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[REFERENCE: Dade County Intelligence file 14E, containing two memos only which are retyped as follows]

TO:  Lt. M. BROMLEY, Supervisor


DATE: January 11, 1962

SUBJECT: Assist other Agency - Alleged plot to assassinate the President of the United States

At approximately 6:30 P.M., January 10, 1962, Detective A. L. TARABOCHIA was contacted at his residence by Secret Service Agent ERNEST ARAGON in reference to alleged plot to assassinate the President of the United States.

Agent ARAGON revealed that, according to the information received by his agency, RAFAEL ANSELMO RODRIGUEZ MOLINS, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Dominican ancestry, was en route to Miami from Chicago to attempt to assassinate President KENNEDY next time he arrives in West Palm Beach.  The subject also known as RAFAEL MOLINA is a W/M, 39, 5' 10", brown eyes, black receding hair, and wears glasses.  RODRIGUEZ is known to disguise himself as a priest and carries a weapon concealed in a camera case.  Since the subject has a badly infected foot, there is a possibility that he walks with a limp.  Agent ARAGON added that the subject was to contact a Cuban male living in the Miami area before proceeding to West Palm Beach.  The Cuban, ARMANDO PABLO LOPEZ ESTRADA QUINTANA, was a member of the forces that attempted the invasion of Cuba on April 17, 1961.  LOPEZ is a W/M, DOB 3/15/39, 6ft, 200 lbs., last known address New York City, NY.  LOPEZ is married and his wife's name is MERCEDES LOPEZ.

On January 11, 1962, the writer contacted a number of Cubans in position to furnish information concerning the suspects.  As soon as this information is obtained it will be forwarded in a report to follow.
The investigation is continuing.

Respectfully Submitted

END MEMO 1*****

TO:  LT. M. BROMLEY Supervisor
  Special Investigations


DATE: January 12, 1962

SUBJECT: Assist other Agency - Alleged plot to assassinate the President of the United States. Additional Information.

CASE NO. 2415 E

Reference is made to the report under the same case number dated January 11, 1962.

On January 12, 1962, Det. Tarabochia was contacted by a Cuban source who gave the following information on subject ARMANDO LOPEZ ESTRADA QUINTANA.

The subject was observed at his residence, 42-26 81 Street, apartment 5H, Jackson Heights, New York, on January 1, 2 and 3.  LOPEZ ESTRADA was a member of the Havana Police for three years prior to the fall of the Batista regime.

Subject lives in New York with his wife and parents and has no children.  Because of his participation in the abortive invasion of April 17, 1961, he still receives a monthly check from the Cuban Revolutionary Council.

At a later hour, U. S. Secret Service Agent, E. Aragon, contacted the writer and advised that both subject LOPEZ ESTRADA and RODRIGUEZ MOLINO had been located in Chicago on January 11, 1962.

Agent Aragon added that he will forward any information regarding future developments.

Case Closed.

cc: T. A. Buchanan, Chief
 Detective Division

U. S. Secret Service
Criminal Intelligence

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