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IN CUBA 1959

[Reference: Dade County OCB file #31440-B]

[NOTE: FRANK FIORINI is also known as Frank Sturgis]

DATE: JUNE 9, 1959

TO: Thomas J. Kelly, Metropolitan Sheriff

FROM: Frank Kappel, Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence


On June 2, 1959 at 2:00 PM, an ex-Captain of the Cuban Air Force named ALAN McDONALD brought Captain FRANK FIORINI, Chief Investigator for Prime Minister Fidel Castro of Cuba to visit the office of Criminal Intelligence.

Captain FIORINI states that he is an ex-Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He states that he was with the First Raider Battalion, Fourth Marines, 6th Marine Division.  He states that he participated in action at Guadalcanal, New Georgia, Guam and Okinawa.

Both McDONALD and FIORINI are American citizens.  Both stated they are employed by the Cuban Government.  They ostensibly are here to obtain a tape recording by a man named HORMEL arrested for gun running.

Captain FIORINI states he is supervising the investigation of several American gamblers with criminal records that operate casinos in Havana Cuba.  He was informed that we did have files on some of them, and that we would be most happy to cooperate with the Cuban Government provided requests were cleared through Sheriff Kelly, and permission granted by the Sheriff.

On June 3, 1959, McDONALD returned to the office stating that the letter requesting the information had been sent.  He was informed that the information would be given to him upon receipt of a copy of the letter by us from the Sheriff.

Captain FIORINI gave this Agent the attached letter on June 5, 1959.

On Monday, June 8, 1959, Captain McDONALD came to the office and was given information on MEYER and JAKE LANSKY, JOE SILESI aka JOE RIVERS and SANTOS TRAFFICANTE.
Respectfully submitted,

Roy Longbottom
Intelligence Agent

Frank Kappel, Supervisor
Criminal Intelligence

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