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Tybee Afra
Afro-Cuban Rhythm Dancer

[REFERENCE: Pageant, August 1956, Vol 12, No. 2, Pages, 56-60]

Advanced Latin

Photographed for Pageant by: Gene Lesser

Page 56

Her name – Tybee Afra – is an incredible as her career.  She's a small town American (Monticello, N.Y.) who has become one of the world's best Afro-Cuban rhythm dancers.  In Brazil they named a flower for her; in Havana her picture is shown even on matchboxes.

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Page 59

She ran away from home to learn to dance; now her family is proud of her success.  She says she works harder than a truck driver but when she's on stage it is just like falling in love.

Page 60

Someday Tybee hopes she'll go to Hollywood. She sings a little, acts a little, vows she can teach anyone to cha-cha.  In Latin dances the movement counts–it must be smooth.

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