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APRIL 1959

DATE: April 28, 1959

TO:  Thomas J. Kelly, Metropolitan Sheriff

FROM: Frank Kappel, Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence


At approximately 5:55 PM, April 24, 1959 Kappel received information from a usually reliable source stating a plot was under way to kidnap ROLANDO MASFERRER, exiled Cuban Senator and executioner of Cuba's deposed dictator BATISTA.

The plot was as follows: Two persons posing as Agents of the Immigration Service were to go to MASFERRER'S home, produce "phony credentials", state to MASFERRER he was wanted at a special Immigration hearing, whereupon he (MASFERRER) would be escorted to the airport instead and would be loaded on a plane bound for Cuba.

Kappel contacted Agent George Davis of the F.B.I. and advised him of the alleged plot, Davis advised Kappel he had received similar information recently, but due to work load has been unable to conduct an investigation.

Comparison of past information on received by both Kappel and Davis relative to this matter, produced the name of W/M, WALTER ALFRED YOUNGBLOOD, self-styled soldier of fortune.

Davis volunteered to contact and advise MASFERRER of this plot, and Kappel was to contact some member of the Miami Police Intelligence Squad as MASFERRER is living at 1859 N.W. 44 Street which is located in the city of Miami.

Kappel contacted Sergeant Charles Sapp, Miami Intelligence Unit and a surveillance was placed on MASFERRER'S residence.

By early morning of April 25, 1959 surveillance had proved negative.  Acting on information received and compiled from F.B.I., Metropolitan Public Safety Intelligence Unit and their own records, the Miami Police Intelligence Unit led by Sergeant Sapp arrested two W/M's; WALTER YOUNGBLOOD, in 3986 N.W. 65 Ave. And JAMES GRIZZLE, 200 S.W. 38th Court for investigation of conspiracy to kidnap.

Two Miami Springs Policemen, JOHN LOVELL and FRANK GLIDEWELL, both of 3951 N.W. 65 Avenue were picked up and released after giving statements.

In their statements, LOVELL and GLIDEWELL stated their part in this plot was to go along as "window-dressing" to impress the Cuban Government, with Miami Police participation.

LOVELL and GLIDEWELL further stated it was their belief that two Metro Deputies were to make the actual apprehension locally, either by a "phony warrant" or by stopping MASFERRER for a traffic violation.  No names or specific incidents could be obtained from either of these persons.

This facet of the investigation has not and will not be released to any news agency.

SERGEANT SAPP stated any evidence uncovered in relation to involvement of Metro Deputies will be held in strictest confidence, and this Unit will be advised.

DICK WRIGHT OF OUR Internal Security Squad has been advised.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Kappel, Supervisor
Criminal Intelligence

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