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The reference "binder" is/was a loose-leaf binder which was discarded in 1996 by an unknown component of the County Manager's Office, Dade County, Florida containing a collection of documents from printed and official sources pertaining to Cuban exile organizations that may pose disruptive activities within the area. The "binder" carries no official logo, seal or other identifying information.  The latest item in the "binder" is dated 1993.

The "binder" contains 31 sections.  The original contents page was less than descriptive.  A better table of contents follows.


The binder contains excellent historical documentation although there are some sections which were written, by persons unknown, who had little insight into the Cuban revolution, the migration and the general history of Cuba and the Cuban community.  Sections 5 and 6 are poorly written.  The group categories are weak and incomplete.  In section 15, the photocopying was sloppy with pages chopped off with some words smeared while copied hastily.  Section 21, as well as other sections, has no references for the information presented.

There are a great many records which were produced by other agencies which are excellent. The OCB material is within this category. (OCB stands for Organized Crime Bureau and was the Intelligence Unit for the Dade County Public Safety Department {PSD}.  The OCB was formed in 1957 and continues today under a different title.)

The binder is out of date today but gives an historical perspective on what County government considered the roots of the Cuban community and the problems.  It shows how "out of touch" the County was with reality.

Dade County, Florida -- Binder on Cubans
[page count 460 pages +/- 10 pages]
Front Page: Color picture of demonstration in D.C., [news reprint]

Brief Index: divides binder into 4 parts
                   sections 1-3:     PART I, CUBA - PRESENT STATE
                   sections 4-21:   PART II, CUBANS IN EXILE
                   sections 22-25: PART III, U.S.-CUBA DIPLOMATIC
                            RELATIONS & BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS
                   sections 26-31: POINTS OF INTEREST

  1.  Geography, people, Government, Diplomatic Representations,
       Defense Forces. 4pp
  2.  Who is in charge in Cuba, pictures of leaders, 7pp [poss Herald reprints]
  3.  Cuban Rafter survey [Herald reprint], fleeing Cuba [two charts] 5pp

  4.  Copy of America's Watch "Dangerous Dialogue" Aug 1992, 29pp
5.  The "Beginning of the Exodus" 5pp
       Hist Retrospect of Cuban Exile Activists & Terrorist Organizations, 2pp
  6.  Historical Account, a flow chart, 1p
7.  1970s Exile Organizations Hard-Line , a chart, 1 page
       Organizations: CORU 1p, MNC 1p, FLNC 1p.
       Non-CORU organizations: MIM, ABDALA, LAC, 3pp. 2pp photos.
       REPRINTS: "Consejo De Direction" by Luis Conte Aguero, 1p
                           "Consejo Revolucionario De Cuba" by Miro Cardona, 1p
                           "Cuba Democracia" 15 Jan 1962, 1p
       Letter dated 20 May 1965, 4 pp, names and signatures
      "De La Isla" 3pp of names and organizations
      "Declaration Cubana" 28 Jan 1966 1pp of names and groups
      FBI Letter dated 16 May 1990 " Cuban Anti-Castro Terrorism " 8pp
      FBI 29 Oct 1993, " Omega Seven " 18pp,
      --------------------, Appendix 1 , Current Disposition Omega 7
                                                            Members 3pp
      --------------------, Appendix 2 , Omega 7 Incidents, 5pp
      --------------------, Appendix 3, Photographs, 5pp

8. FBI 29 June 1983 " Bombings in Dade County, 1975-1983 ", report made by Metro OCB (Organized Crime Bureau) 22pp
  9. Chart:  "Three Cuban Exile Organizational Trends", 1p
10. Chart: Organizational Breakdown, 1p
11. The three group categories with their aims and actions, 1pp
12. "Two Aspects of Cuban Exiles Organizations", 1pp
13. "Cuban Exile Organizations"   3pp
14. Chart: "hard-Line Organizations" 1pp
15. List of Hard-Line Organizations giving address, leadership, members, 7pp
      Photos, 6pp
      List of Brigade members, photocopy of Democratica 22pp,
      list of first 2506 officers at end of page 22.
      More Brigade members  letter/memo of Candido Molinet Perez, 3pp
      1p Alpha 66 info, 1p Herald news clip of 5 Cuban Pol Prisoners in U.S.
16. CHART: Moderate Organizations, 1p
17. List Moderate Organizations w/name, address, leaders, members 15pp
      Photos, 5pp
      News clips, 3pp

18. CHART: Liberal/Pro-Castro Organizations, 1pp
19. List of  Pro-Castro Organizations , 3pp with 1 page of Pathfinder info.
20. List of  Cuba-Based Human Rights Groups w/name, leaders, etc., 9pp
      Photos, 2p
21. CHART: Sources of Income, 1p
22. Overview of Foreign Assets Control, 1p
      Reprint: "Cuba: What you need to know about the U.S. embargo", 4pp
      News clips, 4pp
23. Neutrality Law, reprint of U.S. statue, 12pp with 1p news clip
24. Treasury Dept. FAC # 136484, Cuba Travel Packages, 3pp
      Treasury Dept. Authorized providers... services to Cuba 8/2/93, 11pp
      Local freight forwarding companies, 4pp
25. Insight into three Charter Services, Airline Brokers, CBT Charters, Marazul, 4pp
26. Changes to Metro Police "Cuban Govt. Operations Plan" Apr 1992, 3pp.
      Police 13 Nov 1991: Free Cuba Task Force Operational Plan, 6pp
      County Manager Mar 1990: Local Response Govt. Change in Cuba, 5pp
      Police 28 Feb 1990 & 4 Mar, 3 Jun 91: Contingency Plan - Change of
          Cuban Govt., 12pp
27. Miami Police: Plans for major political change in Cuba, 23 Apr 1990, 92pp of which 12pp is the plan and the remainder is "Civil Disturbance Emergency Plan"
28. Dept of Justice, INS: "Mass Immigration Emergency Plan Florida" 30 Oct 1987, 60+pp
29. Census 1990: Persons of Hispanic-Origin by Country of Origin, Dade County, 9pp
30. CHART: Community Breakdown, 1p
31. Page dated 5/19/93 with no letterhead.  It goes into pro and anti issues of groups with two groups highlighted, the Antonio Maceo Brigade and Alliance of Community Workers, 6pp Intelligence Unit report 2/24/94 report on a Cuban group planning to put explosives on an Italian Cruise ship.  NOT TO BE DISSEMINATED

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