .. Diaz Verson, Ramiro de la Fe
 Directorio Revolucionario Cubano (DRC) .. Cuban  Rev Directorate
 Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE) .. a history
 Ybor City: from Itís 19th Century Founding to Fidel Castro and the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) ...
 Information Council of the Americas (INCA)  .. a short history
 International Bureau of Anti Communist Legion .. 
 Club 26th of July Member Trips to Cuba 1960 ..
 Luis Aguilar Leon Group .. splinter group from MRR
 MIRR & Orlando Bosch ..
 OMEGA 7 .. FBI History
 OMEGA 7 .. Disposition of Members
 OMEGA 7 .. Incidents
 Vigilia Mambisa .. Demonstration 13 Oct 2001 in support of U.S. Anti-Terrorist Action
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