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Dade County Homicide asks
CIA for help in Murder of
John Roselli

[Reference: NARA record. No RIF number.  Handwritten note at bottom of RIF sheet: "To NARA - Please replace previously released version of this document with the attached".  Originator: CIA]

8 October 1976

MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Security

FROM                          : Curtis R. Rivers

SUBJECT                     : Dade County Request for Agency Assistance
                                       Regarding the Death of Johnny Roselli

1.  The following is provided for your information and pertains to an assessment of the information contained in Office of Security files relevant to the request from the Dade County Sheriff's Office pursuant to their investigation of the death of Johnny Roselli.

2.  The Dade County Sheriff's representatives requested all Agency information pertaining to several Cuban nationals.  A review of Office of Security indices in this regard disclosed the following:

a.  Ramon Don Eestevez [Donestevez] Dominquez – Office of Security records were negative.

b.  Rolando Masferrer Rojas – Covert.(36 859) and overt (352 772) security files were located regarding Rolando Masferrer, a Cuban citizen born 12 January 1918 in Holguin, Cuba.  Although limited national agency checks were conducted on Subject in January 1950, there is no indication that Masferrer was ever utilized by the Agency.  He is a former Cuban senator and Cuban Communist Party member (expelled in 1945), a former commander for Batista's private army, and firmly anti-Castro.  The two files contain numerous FBI reports regarding his activities in connection with an attempt to invade Cuba in 1960 and a subsequent effort to invade Haiti in 1967.  Masferrer and 75 of his follower were arrested in January 1967 in Marathon, Florida, while preparing for the invasion of Haiti.

Masferrer claimed that his Haiti invasion plot was approved by the U. S. Government (varying between the CIA and the FBI as the approving agency).  While the CIA approval claim was untrue, Agency concern, at the time, centered around the possibility of unfavorable publicity and the compromise of sources and methods if the Agency was forced to disprove Masferrer's charges in court.  A handwritten note in Masferrer's file revealed that he died in 1975 when his car was blown apart by a bomb in Florida.  No further details regarding his death were contained in his subject files.  Since Masferrer has never been affiliated with the Agency, despite his claims, it is believed that Dade County officials should be referred to the FBI for information regarding Masferrer.

C.  Luciano Nieves – Office of Security files contain [                               ] information regarding Luciano Nieves Mestre, date and place of birth 6 October 1933, Santa Clara, Cuba.  Nieves was [                            ] on 4 February 1966 in Florida.  It was developed that he was a Cuban national who had been arrested, tried, and sentenced to 20 years in Cuban for allegedly being involved in an anti-Castro plot.  He was released in March 1965 after serving approximately 16 months of his sentences and went to Spain briefly where he was of interest to the [                           ] In August 1965 he entered the United States and in November 1965 was contacted by Directorate of Operations (DDO) representatives.  From November 1965 until approximately January 1966 he was of operations interest in the DDO.

It is noted that the DDO maintains a 201 file (201-788521) regarding Subject and it is believed that the Office of Security would have to defer any decision regarding the release of information concerning Nieves to the DDO.

d.  Jose de La Torriente – Security records contain only sparse information provided by the Domestic Contact service in 1970 showing that one Jose de La Torriente, not further identified, claimed association with the Agency was not contained in Office of Security files.  It is believed that a decision to release information regarding Torriente would have to be deferred to the DDO.

e.  Jose Quintana – Office of Security records contain no information identifiable with Jose Quintana.

f.  Jaoquin Antonio Cortizo – Office of Security records are negative.

g.  Manola Artimes – Security records contain overt (611 523) and covert (210 838) files regarding Manuel Francisco Artime-Buesa.  Artime-Buesa is a former Agency operational asset utilized by the DDO during the approximate period 1959-1963.  Any decision regarding the release of information regarding Artime-Buesa or his present whereabouts should be deferred to the DDO.

h.  AMLASH – Rolando Cubela (Secades), Agency cryptonym – AMLASH, is the subject of the Office of Security covert file 101 080.  Cubela is a rather celebrated Cuban national and operational contact of the DDO mentioned throughout both of the Senate Select Committee assassination reports.  Although Cubela is identified in the assassination reports as AMLASH and his identity has never been revealed by the Agency, his true identity has been surfaced in several recent news articles.  All information on Cubela in the possession of the Office of Security would fall within the purview of the DDO, and it is believed that any decision to release information pertaining to Cubela should be deferred to the Latin America Division of the DDO.  It should be noted that during their investigation, Senate Select Committee staffers reviewed Cubela's raw files from both the DDO and the Office of Security.

I.  Dade County Sheriff's Office representatives requested the "names of the three Cubans mentioned in the Roselli testimony."  It is believed that the response to this question should be deferred to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence since the Office of Security does not have access to the Roselli testimony.

3.  Additionally, the Dade County Sheriff's Office representatives ask for all Agency information pertaining to several individuals of unknown citizenships, but believed to be U. S. citizens.  A review of the Office of Security indices in this regard disclosed the following:

a.  Fred Black – Office of Security records revealed only newspaper clippings contained in the Robert G. Baker subject file (260 273) showing that Fred B. Black, Jr., a consultant with North American Aviation, was a close friend and business associate of "Bobby" G. Baker.  Black was mentioned repeatedly in the news media coverage of Senate investigations of Baker in the early 1960's.  While Black's citizenship is undetermined, it is probable that he is a U. S. citizen.

b.  Edward Morgan–A covert security file (46 394) was located regarding Edward Pierpont Morgan, date and place of birth 28 May 1913, St. Louis, Missouri.  Morgan, a U. S. citizen and former FBI agent from 1941-1945, was granted a [                         ] Clearance on 2 February 1951 for use as a "cut out" in connection [                                                                               ]     The [                             ] Clearance was amended and approved in March 1951 to include Morgan's use in providing covert legal support for operations in the form of a "cut out", legal advice, transmission of funds, and other assistance of a legal nature in connection with DDO projects.  Since Subject may have been utilized by the DDO, it is felt that any decision to release information regarding Morgan should be deferred to the DDO.

It is noted that while only the aforementioned subject file exists regarding Morgan, in his capacity as Robert A. Maheu's personal attorney, Morgan is mentioned sporadically in the Maheu, Harvey, and Roselli files.  In 1967 Maheu was interviewed and advised that he had briefed Morgan regarding the details of his involvement in the Agency-sponsored Castro assassination plots.  Morgan's current association with Maheu, professional and/or personal, is unknown.  Morgan is currently practicing law in the District of Columbia law firm of Welch and Morgan.

c.  Joseph Shimon – No Office of Security subject file exists regarding Joseph Shiman.  However, he is mentioned in the Johnny Roselli file as a personal friend of Roselli.  It is further noted in the Roselli file that Shimon knew Maheu, but the nature and extent of their official/social relationship is unknown.  Shimon is described as a former District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) inspector who was discharged from the D.C. MPD as a result of a conviction involving wiretapping activities.

4.  To date, no decision has been made as to the type and form of response to be made to the Dade County Sheriff's Office request.  Additionally, a formal request to the Office of Security has not been received.  Office of Security files have been searched and pertinent information reviewed.  Pending a decision as to what form the response, if any, will take, it is recommended that the Office of Security files containing information pertinent to the request by retained in a readily available status and no further action be taken at this time.

Curtis R. Rivers

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