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The Bay of Pigs is the name we now call the 1961 CIA sponsored invasion of Cuba.  Bahia de Cochinos, the Spanish place name, is a body of water (a bay) adjacent on the southern edge of the Zapata swamp on the Caribbean side of Cuba.  The Cubans in Cuba refer to the Bay of Pigs Invasion as "Playa Giron", a beach on the bay. The translation of  "Cochinos" is NOT "pigs" although pigs are also called cochinos.  Cochinos is the name of a fish, thus the bay of the fish Cochinos.

Brigade 2506 was the self designation of the Cuban exiles who named their invasion force after the number of the first training casualty.  (The exiles were all given numbers.  To make the force seem larger than it really was, each soldier was given a number, the first being number 2500.)

For contact information to the Brigade or the Brigade Museum write to
Presidente or try Bay of Pigs Veterans Home Page

          The Bay of Pigs Invasion Cuban  Anthem ... [An English Translation]

     Brigade 2506 PARTICIPANTS

[In order to understand the list which carries 2,681 names instead of 1,200-1,500, the reader should become familiar with how the list was tabulated and from what sources.  An  EXPLANATION of the LIST  is provided to assist in this understanding.]

 LIST OF NAMES .. (2,681 names)
 ADDITIONAL LIST by Candido Molinet Perez  ..
 Bay of Pigs Veterans Commissioned in the U.S. Armed Forces 1963 .. Contains 207 photographs

Bay of Pigs Invasion

BOP's Military CHRONOLOGY given May 1961.
BOP Account from the SS ATLANTICO - April 1961 ...
Fake Defecting FAR plane lands in Miami April 1961 ...
CUBAN ACTIVITIES 7203 Hardee Road Apr 1961 ...
Bay of Pigs Barracks on SW 128 ST Miami ...
Operation 40 .. Memorandum for Mr. Richard Goodwin

A prisoner delegation was sent to Miami in May 1961 to negotiate for the release of the invasion force.  This police memo highlights the Prisoner Delegation in Miami .

ULISES CARBO, leader of the prisoner delegation, tells of the BOP's Invasion revealing some very stirring accounts.

[NOTE:  The above accounts were made on the dates indicated before the propaganda machines and "spin writers" began to rewrite the history of the invasion.]

LLOYD'S of LONDON Registry of BOPs Ships ...

      Bay of Pigs Veterans Association

           2506 LOGO  ...
           FIRST DIRECTORS of VETERANS of the BOP Association  ...

Grayston Lynch related a few words at Books & Books in Coral Gables for his book signing on July 19, 1998.  His book is titled DECISION FOR DISASTER. He began by saying that 50% of what has been written about the Bay of Pigs invasion is untrue.  As for popular support for Castro, he said there were 50,000 political prisoners when the invasion began and another 250,000 were arrested when the Brigade landed.  That, he said, would be as if a U.S. President arrested 10 million people in 1961 - not a very popular President.

Some of what he says in his book is not popular with some Brigade members.

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