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1975 to 1983

[Reference:   binder part 8 ]


 JUNE 29, 1983

Metro-Dade Police Department
7925 NW 12 Street
Miami, Florida  33126



1975          26                              11                  37
1976            7                              12                  19
1977            6                                5                  11
1978            1                                6                    7
1979            3                                3                    6
1980            1                                7                    8
1981            3                                7                  10
1982            6                                9                  15
1983            4                                2                    6
(to date)  _____                        _____           _____
                  57                              62                119


Terrorist Bombings in Dade County from 1975 to Mid 1983

Dade County is becoming by population and design an international city and the future holds forth the promise of great physical and financial growth in the form of international trade centers, financial institutions, and tourism, creating a vibrant international marketplace for the community and the United States.

This is due both to our geographic location and our large Latin American population.  For the same reason, we are also victims of international terrorism and crime.

Many criminal conspiracies are entered into in the Dade County area which culminate in terrorist type attacks in Latin American countries or international waters, directed against targets which have, or appear to have, a relationship with Cuba.

For the most part, terrorist bombings within Dade County have been done by militant anti-Castro groups comprised of Cuban-Americans who are fiercely anti-communist and who are dedicated to the violent overthrow of the Castro regime in Cuba.

C.O.R.U. was one of the early militant groups and a brief description follows.

C.O.R.U. was formed in the Dominican Republic in June, 1975, and served as an umbrella organization for urban revolutionary groups headquarters in Miami, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and Latin America.

C.O.R.U. was comprised of the following Cuban organizations:

F.L.N.C. - Frente de Liberacion Nacional de Cuba
2506 Brigade
Accion Cubana
M.N.C. - Cuban Nationalist Movement
Pedro Luis Boitel Commandos
Omega 7
El Condor

In July, 1976, C.O.R.U. claimed credit for the bombing of Cubana de Aviacion in flight, killing all passengers on board.  As a result of the bombing, Cuban terrorist leader Orlando Bosch Avila was arrested and charged for the bombing by Venezuelan authorities and is presently incarcerated by Venezuela.

C.O.R.U. in not active at the present time as Omega 7 is the dominant operating organization.  A communique espousing the philosophy and goals of that group, is enclosed as ANNEX C.

The head of Omega 7 is Eduardo Arocena, aka: "Omar", who is described as a schizophrenic who displays both aggressive and passive personalities.

It would also appear that Omega 7 is dogmatically committed to continuing these acts against any person or faction who favors more favorable relations with the Castro-Cuban government; however, intelligence indicates that there are factors which may prevent Omega 7 from achieving its objectives.  There is a generally  favorable attitude in the Cuban community toward renewing diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba in the hopes that families will again be brought together.

Other factors involved are in the area of law enforcement.  In recent years local and federal law enforcement has an impact on Cuban terrorist activities, not only in Dade Country, but throughout the United States.

There have been Federal Grand Juries investigating Cuban terrorism; members of terrorist organizations have been identified and activities monitored; there has been a high closure rate of terrorist bombings in Dade County accompanied by convictions and maximum sentences.   The coordinated efforts between law enforcement agencies throughout the United States has measurably diminished the impact of anti-Castro terrorism.

Nationally there remains a hard-core anti-Castro segment.  For the most part they have been ineffective in their struggle to bring about the overthrow of the Castro regime.  These organizations have attempted to take action against Cuba by employing terrorist tactics against U.S. situated South American assets directly involved in relations with Cuba, i.e., trade, airline travel, etc.  Most of the actions carried out by these organizations in recent years have been against South American countries visibly supporting and trading with Cuba.

Despite past law enforcement successes in convicting and incarcerating terrorists such as Rolando Otero, Dr. Orlando Bosch Avila, Antonio de la Cova, Gary Latham and Blas Jesus Corbo, it would be premature to believe that the problem is now past.  Terrorism remains one method by which anti-Castro groups can force  change to obtain desired results.  It is therefore, logical to assume that a terrorist campaign directed towards those persons, institutions, commercial establishments, and governments who are instrumental in the attempt to resume relations with the Cuban government, will be maintained.

Should normal diplomatic relations become imminent between the U.S. and Cuba, it is anticipated that an accelerated campaign of terrorist activities will ensue.  Attacks would most probably occur inside U.S. territory and would be directed toward those representatives of the Cuban government, commercial enterprises conducting trade with Cuba, and those exiled Cuban who would manifest their support for the resumption of relations between the two nations.

Much is dependent upon what foreign policy course the United States shall choose in its relations with Cuba.  A thawing in U.S.  - Cuban relations will precipitate anti-Castro terrorist acts.  A hardening of relations will raise expectations of an invasion of Cuban and the demise of Castro.


Dade County's multi-ethnic composition, susceptibility to air and sea smuggling, and its tolerance to conservative-oriented extremist groups, provides a hospitable environment for terrorist planning or operations.  Only one proviso is paramount; the group must project an anti-communist image.

The Cuban exile community will remain deeply committed to the overthrow of Fidel Castro.  On an individual basis the great majority may personally abhor terrorist tactics, but when directed against communist Cuba, its agents or its friends, it becomes politically and physically dangerous to be critical.  In this context, small cells of "patriotic" Cuban-Americans will sporadically direct bombing attacks against property targets.  Homicidal attacks will be reserved for traitors or identified Cuban agents.


Any U.S. economic or military intervention in Cuban affairs would electrify the Cuban exile community.  It would be interpreted as the first of a series of actions culminating in the invasion of Cuba. Anti-communist para-military organizations would proliferate. Each would seek to develop the capabilities necessary to sustain and support clandestine operations within Cuba.  Accumulation of military ordinance and explosives would be inevitable.  Communist agents would seek to neutralize these organizations through (1) infiltration, (2) exposure to the national news media and law enforcement, and (3) covert attack.

     (2)   90%
     (3)   20%

Nicaraguan, Guatemalan, Honduran and Salvadoran contingents are identifiable in the South Florida area.  In the foreseeable future exile communities of these nationalities will remain in conflict with any Sandinista officials brash enough to make public appearances.  Assassination of Sandinista sympathizers or agents remains a possibility, although remote.


An international pattern of opposition to nuclear weapons has arisen.  Its timing suggests that it is not entirely spontaneous.  In the Miami metropolitan area, an organization has emerged in opposition to both nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Its emergence was soon followed by formation of the Paul Robeson Committee, a communist-oriented organization, espousing the demise of nuclear power.  Intelligence data furnished by the Washington, D.C. firm of Corporate Consultants links current U.S. anti-nuclear group funding to West German groups and the Soviet K.G.B.  It is anticipated that the Paul Robeson Committee will enlarge its platform to include opposition to nuclear weapons.  These are not issues of sufficient local interest to polarize public sentiment.  However, any incident involving theft, unsafe handling, or armed attack upon nuclear materials in transient, utilized in scientific endeavors, or used for  power production would create immediate, long-lasting and serious political concerns.  Analysis of available information suggests that political aims could be achieved by covertly creating a nuclear incident.  Such an incident must be considered a logical and probable course of action.  However, group members must be aware that perpetrators will receive harsh treatment at the hands of any U.S. court.


During the preceding two years, planning, logistical and operational ties have been discovered that link the Black Liberation Army (B.A.), Weather Underground Organization (W.U.O.) and the Fuerzas Armadas Liberacion Nacional (F.A.L.N.), three leftist radical organizations.  Intelligence information available suggests that common training has become available to these three, previously separate groups.  Their tactics in robbery operations, logistics and security measures indicate they have adapted the urban guerilla concepts of Carlos Marighella, the former Brazilian terrorist and revolutionary.  South Florida law enforcement must remain vigilant to detect any commencement of urban guerilla operations in Dade County.  A small contingent could achieve limited objectives before enforcement pressure displaced their operation.  If their common training was provided at Soviet expense or direction, and their current operations receiving subsidies from the same source, they could logically be induced to undertake a special project:  creation of a nuclear incident.


Metropolitan Dade County is the home of one of the largest Jewish communities, in the world.  It has long and generously supported Israel in its struggle with the Arab nations and the Palestine Liberation Organization (P.L.O.). Israel's latest incursion into Lebanon effectively destroyed the P.L.O. as a conventional armed force and as a landless "state".  Their store of weapons gone, their safe harbor denied, and suffering from internal strife, they can only regain their raison d'etre through the catharsis of terrorism.  Reprisals for terrorist acts in Europe or the Middle East will be swift and harsh.  Acts against American Jewry could achieve the desired effect.  However, the P.L.O. faction espousing such acts would also be in opposition to Yassir Arafat.  American reaction might spur U.S. private and government support of Israel to a greater degree.  Attacks perpetrated in Dade County would be mounted against Jewish cultural or religious entities.



1. Anticipating and neutralizing terrorist activity in the 1980's  may become one of the most important tasks accomplished by   metropolitan police agencies.  Critical to this task will be   a common agreement as to what shall comprise an act of   terrorism.  It is further recommended that definitions   differentiate between similar acts to identify those which   infringe upon national sovereignty.  Presidential Review Memo   Number 30, assigns domestic terrorist responsibility to the   F.B.I.  In all instances police operations and procedures may   suffice.

2. Response to anticipated terrorist acts is best achieved in the  task force configuration.  Information sharing and common   direction based upon data analysis, has proven effective.  In   this posture it is possible to perceive the broadest range of   terrorist related crimes and to react effectively.  Recommend   that three agencies accept central roles in this proposed   task force;  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.), the  Florida Department of Law Enforcement (F.D.L.E.), and the   Metro-Dade Police Department (M.D.P.D.).  Their relationship   should be as depicted in ANNEX D to this memorandum.

3. A readily accessible Terrorist Organization Activity File   should be created.  It should individually identify each   terrorist organization on a world-wide basis.  Contribution   for its content should be sought from as many sources as   possible.  Dossiers on members of a specific terrorist   organization would be created if that organization operated in  Dade County or its operation here were imminent.


Non-Terrorist Bombings in Dade County From 1975 to Mid 1983

During the period January 1, 1975, to date, sixty-two (62) bombings of a non-terrorist nature have occured.  These may be generally categorized as follows:

 Organized Crime Related    4

 Labor Union Related     3

 Narcotics Related     2

    *Against Individuals or their
 Personal Property        25

   **Against Businesses        15

 Against Government Property   5

 Unclassified      8

Organized crime related bombings consisted of four (4) incidents; three were dynamite/high explosives placed on vehicles of identifiable organized crime associates.  The fourth was a pipebomb gasoline device designed to destroy a bingo hall.  No correlation patterns of similarity were detected.

Labor union related incidents were comprised of a bombing attempt on the life of a former union officer (Pinky Schiffman), bombing of a trucking company building and attempt to bomb a construction company building entrance.  The latter two (Falco Trucking and National Construction) bore some similarities.  In each instance similar amounts and type of explosives were employed; each occured within a forty-eight (48) hour period (7-25-81 & 7-27-81); and each was placed in the entrance of a business firm.  One other incident may be linked.  This would be the June 30, 1981, attempt to destroy a construction site crane by placing a bomb on its engine.  Past experience would indicate that the Operating Engineers Local might be responsible for these three crimes.

Narcotics related bombings were sparse.  It is suspected that many of the incidents in other categories may be narcotics related.  However, no firm data was developed to establish this connection.  Forty percent (40%) of all non-terrorist bombings were directed against individuals or their property.  Analysis indicates that revenge or spite may be the primary motivation.   Harassment would probably be the second most popular motive.  No significant patterns were discovered.

* One (1) bombing resulted in the death of a white Latin male.
** One (1) bombing of a pizza parlor in Dade County linked to arson, vandalism and bombings in other countries.

Bombings of commercial property accounted for twenty-five percent (25%) of all non-terrorist incidents.   From 1978, through 1982, there has been a steady increase in this category.  It is surmised that at least a portion of these crimes are manifestations of extortionate demands, although investigation has yet to verify this theory.  The only discernible pattern detected was the "Pizza Parlor" incidents.  These consisted of one bombing in Dade County, one in Broward County and one in Lee County.  They are linked to several arson attempts and acts of vandalism, all against various pizza parlors.  No extortionate demands have been reported to the police.

Government property accounted for less than ten percent (10%) and were mainly non-lethal devices against miscellaneous targets (including two detonated in open fields).  No pattern or similarities were observed.

Thirteen percent (13%) of the non-terrorist incidents were unclassified and no further mention shall be made of them.


ORGANIZED CRIME related bombings are usually directed against identifiable associates, who are reluctant to discuss motives.  It is projected that attempts on the lives of organized crime associates will continue to be made with explosive devices.


LABOR UNION oriented bombings are sometimes indistinguishable from those directed against organized crime associates.  In some instances it may be the purpose of the perpetrator to assume an organized crime modus operandi.  Nevertheless, labor union related bombings are anticipated to occur during times of labor - business strife.  Particular attention should be paid to the Operating Engineers, International Longshoremen's Association and the Teamsters.  An even greater potential for bombing violence exists within the emerging Latin dominated labor associations in the construction industry, ports and transportation.


NARCOTICS related bombings accounted for less than two percent (2%) of all incidents.  Insufficient data exists upon which to base predictions.

INDIVIDUALS citizens bore the brunt of bombing incidents (40%).  However, since January 1, 1978, only six (or 9 1/2%) have been directed at individuals or their private property.  The trend would appear to be shifting away from individuals as targets, in favor of expressing displeasure by targeting businesses (16%).  Expansion of this trend is predicted.


GOVERNMENT PROPERTY as bombing targets will remain sporadic, and largely incomprehensible.  Motivation for these acts is seldom discovered.



1.  Use of explosives as a weapon presupposes that the death of   the victim is sought.  In this context it should be assumed   that homicide was the intended result.  Consequently, the   ensuing investigation should proceed along established   procedural avenues.  However, if the victim is organized   crime, labor union or narcotics related, input should be   sought from specialized investigative entities familiar with   the victim and his associates.

Within agencies, formal coordination procedures should be   established assigning and limiting responsibility.  Agreements  should exist between mutually interested agencies, delineating  responsibilities, providing for manpower support, and setting   forth procedures for information sharing.

2.  A coordination committee (Comprised of those agencies shown in  ANNEX E) should be established to review reports of non-  terrorist bomb activity directed against business or personal   property.  The committee's prime  responsibility should be   detecting patterns of similarities that could be referred to   appropriate investigative entities for resolution.

Date  Victim   Location   Type of Bombing

2/16/75 My Cuba Grocery Miami, Florida  Terrorist Bomb-  high explosive

2/24/75 Channel 51 (TV station) 777 NE 79 St.  Terrorist Bomb-  high explosive

3/30/75 L. Magdaleno  3395 SW 28 St.  Terrorist  Dynamite

5/02/75 Dade Cnty Bridge SW 12 St. & 94 Ave. Non-terrorist (vandalism)

5/11/75 Bay of Pigs Monument   SW 8St. & 13 Ave. Terrorist   Dynamite

5/14/75 Carlos Gallostra Variety Hospital, SW 31 ST & 59 AV  Terrorist  Letter Bomb

5/23/75 Robert James Kenny 16480 NE 20 Ave. Non-terrorist   Pipe bomb

7/04/75 Coral Park Sr. High 8865 SW 16 St.  Non-terrorist    Home-made device

7/26/75 Torch of Friendship NE 4 St & Biscayne Blvd Terrorist Rafael Gonzalez  High explosive

8/26/75 Replica Magazine 2994 NW 7 St.  Terrorist High explosive

8/17/75 Phillips 66 Service Station 490 NW 36 St.  Unverified

9/05/75 Arturo Perez  711 NW 57 Ave.  Non-terrorist  Homicide

9/08/75 Mike Whalen  1950 W. 49 St., Hialeah  Non-terrorist

10/03-75 Randolph Kout  2903 NE 103 St. Non-terrorist

10/06/75 Dominican Republic Consulate 1038 Brickell Ave. Terrorist   Dynamite

10/17/75 American Lockers Miami Int'l Airport   Terrorist Rolando Otero Time bomb

10/20/75 Dominicana  Airlines 1440 Biscayne Blvd. Terrorist    Time bomb

10/31/75 Rolando Masferrer 6765 SW 27 St.  Terrorist     Time bomb

11/12/75 June Higgins Dance Studio  So. Miami Heights Non-terrorist

11/27/75 Bahama Airlines Miami Int'l   Terrorist   Castillo, Ruiz, Ortega  Plastic explosive.

11/27/75 Perez Stable  University of Miami  Terrorist Rafael Gonzalez  Black  powder

12/03/75 Social Security  Miami Office  Terrorist  Rolando Otero "El Condor"
12/03/75 F.B.I. Miami   All pipe bombs  with timing devices                "
12/03/75 U.S. Post Office Miami                 "                                      "       sketch of bomber
12/03/75 Social Security  Miami Office         "                                     "
12/03/75 Barnett Bank  Miami                      "                                     "
12/04/75 State Atty's Office  Miami              "                                     "
12/04/75 Miami Police Dept  Miami              "                                     "

12/09/75 Paul Array  6930 NW 180 St. Non-terrorist

12/12/75 Almacen En Espanol 1359 SW 1 St.  Terrorist    Time bomb

12/12/75 Almacen En Espanol 910 W. 44 St. Hialeah  Terrorist   Time bomb

12/16/75 Howard Singer  15300 SW 82 Ave. Non-terrorist

12/18/75 Ramon Donestevez Crandon Marina  Terrorist (victim suspected) Dynamite

12/24/75 Roger Smith  SW 73 St. & 57 Court  Non-terrorist

12/31/75 F.P. & L. Station SW 130 St. & 98 AV Terrorist Rolando Otero Time bomb


01/01/76 Soffla   NW 178 St. & 82 AV  Non-terrorist   Acetylene gas

01/04/76 T.G. Barry's mailbox  13525 SW 69 Ave. Non-terrorist    dynamited

01/05/76 Robert Ward's mailbox  781 NW 187 Dr.  Non-terrorist   bombed

01/08/76 Sergeant   21230 NE 14 Ave. Non-terrorist   Mailbox bombed

01/26/76 Robert Schwartz 10561 SW 71 Ave. Non-terrorist    Mailbox bombed

01/31/76 Frank Suarez  301 NW 39 Ave.  Non-terrorist   Powder in plastic bottle

02/01/76 Mario Escandar  275 Deer Run  Non-terrorist Blasting caps  (narcotic related)

02/08/76 Donald Wagner  8201 SW 62 Ave. Non-terrorist   Molotov cocktail

03/75/76 Sebastian's Lounge 2490 SW 17 Ave. Non-terrorist
  (suspected of being a homosexual hangout)

03/12/76 Ena Furniture  3400 NW 17 Ave. Non-terrorist   Dynamite

03/31/76 Seacot   30 NW No. River Dr. Terrorist            Dynamite/time  bomb

04/03/76 Coral Gables Police car   Univ of  Miami   Terrorist  Dynamite & caps
 Student Union bldg  Univ of Miami  Terrorist Gustavo Castillo, Orestes Ruiz  Dynamite & caps

04/14/76 Bay of Pigs Monument   SW 8 St. & 13 AV  Terrorist  Rolando Otero M-26 grenade

04/30/76 Emilio Milian  1301 SW 1 St.  Terrorist  Dynamite

05/06/76 Adult Book Store 3458 SW 8 St.  Terrorist  Rafael Gonzalez, Jesus Blas Corbo, Gary Latham

05/11/76 Dade County  1305 SW 40 St.  Terrorist

05/25/76 So. Miami Jr. High 6855 SW 56 St.  Non-terrorist

06/15/76 Dade County (open field)  NW 154 St. & 119 AV Non-terrorist


02/18/77 Evelyn Schwartz 10561 SW 71 Ave. Non-terrorist   (vandalism)
  previous bombing incident at same location on 1/24/76,    victim Robert Schwartz

04/11/7 Smith   11200 W. Golf Dr. Non-terrorist

08/14/77 Venezuelan Military Aircraft  Miami Int'l   Terrorist Luis Boitel    Commando Dynamite

08/15/77 Frederico Boyd  52 NW 9 St.  Non-terrorist

08/25/77 Coral Park Apts. 9856 SW 8 St.  Non-terrorist  (stairwell)

09/19/77 Dupont Plaza Hotel 300 SE Biscayne Blvd   Terrorist   Luis Boitel    Commando
09/19/77 Four Ambassadors 801 So. Bayshore Drive All pipe bombs    "
09/19/77 Fontainebleau Hotel 4441 Collins Ave.                                    "
09/19/77 Eden Roc Hotel  4525 Collins Ave.                                         "

11/14/77 Dade County  NW 84 St. & 5 Ave. Non-terrorist     (road)

12/23/77 Venezuelan Airlines Ticket Off  1600 Collins Ave. Terrorist  Luis Boitel
                                                                                                Commando Pipe bomb


02/08/78 Harold Schiffman "Pinky" NE 203 St. &  32 AV Non-terrorist (labor union dispute)

02/23/78 Marco Polo Hotel 19201 Collins Ave. Terrorist (El Condor)

05/10/78 Kaplan Const.  SW 92 St. & 70 AV  Non-terrorist   (portable toilet)

07/18/78 Florida Power & Light, Turkey Point Plant Non-terrorist

08/28/78 Judy Klozewski  16035 SW 103 Pl. Non-terrorist
  (homicide, by victim's husband, who also killed victim's mother and beat victim's brother)

09/05/78 Officer J. Carter, FL Game & Fresh Water 1003 NW 9 St., Homestead
                                                                            Non-terrorist   Blasting cap

09/13/78 Dade County  Haulover Beach Marina, 10880 Collins Ave. Non-terrorist


03/20/79 Coca Cola Co.  186 SW 1 St. (vending machine) Homestead Non-terrorist

03/24/79 Padron Cigars  1566 W. Flagler St Terrorist            Dynamite

04/05/79 John Hill   14920 SW 74 St. Non-terrorist   (vehicle)

07/26/79 Padron Cigars  1566 W. Flagler St. Terrorist        High explosive

09/08/79 Rev. Manual Espinosa (church)  Red Rd. & W. 18 ST Hialeah Terrorist  Dynamite

11/02/79 Avant Const Co 84 Crandon Blvd. Key Biscayne Non-terrorist (Halloween vandalism)


01/19/80 State of Florida 1361 W. 33 St. Hialeah  Non-terrorist  Dynamite cap

2/21/80 So Gear & Machine 3685 NW 106 St. Non-terrorist (possible vandalism) pipe bomb

04/04/80 Dade County  7290 NW 7 Ave.  Non-terrorist  (open field)      Pipe bomb

09/04/80 Steven Forrestall 870 SW 129 Place Non-terrorist   (vehicle)       Pipe bomb

09/27/80     SW 152 St. & 235 AV  Non-terrorist   Powder bomb

10/10/80 Semasaro Market 11537 NW 27 Ave. ?   Pipe bomb -  PVC

11/19/80 Santiago Mena  7980 SW 34 St.  Non-terrorist (possible Santeria nexus)
                                                                                                Residue: chlorate and sugar

12/30/80 American Airways 1840 W. 49 St. Hialeah  Terrorist Omega 7 Dynamite/time bomb


06/04/81 Unknown   10800 SW 106 Ave.  Non-terrorist   (narcotics related)

06/19/81 Sanford Burton  Pumperniks Deli Non-terrorist (organized crime related) (gambler)

06/30/81 Pipe bomb on engine block of a  construction crane  19600 SW 110 Ct. Non-terrorist

 07/25/81 Falero Trucking Co. 6767 NW 74 Ave. Non-terrorist (labor related)

07/27/81 National Const. Co 12060 NW So. River Drive Non-terrorist   (labor related)

09/11/81 Mexican Consulate 440 Brickell Ave.  Terrorist Omega 7  High explosives

09/11/81 Replica Magazine 2994 NW 7 St.  Terrorist Omega 7 Propane fire bomb

09/15/81 Eliecen Fernandez 505 SW 102 Ave. Unverified Pipe bomb

09/24/81 Luis Bato (mailbox)   211 SW 119 Ave. Non-terrorist   (criminal mischief)


02/19/82 Trans Cuba  2742 SW 8 St.     Terrorist Omega 7    57 mm shell with explosive

02/19/82 Replica Magazine 2994 NW 7 St.     Terrorist Omega 7  57mm shell with explosive

02/21/82 Padron Cigars  1566 W. Flagler St. Terrorist Omega 7  Molotov cocktail

02/21/82 Hispania Inter-Am Pharmacy 2085 SW 1 St.  Terrorist Omega 7 Machine-gun fire

02/22/82 Manuel Lorenzo  2740 NW 16 Tr.  Non-terrorist
  (owns Majestic Travel Agency, 5574 W. Flagler St.)

03/03/82 Alvin Malnik (vehicle)  Crickett Club, 1800 NE 114 St  Non-terrorist

04/10/82 Dade County  SW 144 St. & 67 Ave. Non-terrorist

06/01/82 Lucille's Market (Khaled A. Khalaf, owner)  9300 NW 17 Ave. ?

06/27/82 Lenny's Cash & Jewelry (Carl Stewart, owner) 810 NW 79 St.   Non-terrorist

07/22/82 Cozzoli's Pizza 10734 SW 72 St. Non-terrorist

08/22/82 Anthony Angelos (vehicle) 21000 NE 28 Ave. Non-terrorist (organized crime related)

08/10/82 Yamis Callahan  19523 SW 118 Pl. Non-terrorist  (victim believed to be perpetrator)

09/04/82 Venezuelan  Consulate 100 Biscayne Blvd. Terrorist Omega 7   Pipe bomb

10/02/82 Bingo Hall (Peter Ruso, owner) 4686 NW 183 ST Non-terrorist (organ crime related)


01/11/83 Replica Magazine 2994 NW 7 St.  Terrorist Omega 7  Plastic explosive

01/11/83 Paradise Int'l  940 SW 5 St.  Terrorist Omega 7 Plastic explosive

01/11/83 Padron Cigars  1566 W. Flagler St. Terrorist Omega 7 Plastic explosive

03/07/83 Bomb in stolen  9431 SW 4 St.  Non-terrorist   vehicle abandoned

05/30/83 Continental Bank (Bernard Benes)  1801 SW 1 St.  Terrorist Omega 7 Pipe Bomb

06/13/83 Militant Book Store 1237 NW 119 St. Non-terrorist

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