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[Reference: Libertad newspaper, 18 Jan 1969, page 9. From a poster circulated at the time]

[NOTE: Tony Zarba was an American executed by Cuba for a Masferrer invasion in October 1960. Robert "Bobby" Fuller was another American on the expedition who was also executed. To see a copy of  the poster ]

[See also: Estate of Robert Otis Fuller vs The Republic of Cuba .. Claim under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act 2002]
Tony Zarba to Bobby Fuller
Letter Oct 1960

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Remember ZARBA

"Dear Bob: Today I leave for the Cuban hills.  I am going to fight against communism that has come so close to our American shores.  All this could have been prevented by our government.  Now the time has come when all this can be fixed only one way fighting.

"When my country is daily insulted and abused by the Commies of Cuba, I think that this is the opportunity I missed when I could not qualify physically as a U. S. soldier because of my asthma
"But where my generation is falling for its lack of political maturity and comprehension, I am going to do my duty regardless of any foolish considerations about legality, neutrality and other technicalities of which the diabolic Communist takes so much advantage.

"You have known me for many years and we have had occasion to discuss this subject, here, in California and in many other places.

"I have confidence that God would give me the necessary strength and courage to die with honor and pride if this were necessary in the hills or in front of a Red firing squad.

"I am sure many others will follow in my steps.  Bob, God bless you and your wife and your family, Tony."


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