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7203 Hardee Road - Apr 1961

[Two Reports]

[Reference: OCB, Dade County, Florida file number 210-D]

DATE: April 20, 1961

TO: THOMAS J. KELLY, Metropolitan Sheriff

FROM: LT. FRANK KAPPEL, Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence


At approximately 8 p.m., April 19, 1961, this writer received a phone call at his residence from Compliant Officer FALCO.

FALCO explained a call had been received at the Complaint Desk from a EUGENE E. COHEN, 7200 Hardee Road, MO 6-9835 reference to an unusual amount of vehicular traffic and activity in a house located across from his home on Hardee Road.

According to COHEN, this house is occupied by Cubans and Officer FALCO had been instructed by Complaint Sergeant MARTIN STEIN to contact Lt. KAPPEL prior to sending a uniform car to the scene.

This writer requested that no uniform car be dispatched until a cursory investigation was conducted by the Intelligence Unit.

At approximately 9:10 p.m., April 19, 1961, Lt. KAPPEL and Agent CLODE arrived at 7200 Hardee Road and contacted Mr. COHEN.

Mr. COHEN explained that the residence immediately across Hardee Road (north) has been occupied by some Cuban people.  Until tonight, according to Mr. COHEN, these people have been very quiet and only two or three vehicles have been observed entering the premises.  However, this evening, many cars and people were observed entering and leaving this area and Mr. COHEN was concerned that some activity may be developing that would endanger his family.

This writer and Agent CLODE then proceeded across Hardee Road in an attempt to contact someone in reference to this complaint.

This house is a large one-story CBS residential type house situated on a large (approximately two acres) wooded lot.  The light on the carport was lit but our ‘knocks' upon the door failed to receive an answer.

Further observation through the windows with the aid of a flashlight revealed the premises had been recently occupied.  The interior was dirty and unkempt, with beds in every room.  In a rear room was a tape recorder and radio sending equipment and in a front room was a receiving set.  A large antenna was observed mounted on the roof.  No occupants could be located.

A 1952 black two door Plymouth bearing a 1961 Florida tag 1-66410 was parked in the driveway.  This license tag is issued to CANDIDO J. HERNANDEZ, 607 S. W. 9 Avenue, Miami, Florida.

A list of Cuban names were found on the front seat of the aforementioned vehicle.  The list contained the names and addresses as follows:

ARMANDO GONZALEZ, 538 S. W. 4 Street, Miami, Florida

JOSE RAUL PEREZ, 746 S. W. 2 Street, Miami, Florida

JULIO HERNANDEZ, 820 S. W. 11 Avenue, Miami, Florida

ARMANDO HEVIA, 1023 N. W. 36 Avenue, Miami, Florida

MARIO GONZALEZ, 335 N. W. 12 Avenue, Miami, Florida

EDUARDO LORENZO, 135 N. E. 19 Street, Miami, Florida

ALFONSO MIRANDA, 1169 Robin Avenue, Miami Springs, Florida

A search of the remainder of the grounds and some adjoining buildings in the rear of the residence proved negative.

Contact will be made at the location in question by personnel of the Intelligence Unit on Thursday morning, April 20, 1961 and reports submitted,

respectfully submitted,

LT. FRANK KAPPEL, Supervisor
Criminal Intelligence


CI 210-D

DATE: April 21, 1961

TO: THOMAS J. KELLY, Metropolitan Sheriff

FROM: LT. FRANK KAPPEL, Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence


Reference is made to the report under the same case number dated April 20, 1961.

On April 20, 1961, pursuant to the initial investigation of April 19, 1961, Agent A. L. TARABOCHIA accompanied by Agent E. R. CLODE proceeded to 7203 Hardee Road to contact the tenants.

the Agents were met by a young man of approximately 22 years who, after allowing them to enter, stated that he would have to call his office and communicate with his superiors before giving any information.

After a short waiting period two W/M's arrived and identified themselves as Department of Defense agents.

Although no direct mention was made, the two agents inferred that they were engaged in a confidential operation and requested that what transpired be kept confidential.

Mr. COHEN was contacted by Agent CLODE and advised that there was no illegal activity taking place in the aforementioned residence.

No further contacts will be necessary unless an emergency arises.

Respectfully submitted,

Intelligence Agent

LT. FRANK KAPPEL, Supervisor
Criminal Intelligence


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