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HARD-LINE: 1970s

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This umbrella coalition was the result of a meeting which was held in Dominican Republic throughout June 12-13, 1976.  The following anti-Castro organizations participated in those meetings and became the integral core of CORU.  Note:  in April of 1980, Junta Patriotica Cubana (Cuban Patriotic Coalition) replaced CORU as the self proclaimed central organizational structure of the anti-Castro community.


Originally established in the mid-1960s and headed by Dr. Orlando Bosch, this organization was responsible for the first acts of terrorism committed by an anti-Castro group on U.S. soil.  Besides Bosch, original group members consisted of:

Garcia, Juan (financial backer)
Cornillot, Hector
Bosco, Omar
Kabba, Ovidio
Constanza, Aton
Tamayo, Puly
Gonzalez Grajales, Luis
Gonzalez, Andres J. (Bombillo)
Balan Garcia, Barbaro
Mulet, Jose A.
Diaz, Jose
Rodriguez, Marco

Upon Bosch's departure and later incarceration in Venezuela, Cuban Power disbanded. Bosch established Accion Cubana in the early 1970s for the purpose of collecting funds to subsidize his operations.  Original Accion Cubana group members included:

Cuervo, Silas
Perez Alamo, Dunney
Isa, Miguel
Colmenares, Jose A.
Roig, Pedro
de Castroverde, Waldo
Mendoza Rolando


The MNC was formed in 1963 and was associated with the Cuban terrorist organization FLNC (headquartered in Miami).  The organization conducted acts of terrorism in several areas of the U.S., inclusive of New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., and Miami, FL.

In 1964, group member Guillermo Novo Sampol fired a bazooka at the United Nations building as Ernesto "Che" Guevara prepared to address the General Assembly of that organization.  Three years later, group leader Felipe Rivero was held on suspicion of possible involvement in a terrorist plot to explode a Cuban pavilion at the Expo 67 Fair in Montreal, Canada.

During the investigation into the homicide of Jose E. De La Torriente (April 12, 1974), members of this group were identified by a confidential source as having conspired to assassinate De La Torriente.

In 1976, group members Jose Dionisio Suarez, Guillermo Novo Sampol, Ignacio Novo Sampol, and Alvin Ross Diaz, were charged with the murder of Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier and his assistant Ronnie Moffit.  At the time Felipe Rivero was suspected of having masterminded the plot along with agents of Augusto Pinochet's Chilean Government.  Charges against Rivero never materialized, and as a result, he continued his operations in South Florida and New York City.  Jose Dionisio Suarez was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in prison.  All other group members involved in the Letelier incident were originally found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment; however, their conviction was later overturned by an appeals court.  As a result of the negative publicity generated by the Letelier incident, the MNC was disbanded.  Group members included:

Suarez Esquivel, Jose Dionisio   ---    Pulido, Dr. Juan B.
Rivero, Felipe   ---    Novo Sampol, Guillermo
Novo Sampol, Ignacio   ---   Vilaboa, Napoleon
Mendez, Antonio --- Medina, Luis
Martinez, J.A.    ---   Atienza,


At its inception the FLNC served as an umbrella organization for several other Cuban revolutionary groups located in Miami, New York, New Jersey, and outside the U.S.  It is believed that internal problems caused a splintering of the group and several group members continued their terrorist activities as members of Omega 7 and MNC.  Several FLNC members later became involved in narcotics trafficking.

On October 5, 1975, Humberto Lopez, Jr. (injured in an explosion while assembling a book bomb on March 20, 1974), a fugitive and identified member of FLNC, was arrested by the FBI at Miami International Airport.  Lopez Jr. was deported to the Dominican Republic where he was arrested by local authorities for violation of immigration laws.  Lopez Jr's arrest was allegedly the reason behind the bombing of the Dominican Consulate in Miami, on October 6, 1975.

From evidence gathered in the bombing of the Dominican Republic Consulate and the bombing of the Russian Embassy in Bogota, Colombia, which occurred on September 27, 1975, authorities could deduce that in those two bombings the perpetrators meant to do harm not only to the buildings but also to the occupants of the structures.

Frank Castro, alleged FLNC leader, was arrested at Miami International Airport upon returning to Miami from Colombia on September 27, 1975 (the same day of the bombing of the Russian Embassy).  The following persons were identified as members of the FLNC:

Castro, Frank     ---     Lopez Jr., Humberto
Acosta, Orlando "Bebo"  ---    Perez Dorestes, Rafael
Arce, Sixto --- Muniz, Antonio
Angulo, Oscar    ---     Sayus Jr., Alfredo
Lopez Avalo, Rogelio

Other CORU organizations included Brigade 2506 (possible group members acting on their own behalf and Jovenes de la Estrella (Youth of the Star), an obscure group led by Ramon Rodriguez.



MIM was formed in July of 1974 by former MNC member Hector Alfonso Ruiz (aka Hector Fabian) with the alleged purpose of carrying out terrorist acts against all Cuban Government installations or associates.

In April of 1975, MIM carried out several bombings throughout the United States.  The group claimed responsibility for the bombings under the code name of "Joven Cuba Nacionalista and Los Cruzados".  At the time, MIM received support and economic funding from the Cuban Federation of Masons and from Juan Garcia Cardenas, a convicted bomber in 1968, and former member of Cuban Power.

In the latter part of the 1970s, MIM leadership suffered a severe split and separated into two factions.  One of the factions was headed by Ramon Saul Sanchez (Omega 7 member and present Cuban National Commission leader), the other faction was retained by Hector Alfonso Ruiz and convicted bomber Luis Crespo.  Crespo has continued to infiltrate Cuba in order to conduct sabotage missions.  MIM members included:

Alfonso Ruiz, Hector    ---     Sanchez, Ramon
Crespo, Luis    ---     Perez, Jenaro
Lopez Avalo, Rogelio   ---    Hernandez, Francisco
Alvarino, Armando     ---      Cabrera, Jose
Aguilar Manuel  ---   Campo, Jose
Rodriguez, Jose  ---  Suarez, Enrique
Miguel, Guillermo   ---  Gonzalez, Sergio
De La Vega, Sergio   ---    Hernandez, Hilario
Hernandez, Juan


The name Abdala came from the first epic poem written by Cuban patriot Jose Marti, about an Arab prince who forfeited all his possessions for the sake of his nation.

Abdala was founded in 1968 by Gustavo Marin Duarte and consisted mostly of young Cuban male militants.  The group held an annual congress each year in order to proclaim the liberation of Cuba and all other communist ruled countries.

In 1972, the group demonstrated against the docking of Russian ships in Miami.  In 1975, the group claimed credit for the bombing of the Torch of Friendship in Downtown, Miami and the bombing of the Venezuelan Consulate in New York City.  Allegedly, group members were also responsible for the bombing assassination of Rolando Masferrer in 1975.

In 1975 Abdala demonstrated in front of the Metro Justice Building as a result of the arrest of several group members.  In 1982, the group demonstrated at the Miami Police Department after a violent demonstration between police and Cuban demonstrators.  Though it appears that the organization has since disbanded, its leader Gustavo Marin Duarte has remained actively involved in Cuban exile activities.  Group members included:

Marin Duarte, Gustavo
Alvarez, Lazaro
Viota, Leonardo
Font, Jose Antonio


This organization formed in May 1975 with the purpose of attempting to control all other revolutionary groups in Miami and with hope of becoming an international anti-communist organization.  Another reason given for the creation of this organization was to educate Cuban exiles in the art of passive activist tactics.  This group had amongst its leaders, individuals who had been arrested for neutrality violations and other criminal statutes.

The main leader of this group was Hector Duran, Press Attache for the Chilean Consulate in Miami.  Other members included:

Acosta, Orlando "Bebo"  ---  Aleman Jr., Jose
Angulo, Oscar   ---    Cervera, Javier
De La Fe, Ramiro --- Gonzalez, Hiram
Martinez, Eugenio R.     ---     Torres Jimenez, Rafael

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