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Rolando Arcadio Masferrer-Rojas was born in Holguin, Oriente, Cuba.  His activities from an early age involved politics, a member of Joven Cuba, the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil war, a member of the Cuban Communist party, editor of El Tiempo en Cuba, Cuban Congressman, Cuban exile revolutionary leader in the United States and editor of Libertad newspaper.  He was killed by a car bomb in Miami in 1975.

The picture above shows Rolando Masferrer being released from the McAllen Texas INS detention center in January 1959.  The western style hat is a symbol of many large land owners in Oriente Province.  The taylor made suit personifies his affluenence.  Other photos here will show a different Masferrer.

Photo album of Masferrer pictures ..
Masferrer's  school transcript, San Antonio, Texas 1933
In the early days of January 1959,  the Offices of El Tiempo were trashed ..

LIBERTAD newspaper (tabloid) was published by Rolando Masferrer in Miami.  The history and editorial staff are listed in document 107 .  The first Libertad newspaper was published in Santiago de Cuba in the 1950s under the direction of Carlos Zayas, a close associate of Masferrer.

Batista Government Bank Accounts ... Pesos recovered after the Castro takeover
Newspaper Journalists in Prison in Communist Cuba ...

Many references have been made to Rolando Masferrer's editorial condoning bombing.  The editorial was published in his newspaper Libertad on October 24, 1975.  He was blown to his death in his car on October 31, 1975.  The editorial, titled [original text in Spanish], APENDEJATION  is not a word one finds in the dictionary.  It comes from the slang term "pendejo", meaning pubic hair, but means a coward/chicken/wimp when used to refer to a person.  The loose translation would be "chicken shit mentality [of exiles]".  He condones the work of Humberto Lopez. Jr. who was wounded making book bombs.

Dade County Homicide asks CIA for help in Murder of John Roselli plus Masferrer

 Rolando Masferrer & Cuban Consul Alonso Hidalgo Clash July 1959 ... big fight
 DADE COUNTY OCB Report on .. Kidnapping attempt on Rolando Masferrer1959
 Bombing of F.A.R. aircraft in Miami Aug 1959 possibly by Masferrer's people
 Invaders Captured by Cuba Oct 1960 .. sent by Masferrer on his boat the "Olokun"
 Tony Zarba to Bobby Fuller letter Oct 1960 two American invaders Oct 1960
 Yanks Executed by Castro .. Oct 1960 Fuller, Thompson, Zarba
 TRAINING CAMP of Maria Soledad ALBA VASQUEZ and Masferrer
 FBI report on a Castro Assassination planning by Masferrer 1966
 Masferrer not an FBI employee says FBI .. in Jan 1967.

 Estate of Robert Otis Fuller vs The Republic of Cuba .. Claim under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act 2002

 PROJECT NASSAU  -- The 1967 abortive invasion of Haiti lead by Rolando Masferrer, Fr. Jean Baptiste Georges, Rene Leo, et al.

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