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Formation of a new unnamed group
(Two Memos)

[Reference: Dade County OCB file #42067-B]

DATE: September 10, 1959

TO: Thomas J. Kelly, Metropolitan Sheriff

FROM: Frank Kappel, Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence

                      FRANCISCO DEL REY - 2429 N.W. 29 AVENUE

On September 9, 1959 Agents A. L. TARABOCHIA and R. LONGBOTTOM received information from a confidential source that the residence located at 2429 N. W. 29 Avenue was used as illegal storage of arms and ammunition.

At about 10:00 A.M. of the same date the agents proceeded to the above location and after securing permission from MRS. IRENE KARAN DEL REY, wife of the tenant, searched the premises.

In the attic of the house, accessible through an opening located above the kitchen stove, there was a quantity of arms stored on planks placed on the rafters.

Upon discovery of the cache the agents questioned MRS. DEL REY, about the items illegally stored and the woman answered that she had recently arrived from Cuba and did not know about her husband's activities.

Further questioning of the subject revealed that both her husband, FRANCISCO 23, and his brother, JULIO 21, were at work at AFCO Aluminum Furniture Company located at 7000 N. W. 37 Ave. and that they were exiles from Cuba since FRANCISCO had been a member of the B.R.A.C. (Bureau for the Repression of Communist Activities) under COL. MARTANO FACET DIAZ, [Mariano Faget] during the Batista regime.

The Detective Bureau was advised of the situation and Sgt. R. SHELTON was dispatched to the scene and took charge at his arrival.

Agent CHARLES BROWN of the A.T.U. was advised of the presence of automatic weapons and after investigating the violation of the Federal laws governing the possession of automatic weapon adopted the case for prosecution by Federal Court.

Det. A. MOLINA placed FRANCISCO DEL REY under arrest when he returned to his residence and admitted possession of the arms.  DEL REY later was turned over to the Federal authorities for indictment.

Respectfully submitted,

Intelligence Agent

FRANK KAPPEL, Supervisor
Criminal Intelligence

DATE: September 10, 1959

TO: Thomas J. Kelly, Metropolitan Sheriff

FROM: Frank Kappel, Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence

                      ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

The following is a translation from Spanish of a document seized at the residence of FRANCISCO DEL REY:

1.  We have an independent group.

2.  We have decided to designate PEDRO CRUZ as military chief of the group due to his  experience in combat.  Second in command in charge of the organization of the group will be FRANCISCO DEL REY.

3.  Five or six members of the group are going to be chosen to receive special training to enable them to serve in positions of responsibility among the man that are with us.

4.  The training of these men is going to be given at a location already indicated inside the U.S.

5.  For special reasons, to be explained during the training, the name of the commander in chief is not going to be known, even though they will be told that they will receive direct orders from ELENTERIO PEDRAZA and two other persons of the same importance and responsibility as PEDRAZA.

6.  The operations to be carried out and the acts to be committed will be, for the moment, of the "commando" type.

7.  The chiefs designated for the group will go with the group will take part in the "commando" operations the same as the group.  In this eventually the command of the group will be delegated to other persons for the success of the operation.

8.  The training will be given by American officers.

9.  Every man will be restricted to the location of the training for the duration of the same and in case of postponement of the action the men are to await on the spot for the new date.

10.  We believe that the training will last from 15 to 20 days and during this period the man will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to $100 to cover their expenses during this period or whatever will be decided to obtain the desired results.

11.  In command of the operation will be a high officer of the American Navy.

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