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Organization Name: ALIANZA DE TRABAJADORES DE LA COMUNIDAD (ATC)  (Community Workers Alliance)
Leader:   Walfrido Moreno
Address:   4431 SW 75 Ave., Miami, FL  (meetings)
Prominent members: Varela, Clara (Vice President)
    De La Fuente, Evelio
    Navarro, Julio

Walfrido Moreno arrived and settled in New York City in the late 1940's.  In the late 1950's Moreno returned to Cuba and resided there for a brief period of time.  While in Cuba, Moreno held a minor post in Fulgencio Batista's government, but soon he became disenchanted with what he termed as "governmental abuses" and he abandoned his post.  Moreno remained in Cuba until Fidel Castro's takeover, and during that time, he befriended many high ranking revolutionary army officers.

Moreno returned to the U.S. in the mid-1960s and resumed anonymity.  In 1978, Moreno and a group of Cuban exile figures joined what was later termed "The 75 Group".  The group, led by Bernardo Benes and Rev. Manuel Espinosa, travelled to Cuba and engaged in a political dialogue with Cuban government officials.  As a result of the encounter between Cuban exiles and Cuban officials, the Cuban government agreed to release hundreds of political prisoners and to re-open flights between Havana and Miami.  While in Cuba Moreno reaffirmed his ties with high ranking government figures.

Having achieved their humanitarian goals, Walfrido Moreno and dialogue participants Marcos Raul Correa and Vicente Dopico established ATC.  As originally planned, the objective of ATC was to develop an amicable relationship with Cuban government officials which would enable Cuban exiles to travel to Cuba.  According to Moreno, family reunification was his ultimate goal, and he became disenchanted with Correa and Dopico's profiteering tactics.  As a result Moreno removed them from the organization.  ATC continued its reunification flights until the early 1980s, when Cuba canceled its reunification plan.

According to Moreno, ATC consists of approximately 3000 members.  Members pay a monthly club fee of $10 and become eligible to travel to Cuba.  ATC selects  travelers every month and submits their names to the Cuban Interest Section in Washington DC.  Those persons who are permitted to travel to the island are issued a visa by the Cuban government and are later given a travel date.  ATC members purchase their airline tickets solely through ABC Charters.

Moreno claims to have an amicable relationship with ABC Charters owner Vivian Mannerud, however, he does not conduct business with Marazul Travel or CBT Tours.

Moreno's family reunification views have been perceived as open collaboration with the Cuban government, and as a result, ATC group members have encountered hostile anti-Castro demonstrators at various rally sites.

Leader:   Andres Gomez
Address:    Miami, FL
Prominent members: Salazar, Manning
    Soto, Felisa
    Meyerson, Harold A.
    Zorn, Jean G.
    Smith, Geoffrey D.
    Prieto, Yolanda
    Valdes, Nelson

The Antonio Maceo Brigade is a leftist organization, headed by Cuban exile Andres Gomez, which has been involved in local activism since the mid-1970s.  In the past, the organization has had close ties with the Workers Socialist Party and ATC.  The group publishes a marxist newspaper entitled "Areito".  Andres Gomez and Walfrido Moreno of ATC travel to Cuba on a monthly basis.

Organization Name: SHEPHERDS FOR PEACE
Leader:   Rev. Lucious Walker

Promoters of "Friendship Caravan", a goodwill gesture which generated medicine and other essentials for the Cuban government.  Assembly of liberal and leftist groups throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Leader :   Miguel Guitart
Prominent members: Belen Torres

Guitart, a self proclaimed socialist, has chastised U.S. government's foreign policy towards Cuba.  According to Guitart his group consists approximately of 110 members.  The group publishes two liberal newspapers entitled "Giron" and "Argos Iberoamericana".

Leader:   Tom Fiske

A registered political party that advocates leftist views.  Groups leadership has close relationship with the Antonio Maceo Brigade and ATC.

Organization Name: VA POR CUBA!
Leader:   Rodolfo Echevarria


Group representatives have demonstrated at U.S. Government facilities.  In favor of lenient commerce guidelines between U.S. and Cuba.  Member group of "Shepherds for the Peace".

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