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Gaeton Fonzi MENU .. (Author, Miami Investigator for the HSCA)
Eladio del Valle MENU  ..
HSCA Photo Book ..
Fidel Castro Interview  .. Jun 1963 by Lisa Howard
INTRIGUE at NO NAME KEY By Tom Dunkin ...
Silvia Odio Bibliography ...
Dade County Homicide asks CIA for help in Murder of John Roselli ... plus Cuban murders
E. Howard Hunt, Jr., plaintiff vs Victor L. Marchetti and Liberty Lobby, a D.C. Corp.  Docket pages only for case 80-1121-CIV-JWK, Southern District of Florida. PDF File of docket for both trials....Exhibit list...
Photographs JFK Miami Trip 18 Nov. 1963 and JFK Assassination Photos from the Miami News photo files...
A Series of Articles on the Key West-JFK Connection November 2003 ...
Loran Hall Interview December 20, 1974
Joan Mellen at Books and Books, Coral Gables FL 01/10/06 ... A Farewell To Justice


Cuba has for many years been trying to gather information on covert CIA activities directed toward Cuba, as if nobody knows this had been going on.  There are a number of documents which spell this out very vividly and here are presented for your information.  The Cuban Government is using the JFK assassination as a means to discredit the U.S. Government, and not because they shed a tear over JFK's death. 

1.  Cuba Accuses is a special issue tabloid in English, printed in 1978 and is extremely hard to come by. It is here in total, minus the photos and documents.  The documents are contained in another section here.  CIA: CUBA ACCUSES ...

2.  Cuba produced this in a Gramma supplement on 20 August 1978 purporting that a tribunal of youth had concluded the U.S. was trying to blame Cuba for the JFK assassination.  Youth Accuses Imperialism International Tribunal [findings?]

3.  The three hour television program aired in Havana in November 1993 about assassination plots against Castro (CIA code name: ZR/RIFLE) contained one hour about the JFK assassination.  A transcript of the JFK presentation intercepted by the U.S. (FBIS: Foreign Broadcast Intercept Service) is good at best.  The transcribers seem to have gotten the names wrong, grammatically, as well as some of the facts.       Cuban TV Documentary: ZR ...

4.  Claudia Furiati, a Brazilian journalist, who helped produce the Cuban documentary, published two versions of her conclusions, one in English and one in Portuguese.  The Portuguese version  had more documents and was of better printing quality.  The internal Cuban documents are being translated from the Spanish.    CLAUDIA FURIATI'S PUBLISHED DOCUMENTS .. a list
5.  A paper (translated from the Spanish) given in Rio by Arturo Rodriguez, former Cuban State Security agent/official (his title was never really given, but he was a close career associate of General Fabian Escalante Font).  LHO in Mexico City  ...

6.  In December 1995 a number of JFK historians met in Nassau to gather information on records Cuba had pertaining to the JFK assassination.  Although no records were ever produced, the transcript of that two-day meeting is most revealing.  Nassau Transcript ...


1.  On  10 January 1962 the Dade County Intelligence Unit received a request from the Secret Service for assistance in locating a Cuban in relation to a threat to the President.  The contents of the file contains two memorandum. Two Memos ...

2.  A postcard was sent to the Chief of Police, Miami, dated November 16, 1963.  The
     LAB REPORT AND POSTCARD can be viewed here.

3.  The Milteer threat and  THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE MIAMI POLICE FILE on the JFK assassination.


In a Miami News article printed in May 1976, a good reading will help understand the exile position as it was, not as it is professed by many today.  

Ricardo Nunez Portuondo wrote an article on the
JFK Assassination and Cuba, unfortunately it is in only in Spanish.  I will call him to see if he has an English version.   His vitae does not mention that he worked for the VOA, probably through Radio Swan and that he was part of Operation-40.  His uncle, Sangenis, was the head of that group.

History of the DRE: Cuban Student Directorate with Oswald confrontation
Cuba and the Kennedy Assassination by John Martino


On the 18th of November 1963 President John F. Kennedy arrived in Miami.  This section pertains to this event.

1.   JFK Miami Airport Speech 11/18/1963

2.   Secret Service report on the Miami Motorcade  This reports sets out the Miami Motorcade, the personnel assigned to each car, etc.

3.   Aerial photo of motorcade route ...Haulover to Americana Hotel

4.   Secret Service report on the Nov. 18th Miami Trip   This report outlines the entire Miami scenario which includes Cuban threats and agreements.


An excellent article on The Christian Defense League by D. Boylan.  Mr. Boylan is an expert on right-wing groups in the U.S. and their association with Anti-Castro organizations.

UNION" MESSAGE TO CONGRESS ON JANUARY 11, 1962 by Douglas R. Voohrees, Democrat

JFK, KING: The Dade County links Part I ...
JFK, KING: The Dade County links Part II ...


In the latter part of 1968 Jim Garrison met in Miami, Florida to obtain $25,000 to finish his investigation into the JFK assassination.  Here is the TRANSCRIPT of that meeting and the transfer of funds.

A Short History of INCA (Information Council of the Americas) ..........

PHOTOS  taken at the Clay Shaw Trial ..........

Letter Tom Dunkin to Jim Garrison 1968 ......

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