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There has much discussion about the night life in Havana taken to the extreme.  This section contains various contemporary articles which shed some light on the "inside" of Cuba's night life.  In comparison, the nightlife of Miami is offered.  In most cases we have selected the most inflammatory articles to let the reader view from the extreme.  
Some more tame vacation targets of many mainstream Americans are also listed. For more on general tourism, go to the Tourism Menu.

[REF: Cabaret Yearbook, Winter Resort Number, Volume One, poss 1956, p20]

HAVANA  The sexiest city in the world -- that's what Havana has been termed by world travelers.  In the shadow of the presidential palace, in the capital's narrow ancient streets, there is indeed the open practice of the world's oldest profession.  But sex in Havana is not cheap and tawdry.  Sex is rather in the beat of city life, in the tropical scent of this vast metropolis, in the cosmopolitan outlook of its people.  For Havana is a woman, and fickle female that she is, must be entertained.  And so cabaret life is rich and exciting, different from anything found in the U.S.  It has a rhythm and gaiety all its own -- all but an hour by plane from Miami.


Cuban Gambling Casinos & The Mafia


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Cuba's Tin Pan Alley 1947 Havana's shabbiest cabarets and voodoo lodges


American Gambling Interests In Cuba 1959

HAVANA - Nightlife - Gambling by Jay Mallin ..
Cuba's Capones -- Top dogs in Batista's casinos


Miriam Naves Loynaz: Havana Showgirl 1958
U.S. Stripper Bubbles Darlene Debunks Cuban Song "La Enganadora"
Betty Howard  packed Havana theaters 1956
Lovely Latin Cuban Dancer Elvira Padovano  a/k/a Chris Mara
Carmela - Cuban Stripper
Tybee Afra Afro-Cuban Rhythm Dancer

[REF: Cabaret Yearbook, Winter Resort Number, Volume One, poss 1956, p5]


Top winter resort in America, Miami becomes the entertainment capital of America in the winter months.  The Florida spa is jam-packed with thousands of vacationists, all well-heeled and out for a good time.  Miami does its best to give it to them in some of the plushest niteries in the land.  Whether it's an elegant hotel cabaret on the beach, a palatial bistro on one of the bay islands or just a strip spot out in the sticks, Miami is dedicated to giving its winter customers a long-remembered night on the town.  Everywhere the theme is the same girls, some of the best-stacked beauties in the land.  For Miami is a city of the outdoors, of sun and surf.  And its women have to be the most shapely for Miami's standard uniform is the swim suit.

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