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Hard-Line Organizations

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[incomplete - 1996 current]
address: Hialeah, FL
Leader:   Gilberto Casanova


Members of ACCION CUBANA have been active since the mid 1970's. Gilberto Casanova is a staunch anti-Castro Activist who has been observed at several recent demonstrations.  Most recently, Casanova has been observed at a pro-Orlando Bosch rally and at several anti-Francisco Aruca and Radio Progreso rallies.  Casanova has also denounced the leadership of PUND as being paid CIA and FBI informants.
Address: Miami, FL.
Prominent members:
Perez Linares, Jose
Foch, Rogelio
Remon, Rene
Diaz Silveira, Frank
Aguirrechu, Jose
Ortiz, Jose Antonio


The Cuban Alliance organization has been actively involved in several local Anti-Castro demonstrations.  In 1991 the organization held several rallies on 17 Avenue and Flagler Street (site of Francisco Aruca's radio station).
Organization:  ALPHA 66
Address: Miami, FL
Telephone:  (305) 541-5433
Leader:   Nazario Sargen, Andres
Prominent Members: Gascon, Hugo C.
Medina, Diego A.
Caballero, Emilio C. (Secretary)
Perez, Humberto (Military Chief)
Torres, Miguel
Garcia Ronqueta, Pablo
Avila, Francisco (ousted Operation Chief)
Orozco, Ramon
Wiltz, Otto
Menendez, Jose Ramon (training camp owner)
Veciana, Antonio (Strategic Advisor)
Frometa Caballero, Rodolfo ( Media Secretary)
Duran, Pedro
Solano Lopez, Aquiles
Alvarado, Humberto
Isa, Miguel (former treasurer)
Hurtado, Dagoberto
Torres Gallardo, Miguel
Kazer, Martin
Rosales, Gerardo
Cala, Ramon
Vera, Pedro
Jimenez, Jose
Arroyo, Manuel
Laucirica, Alberto
Reyes, Oscar
Abreu Azcuy, Rogelio 
Albelo, Silvio
Borlo, Roberto
Bouden, Jose R.
Leiva Bacallao, Alfredo
Bosch, Pedro
Castellanos, Gianny Amey
Cabreras, Lazaro
Casasus, Guillermo 
Cano, Joel
Castellanos, Elvis
Delisle, Jose R.
Ovidio Delgado, Pascual
Diaz, Ernesto
Echevarria, Ramon
Evelio Fernandez, Carlos
Fernandez, Mario Garcia
Chavez, Pedro E.
Gomez Pardo, Jose L.
Garcia Fernandez, Enrique C.
Arturo Gil, Jose
Herrera, Rene
Izquierdo Garcia, Jaime
Herrera Garcia, Alberto
Alberto Hoyos, Jose [correct name is Jesus Alberto Hoyos]
Iglesias, Carlos
Izquierdo, Javier 
Hernandez, Carlos R.
Infante Rodriguez, Miguel
Kaye, Julian
Landin, Juan R.
Laguna, Frady
Leon, Marcos Minauri
Marin, Carlos J.
Martinez Gamon, Jose Antonio 
Milian Perez, Danilo
Marimon Duconger, Fausto
Marin, Froylan
Mederos, Norberto 
Mena Aguero, Ramon
Melian, Enrique
Ortega, Juan Jose
Pena, Alfredo
Perez Diaz, Alejandro Basilio
Padron Sr. Oscar
Padron Jr., Oscar
Perez Martinez, Jesus
Perez Salas, Aurelio
Perez, Juan C.
Rojas Cantelis, Armando
Rosario Cruz, Antonio
Rodriguez, Mario
Rodriguez, Nelson
Silva Herrera, Nancy C.
San Martin, Acorzo, Antonio 
Ondarza, Frank
Tintorero, Diego 
Lopez Fernandez, Aldo
Herrera, Eduardo Bernardo
Valdivia, Alfredo
Cruz, Jorge R. Padron
Quintero, Santiago
Cruz Valdes, Jose A.
Callo, Lazaro
Gonzalez Silva, Pedro J.
Arredondo, Raul
Provoost, Jenny G.
Llanes, Jorge
Yanes, Juan Jose
Huet, Antonio
Falcon, Jose
Figueroa, Alberto
Hernandez, Pedro
Hernandez, Julio C.
Fernandez, Juan 
Leon, Ricardo M.
Baez, Onelio 
Soto, Hernando O.
Moreno, Carlos A. 
Tejeda, Manuel
Vega Leyva, Angel 
Martinez, Jose Antonio
Mederos, Norberto A.
Garcia, Enrique Candido
Bolo, Roberto
Bacallao, Al
Mederos, Ignacio R.
Hernandez, Carlos Raul
Garrido, Teodoro
Rosario, Antonio
Perez, Alejandro
Padron Rios, Oscar
Guevara, Jesus 
Ortega, Juan Jose
Delgado, Pascual O.
Infante, Miguel
Castellanos, Gionng
Castellanos, Elvis
Piniella, Alejandra


Alpha 66 was found by Andres Nazario Sargen and Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo in 1961.  Since its early establishment the organization has retained a militaristic philosophy and has professed the violent overthrow of Cuba's revolutionary government.

The organization has utilized Cuban exile donations as funding for their Cuban incursions.  A large percentage of its original members participated in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion.

Recently , group member Francisco Avila shocked South Florida's Cuban community by revealing himself as a Cuban double agent.  As a direct result of Avila's statements, a Cuban diplomat was expelled from the US an several high-ranking organization members renounced from the Alpha 66 ranks.

The Avila incident damaged Nazario Sargen's reputation and a contingency of Alpha 66 members requested his removal from his Secretary General post.  Longtime allies Mario Bello, Aldo Lopez Fernandez and 12 other high-ranking organization members resigned as a result of their disapproval of Nazario Sargen's policies.  In the future, former group members will most likely lend their support to other exile groups such as Commandos "L" and PUND.
[NOTE: This was a nonexistent organization.  The two members listed were students at the University of Miami and made this up as a joke]
Address:   University of Miami
Leader:   Ed Compton
Prominent members: John O'Donnell


The American Students Pro-Alpha 66 Group (ASPA 66) is comprised of young University Of Miami students.  This group is a right wing faction of the Cuban organization Alpha 66.

Several group members have revealed that they attend Alpha 66 group meetings on a regular basis, and according to Andres Nazario Sargen, ASPA 66 is one example of several local pro-Alpha 66 students support groups.

The long range goal of ASPA 66 is to merge with a local Amnesty International support group and to promote Cuba's political prisoner rights.
Organization name: ASSAULT BRIGADE 2506 [ see 2506 menu ]
Address:    Miami, FL
Telephone:  883-2789
Leader:   Rafael Cabezas w/m 06/11/36
Prominent members:

Calderin, Armando L.
Castaner, Modesto Luis
Martinez Malo, Mario
Cruz, Maximo
Hernandez Jr., Humberto
Clark, Juan
Gonzalez Lalondry, Luis
Bango Suarez, Umbelino
Perez Franco, Juan E.
Conte Hernandez, Ramon
Cesar y Guayanes, Eli
Olozabal, Hugo
Morse, Luis C.
Gonzalez, Reinaldo
Rojas, Pedro Pablo
Whitehouse, Teddy
Pertierra, Roberto
Cala, Freddie
Mendez Pou, Manuel
de Castroverde, Waldo
  *See addendum for original group listing.


On April 17, 1961, members of the Assault Brigade 2506 participated in the most ambitious of all anti Castro activities - the Bay of Pigs Invasion.  Having been trained at Helvetia, Guatemala, by US Government personnel, the group engaged Cuba's Revolutionary forces at Giron Beach, Cuba, and inflicted heavy losses.  The operation's ultimate failure was eventually blamed on poor air support.  To date, a large percentage of Cuban exiles blame the Kennedy administration as being directly responsible for the mission's failure.

Each year, veterans of the Bay of Pigs invasion gather to commemorate its anniversary.  Group membership is reserved exclusively for invasion participants and brigade members are revered by Cuban exiles.  Though the activities of this organization are mostly symbolic, many of its members have gone on or are present members of other exile organizations.
(Independent and Democratic Cuba)
Address:    Miami, FL

Leader:   Huber Matos Araluces
Prominent members:
Luque Escalona, Roberto
Mantinano, Fernando
Matos Benitez, Huber
Pubillones, Arnaldo
Pou Socarras, Jose M.
Castro, Elsa
Villar Roces, Maro


CID was founded in 1980 by former Castro-ally and Commander Huber Matos.  Matos, along with Andres Nazario Sargen and Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, commanded what came to be known as the Second Front at Escambray, during Cuba's 1950's revolution.

Upon defeating the government of Fulgencio Batista, Matos became disenchanted with Fidel Castro's policies and rebuffed Castro's Marxist tendencies.  Eventually Matos became an annoyance to Castro, and as a result, he was sentenced to prison.

Having founded CID upon his release and arrival in the US, Matos embraced a more moderate policy towards Cuba.  The group's philosophy, as it pertains to the Cuban issue, is one of transitional change rather than of violent overthrow.

CID is comprised of approximately 300 exile members and an undetermined number of Cuban-based dissidents.  "La Voz Del CID" a daily radio broadcast which is heard throughout Cuba, exalts Cuban citizens to denounce human rights atrocities in the island.  CID has gained acceptance by a large consortium or Cuban-based human rights groups.
Leader:   Ignacio Castro Matos
Address:   Miami, FL
Prominent members:
Rosales, Juan M.
Quesada, America
Manrique, Reinaldo A.


An obscure organization which seeks a future political opening in Cuba.
Leader:   Antonio "Tony" Catalayud [Calatayud]
Address:    Miami, FL.
Prominent members:
Almeida, Augusto M.
Baeza, Danilo
Perez, Carlos
Echenique, Alberto E.
Flores, Martha


A political active organization, the Cuban Independent Party is headed by activist Tony Catalayud [Calatayud].  The group prints a weekly newspaper titled  "El Independentista" and its leaders seek the removal of Cuba's dictatorial government.  Catalyud [Calatayud] is also a frequent guest at local Spanish radio stations.
Address:   Miami, FL
Prominent members:
Hernandez, Rene
Hernandez, Carlos
Cardenas, Mario E.

 Former political force in pre-Castro Cuba, The Cuban Revolutionary Party was formerly headed by Manuel Antonio De Varona (head of Junta Patriotica Cubana). Upon De Varona's death, the party has failed to nominate a new leader.  Seeks a political opportunity in post-Castro Cuba.   Strong ally of Cuban Municipalities in Exile and Junta Patriotic Cubana.
Organization name: COMANDOS "L"
Leader:   group
Prominent members:
Borges, Laureano
w/m 08/18/31
Coral Gables

Dausa, Jose
w/m 07/15/23

Font, Ramon Francisco
w/m 06/16/22

Bryant, Anthony G.
b/m 02/23/38
Delray Beach, FL

Ortega, Miriam
De Los Santos, Mercedes w/f 08/22/58
Perez, Agustin w/m 04/20/42
Cabrera, Nelson w/m 01/22/68
Sierra, Jose w/m 09/30/36
Moises, Tendis B. w/m 01/13/45
Gonzalez, Guillermo w/m 03/15/53
Romero, Andres w/m 03/17/37


Originally founded by Tony Cuesta in the mid-1960's [Nov/Dec 1962], Comandos "L" has received extensive media attention during the past year.  The group has claimed responsibility for several recent incursion- style in the imprisonment and eventual  execution of a Cuban exile.  The group has also received unfavorable media coverage as a result of a raid which consisted of the spraying of gunfire against a Varadero Beach Hotel.  With the passing of perennial anti-Castro opposer Tony Cuesta, the future of Comandos "L" has become very uncertain.
(Pro Unity Commission) (Union Cubana)
Leader:   Modesto L. Castaner
Prominent members:
Perez Roura, Armando
Cabezas, Rafael
Garcia Fuste, Tomas
Nazario Sargen, Andres
Garcia Toledo, Luisa
Suarez, Roberto


 This umbrella organization was established in 1991 and seeks the unity of all anti-Castro exile organizations.  The organization consists of over 50 prominent exile groups.  The Commission exerted pressures on the Bush administration in order to trigger political changes in Cuba.  Along with the Cuban American National Foundation, the Commission was instrumental in bringing about restrictive measures which reinforced the US-Cuba embargo and led to much sought after approval of the Cuban Freedom Democracy Act (Torrecelli Bill).  On October 9, 1993, an estimated crowd of 125,000 supporters marched on SW 8 Street on behalf of this organization.

The Commission's objectives have been somewhat-slowed by the new Clinton administration. Future plans will depend mostly on newly established US government-Cuban exile relations and other changes occurring within Cuba.
Organization name:  COMANDOS MARTIANO MRD
Address:    Miami, FL
Telephone:  305-821-2762, 854-5253, 633-1930
Leader:   Alberto Fiblas
Prominent members:
Rodriguez Ojeda, Dr.
Gutierrez, Homero
Soto, Cor. Antonio
O'Farrill, Father Ramon
Febles, Miguel
Cepero, Fernando
Rivas, Gordo


Information pertaining to this group was obtained during the course of a pro-Orlando Bosch rally.  The MRD has appealed to the exile community to unite in a single effort in order to bring about change in Cuban.  Father O'Farrill has been actively involved with exile groups since the early 1960's
Address:    Miami, FL
Leader:   Jorge Mas-Canosa
Prominent members:
Adrian, Pedro
Cardenas, Alberto
De Cespedes, Carlos Manuel
Codina, Armando
Garcia, Horacio S.
Marmol, Israel
Marino Alberto J.
Moreira, Domingo R.
Martin Perez, Roberto


CANF formed in 1981 as an independent institution devoted to providing information on economic, political and cultural issues relating to the Cuban people, both on the island and in exile.  The organization's 108 directors and trustees, comprised of Cuban American business owners and professional leaders who donate a minimum of $10,000.00 and $5,000.00 respectively to the organization on an annual basis, are actually involved in CANF operations.  With more than 50,000 active members and contributors, CANF is by far the largest and better organized Cuban exile organization in the United States.

CANF has been instrumental in the establishment of the following:

Radio Marti -  A broadcasting operation administered by the US information Agency.  Radio Marti transmits news and entertainment to Cuba and underscores a message of  freedom and democracy.  TV Marti, a parallel news dissemination agency, was recently scratched as a result of recent budgetary cuts.

Endowment for Produces research reports on the political economy, Cuban-American  and culture of the Cuban community its impact on and Studies  South Florida.

Cuban Exodus  Coordinated private efforts which provides
Relief Fund  humanitarian assistance and resettlement services for Cuban refugees.

Mission Marti  This program trains hundreds of volunteers to aid in the reconstruction of Cuba after Castro.

Blue Ribbon  Comprised of noted economists, diplomats, and Commission  political leaders dedicated to the on reconstruction economic of Cuba.
Leader:   Jose Llopis
Prominent members:
Romero, Ariel
Corrales, Manuel


An obscure organization of anti-Castro Cuban exiles.  Group members are believed to have taken part in infiltration and raid missions.
Leader:   Armando L. Calderin
Address:   Miami, FL
Prominent members:
Hernandez, Humberto
Pena, Tomas A.
Carballo, Roberto


This organization is a political arm of the militant group Brigade 2506.
Leader:   Andres Rivero Aguero
Address:   Miami, FL
Prominent members:
Vega, Liberato
Rey Perna, Santiago


The Cuban Democratic Coalition is a local organization that opposes any form of dialogue with Cuba's government officials.
Leader:   Andres Chaves
Address:   Hialeah, FL
Prominent members:
Robaina, Oran
Perez, Mario
Heredia, Jose Luis
Llanes, Jorge
Vera, Feliz
Tuya, Jose
Fernandez, Jorge "El Muro"
Ramos Noel
Pulido, Pedro
Fernandez, Wilfredo
Claro, Ernesto
Monzon, Efrain
Medina, Juan
Rodriguez, Pablo


Chavez lead a group of approximately ten anti-Castro exiles in the Miami area.  Group objectives included infiltration and acts of sabotage within the island of Cuba.  The group was associated to Comandos MRD, the P.P.H.C., Comandos Ignacio Agramonte and a lose group of individuals who were led by exile Ernesto Claro.  Following internal disputes, Chavez became the victim of a grenade attack and was later assassinated.  Chavez' homicide remains pending.
Address:  Miami Springs, FL
Leader:  Ramon Saul Sanchez w/m 09/01/54
Prominent members:
Ramos, Sergio
Estrada, Angel
Toledo, Guillermo


The Cuban National Commission is headed by former Omega 7 member Ramon Saul Sanchez.  The group has been very active as of late, taking part in several anti-Castro demonstrations and promising to participate in several others.  Sanchez has been the driving force behind three Cuban flotillas that have traveled near Cuban national waters.  Approximately one month ago Sanchez threatened to demonstrate against Aeroflot Airlines (a Russian airline) in order to have its official emblem (sickle and hammer) removed from all company properties.

Though Ramon Saul Sanchez has recently professed a moderate stand which is a far from that of his earlier years, he has become one of the most controversial figures within the Cuban community.

The Cuban National Commission can be expected to counter- demonstrate at ATC and Antonio Maceo Brigade rallies.  Group representatives have also participated in open forums at Florida International University (FIU).
Address:  Miami, FL
Leader:  Felipe Rivero
Prominent members:
Roque, Antonio
Pereira, Evidio
Corza, Jorge


Felipe Rivero, head of the Cuban Nationalist Association, left Cuba in 1959, and upon his arrival in New York City, he founded the Cuban Nationalist Movement (MNC).

In 1961, Rivero joined the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and as a result, he spent 19 months in Cuba's prisons.  Upon returning to the U.S., Rivero decided to fight communism at all fronts.  Rivero's group, the MNC, began an all-out terrorism wave which included bazooka attacks against the United Nations building in New York City, and later an attack against the Cuban Pavilion at the 1967 Montreal Exposition, in Montreal, Canada.  In 1976 Guillermo Novo San Pol and Dionisio Suarez, both MNC members, participated in the bombing assassination of Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier.  Novo San Pol's sentencing was later overturned, while Suarez, who had pleaded guilty to the accusation remains in prison.  At the time of the investigation, authorities believed that Rivero had planned Letelier's assassination in conjunction with Augusto Pinochet's security agents.  Rivero was never charged or prosecuted due to a lack of evidence.

Felipe Rivero has remained active in local exile activism.  His most recent exposure came in January of 1992, when his organization invited and hosted controversial political candidate David Duke.  As a result of Duke's  visit, Rivero lost a considerable amount of support from the Cuban exile community and was also branded as fascist and a neo-Nazi by local Jewish and black organizations.
Address: P.O. Box 113703 Miami, FL
Leader: Sergio de Paz
Prominent members: Pimentel, Roberto


The leadership of Cubanos Desterrados has advocated a policy which opposes the government of Fidel Castro.  In the past, the group has appealed to several Latin American heads of state to denounce the Castro regime, and to formulate foreign policies which will bring about a political change in Cuba.
Organization name: CUBANOS UNIDOS (United Cubans)
Leader: Wilfredo Navarro


Not a well known organization.  Group literature has been collected at several rallies.  Professes an anti-dialogue attitude.
Organization name: CUMBRE PATRIOTICA CUBANA (Cuban Patriotic Summit)
Address: Miami, FL  (Brigade 2506)
Leader: Raul Pozo
Prominent members:
Rodriguez Medina, Pedro
Castaner, Modesto L.
Alvarez, Modesto
Rodriguez Medina, Pedro


This umbrella organization is one of the top five most important organizations in exile.  Cumbre consists of 42 exile groups and is led by Brigade 2506 veteran Modesto L. Castaner.  The organization professes the violent overthrow of Castro's regime.
Organization name: EX-CLUB
Leader: Jorge Villalba
Prominent members:
Del Castillo, Siro
Cabeza, Cristina
Borge, Rolando
Subira, Salvador
Gutierrez Izaguirre, Jorge
Guerra, Adalberto
Cifuentes, Pedro


The Ex-Club members are former Cuban political prisoners who advocate political and social changes within the island of Cuba.  The local group and a Venezuelan chapter have denounced Cuba's human rights abuses and have lobbied for the release of various prominent Cuban political prisoners.
Organization name: FUNDACION VALLADARES (Valladares Foundation)
Address: Washington D.C.
Leader: Armando Valladares


Armando Valladares is a former political prisoner who spent over 20 years in Cuba's prisons.  Upon his arrival in the US, Valladares joined the Cuban American National Foundation, and with its assistance, Valladares published his best seller "Against All Hope".  As a result of his sudden prominence Valladares was bestowed US Ambassador for Human Rights by the Bush administration.  Valladares later renounced from that post, citing conflicts of interests as a reason for his decision.  Sometime later Valladares and Jorge Mas-Canosa drifted apart leading to the establishment of Valladares Foundation.

Armando Valladares spends most of his time in Washington D.C. and Madrid, Spain, lobbying on behalf of the rights of Cuba's oppressed masses.  Valladares was instrumental in the recent airborne rescue conducted by Maj. Orestes Lorenzo.
(Cuban Patriotic Coalition)
Address: 4600 NW 7 Street, Miami, FL
Leader: Roberto Rodriguez Aragon
Prominent members: Estorino, Julio
Perez Fernandez, Roberto
Marrero, Alfredo
Casero, Luis
Isa, Miguel
Remos, Ariel
Romani, Salvador (Venezuelan Chapter)


This umbrella organization was founded in the early 1980's by Manuel Antonio Devarona.  The organization, which consists of over 100 Cuban exile groups, was lead by Devarona until his death in October, 1992.

This organization favors the violent overthrow of Cuba's government, and its one of the top five most important Cuban exile organizations.  Junta Patriotica is closely related to the Cuban Municipalities in Exile group, and as such, it seconds only the Cuban American National Foundation in membership.
(Democratic Recuperation Movement)
Address:Miami, FL
P.O. Box 350182 Miami, FL
Leader: Ernestino Abreu w/m dob 11/11/24
Miami, FL
Telephone:  (305) 221-7927
Prominent members: Riveron, Pascual w/m 10/23/53
Miami, FL

Roque de Escobar, Mario w/m 08/03/43
Miami, FL

Alonso, Armando w/m 12/27/53
Miami ,FL

Hidalgo Gato, Eliseo w/m 3/7/55
Miami, FL

Abreu, Ernesto w/m 06/03/63
Miami, FL

Figueroa, Luis A. (General Secretary
Rivera, Agapito ( Vice-Secretary)
Perez DeSoto, Antonio
Lasaga, Jose I.
Salas, Oscar A.
Guillot, Manuel
Messer, Nilo
Cruz, Joe w/m 08/27/30
Duran, Pablo w/m 07/06/67
McCormick, Jim w/m 06/09/61
Alvarez, Anael
Asion, Julian
Blanco, Pedro
Bringas, Generoso
Candelaria, Jose
Diaz, Eladio
Fuentes, Roberto
Garcia Toledo, Rafael
Martinez Rolando
Merconchini, Jose
Ortiz, Rolando
Patino, Francisco J.
Prieto Portar, Luis
Ramirez Jr., Osvaldo
Ramirez Jr., Porfirio
Rodriguez, Ibrain
Salas, Oscar A.
Santalla, Oscar


MRR was founded in the US in 1959 for the purpose of combating communism in Cuba and other Latin-American countries.  The group was founded by Manuel Artime; the most influential of all Cuban exile activists of the early 1960's

A large contingency of MRR members enrolled in the ranks of  Assault Brigade 2506 and participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion.  In fact the brigade's number "2506"  was chosen after Carlos Rodriguez Santana's enlistment number.  Rodriguez Santana, an MRR member perished during training exercises.  Other MRR members such as Rogelio Gonzalez Corso and Manolin Guillot (successive sabotage coordinators in Cuba) and Jose Campos Pire and Juan Jose Catala (guerrilla members) also perished in the course of counter-government actions.

Throughout the years MRR has remained actively involved in the struggle against the Cuban government, and the group has openly admitted participation in several commando-style incursions.

The group's objective's are to gain Cuba's freedom through violent acts of sabotage and raids.  MRR seeks to implement a democratic government which will permit Cuba's future economic growth.

MRR members have participated in local demonstrations and have protested any sort of dialogue which would establish diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US.  The group has shown its propensity for violence and its capability of organizing operations which can have a negative effect on US-Cuba relations.
(Historical Cuban Political Prisoner Group)
Address:Miami, FL
Leader: Marcos Gomez Cancio
Prominent members: Llanez, Renan
Alvarez, Modesto
Alvarez, Magdalena
Rodriguez, Luis
Bouza, Santiago D.
Grau, Francisco J.
Gonzalez, Luis

PPHC is a national organization comprised of former Cuban political prisoners.  Other affiliate US locations include Naples, Boca Raton, FL, New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, and Washington DC.

The organization advocates a no-dialogue posture as proven by their recent participation in exile group demonstrations.
(National Unity Democratic Party)
Address: Miami, FL
Telephone:  (305) 649-2293
Leader: Sergio Gonzalez Rosquete w/m 07/24/38
Prominent members: Alvarez, Modesto
Placensia, Arabel w/m 09/16/38
Gonzalez, Pedro A. w/m 06/14/41
Casasus, Guillermo w/m 02/18/51
Llamera, Eugenio w/m 12/23/38
Sturgis, Frank
Cabrera, Nelson w/m 01/22/68
Lopez Castro, Ruben w/m 09/18/38
Rojas, Ivan w/m 07/17/38
Ortiz, Jose w/m 03/24/47
Chappi, Jorge
Justo Regalado w/m 08/12/45
Lafote, Heriberto
Serralta, Agustin
Tejera, Rafael
Gonzalez, Pedro
Puig, Rino
Castillo, Evaristo
Pastor Guzman, Cruz
Llerena, Claudio
Blas Machado, Jose
Labore, Gelasio
Guzman, Pastor

PUND has claimed responsibility for a large number of Cuban exile infiltration and raid missions.  Recently, as a result of one of their operations which involved the establishment of a military camp near the Florida Everglades, the group received extensive media coverage.  Though at one time over 150 members trained at the aforementioned facility, the group failed to receive additional funding and group membership has dwindled.
Leader: Jose Garcia
Prominent members:
Cancio, Humberto
Rodriguez, Jose A.
Martinez, Rolando
Garcia, Jose (Vice-Presidente)
Rodriguez, Alexis
Llanes, Jorge
Villaman Rebull, Manolo 
Lopez, Juan Manuel
Munne, Amado
Souto, Javier
Gonzalez Rebull, Julio 
Palenzuela, Fernando
Grosseve, Bill
Reboredo, Pedro
Cotera, Enrique
Crespo Sr., Luis


The VSMG consists of 312 Cuban exile members.  According to group sources, between 1959 and 1969, VSMG members were responsible for a total of 2,144 covert operations directed against the government of Cuba.  VSMG missions consisted mainly of industrial sabotage and detonation of explosive devices at Cuban government structures.  Several group members have also participated in guerrilla warfare in Nicaragua, Angola, and El Salvador.

Unnamed local organization
Suarez Rodriguez, Arturo
Lazaro Salvat, Orlando Luis
Saud, Juan Antonio
Cortes, Julio Alberto
Fernandez Pereda, Jorge Antonio
Carvajal Alvarez, Geronimo Enis
Carvajal, Mateo Edel
Martin, German V.
Garcia, Angel Luis


This group of Cuban exiles targeted local figures such as Francisco Aruca, Jose R. Cruz and Vladimir Ramirez for possible assassination.  Before neutralization, the group intended to dispose of the aforementioned targets by means of explosive devices.

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