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Air Operations Against Cuban Bases

[Reference: OCB Dade County, Florida file Number CI 205-D]

DATE:      APRIL 18, 1961
TO:           THOMAS J. KELLY, Metropolitan Sheriff
FROM:     LT. FRANK KAPPEL, Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence
SUBJECT:  Cuban Counter-Revolutionary Activities - Air
                   Operations Against Cuban Bases

At 8:40 a.m. of April 15, 1961, Agent A. L. TARABOCHIA was contacted by Lt. STOUT of Patrol and Traffic Division and advised that a Cuban military aircraft had landed at the Miami International Airport and the pilot had asked for political asylum.

Lt. STOUT requested that the writer assist him in case there were repercussions among the Cuban element present at the airport.

According to Lt. STOUT, the aircraft, a B-26 bomber bearing markings of the Cuban Air Force and the number 933, had contacted the control tower and requested clearance for emergency landing after a "Mayday" signal.

The aircraft landed at approximately 8:25 a.m. and the pilot, upon alighting from the plane, was met by Lt. STOUT and a patrolman and after being disarmed was taken to the United States Immigration authorities for interrogation.

Upon arrival at the airport, the writer contacted Lt. STOUT and proceeded jointly to the United States Immigration office where the pilot was being detained.

Immigration Inspectors P. CRAWLEY and L. GIDDEL revealed that the pilot would be transferring to the Biscayne Boulevard office at approximately 11 a.m. for further questioning.  Mr. GIDDEL requested assistance during a brief press interview that the pilot was going to have prior to his transfer.

Mr. GIDDEL refused to divulge the name of the pilot because this could result in reprisals against his family in Cuba.  The writer was able to learn that the name the pilot had used on the customs documents was that of JUAN GARCIA.

No incidents occurred.

Respectfully submitted,

A. L. TARABOCHIA, Intelligence Agent

LT. FRANK KAPPEL, Supervisor
Criminal Intelligence

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