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Antonio Maceo Battalion
[Two documents]

[Reference: Dade County OCB file #93-F]
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DATE: September 9, 1963

CASE NO:   CI 93-F

TO: T.A. BUCHANAN, Director
       Public Safety Department

FROM: Lt. L. J. VAN BUSKIRK, Supervisor
             Criminal Intelligence-Rackets & Frauds

SUBJECT: Antonio Maceo Battalion

On September 6, 1963, information was received reference the Antonio Maceo Brigade sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1608, 27 Avenue and S. W. 16 Street, the this brigade was using an area west of Miami for maneuvers.  This brigade sponsored by the aforementioned V. F. W. Post whose commander is Julius J. Ruben, started operations sometime in the past with 22 men.  One active member, Joseph Jarbo, is a Jai-Alai judge and has as other members Luis Telacio, formerly with the Cuban Army, and a retired Marine, Donald Miller.

Information was received that approximately 900 Cuban Militia men in Miami were staging maneuvers in this S.W. area on weekends.  A check of the area disclosed that a section approximately five acres has been cleared on the east of 109 Avenue, just north of West Flagler Street.  Immediately across, or west of this cleared area, is the Miami Christian School which houses several hundred students.  West of this area, across Flagler Street, is the town of Sweetwater. This check also revealed that an Army tent, approximately 18 by 30 feet, was located in the northwest corner of this lot, and inside this tent we found four rolled up tents.  Information had been received that these so called Militia men had in their possession weapons of the automatic type, however, when this area was checked at 10:00 a.m., September 6, 1963, no one was to be found in this area.

At 4:00 p.m., September 6, 1963, I interviewed Donald A. Miller, Engineer, of 1601 S. W. 88 Avenue.  Miller stated the following: This battalion, sponsored by the Americanism Program of the local V. F. W., has as a commander Joseph Jarbo and he, Miller, holds the rank of Major.  He claims that this battalion is backed by Florida Senator Smathers and Representative Pepper.  He claims the Federal Bureau of Investigation has knowledge of this unit and named Agents Davis, Merry and Wealth as having fluent information on their activities.  Miller is a former U. S. Marine Corp Sergeant, discharged after six years of service for disability.

The property on which these maneuvers are to be held is owned by a doctor F.P. Archer, 1515 N.W. South River Drive, and this battalion has permission from Doctor Archer to use this property for these maneuvers.  Miller stated that he welcomed the police at any time to inspect this unit, that they owned no automatic weapons, and all weapons used in these maneuvers are owned by the individuals and are mostly carbine and garands.  He further stated that at no time is any one in actual possession of live ammunition except he, Miller, in case of snakes, etc.

At 8:30 p.m., I checked the area and there was no activity whatsoever except for one watchman.  At noon on September 7, 1963, I again checked the area and noticed that signs had been put up on Flagler Street denoting where these maneuvers were to be held, however, at this time there was no activity whatsoever except for three white males standing by a tent, talking.

Chief Knight of Sweetwater has warned Miller that if anyone from this battalion crosses Flagler Street into Sweetwater carrying any kind of weapon, he will be picked up and charged.

Case pending further surveillance.

Respectfully submitted,

Louis Labbe, Sergeant



Exiles Move To New Camp

Reporter of the Miami Herald

The Cuban exile Antonio Maceo battalion commissioned its new military camp yesterday 11 miles west of downtown Miami in near-Everglades.

About 832 men and 160 women will train on five acres of donated farmland off W. Flagler Street on SW 109th Avenue.

The land was given by Miami oculist and reserve naval officer F.P. Archer.

The "camp" so far consists of four surplus Army and Marine Corps tents, and two flag poles imbedded in cement and flying the U.S., Cuban and battalion banners.

The battalion had drilled for 17 months on the grounds of the VFW's McAllister Post 1608 at SW 27th Avenue and 16th Street, but two factors changed the situation:

Neighbors complained of noise in the residential neighborhood, and the battalion simply outgrew the headquarters site.

Sweetwater Police Chief Jack Knight was on hand for the camp opening and pledged his cooperation IF the battalion leaders kept their men out of nearby bars and kept them from carrying weapons through the town.

He was assured both requests would be carried out.

Father Manuel Lopez of Gesu Catholic Church blessed the camp, the battalion, the flags and the future in Spanish and English and the unit marched in review.

Sgt. Jose Fernandez Castillo, 56, who spent 26 years in the Cuban Army said:

"All we need is transportation, guns and ammo to fight for the U.S. and our homeland.  We're ready!"

The battalion has a recruiting office at 2384 W. Flagler St., and is seeking "several thousand Cubans from 17 to 75."

Seven members of the Bay of Pigs invasion force Bernardo Torres, Jaime Varela, Edgardo Butari, Pedro Encinosa, Galis Menendez, Luis Arizurieta and Carlos Viera watched and hoped perhaps the next invasion would be THE one to tumble Castro.

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