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Cuban Dancer Elvira Padovano
a/k/a Chris Mara

[BRIEF MAGAZINE, JAN. 1955, Vol. 3 No. 1, Pages 97 to 104]


Cuban dancer Elvira Padovano is as exciting and unpredictable as a tropical storm.  A classic ballerina in her teens, she recently switched to a more torrid tempo and pirouetted into the nightclub spotlight.  While starring in a Miami revue, she was introduced to an American who spoke no Spanish.  Elvira speaks no English.  With the aid of an interpreter they had a whirlwind courtship and were married suddenly despite the language barrier.  Elvira's next move was to become known as Chris Mara.  Now, with a new name and an American husband and a sensational new dance routine, this tempestuous Latin is gyrating to fame along the U.S. night club circuit...

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