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[Reference: Two books called ZR authored by Claudia Furiati, one in Portuguese the other in English]

Claudia Furiati published her findings on the assassination of President Kennedy in two books, one in Portuguese titled "ZR" O RIFLE QUE MATOU KENNEDY, 1993, and the other in English titled ZR RIFLE: THE PLOT TO KILL KENNEDY AND CASTRO, 1994.  Each book had documents reproduced in the back, many being internal Cuban documents in Spanish.

[NOTE: The acronym "ZR" comes from the CIA code name ZR/RIFLE which designated the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro.]

However, in comparing the documents in both versions of her book, the Portuguese has 19 documents while the English version has only 12.  Both versions of the book contained documents which the other lacked.

The following is a list containing the entire set of  documents.  The Spanish documents (Cuban internal documents) have been translated into English. A notation after each document description indicates which language the original document was presented.  The documents were either in English or Spanish.  Only the index to the documents was in Portuguese and has been translated as best as can be.

One document printed only in the Portuguese edition which is not listed below is an affidavit in Spanish signed by Fabian Escalante Font affirming that all the Cuban documents are authentic.  This  affidavit  was printed on pages 155-56 and is not translated but left in the original Spanish. It  preceded 19 very good quality photographs.

The photographs are:
JFK and Jackie Kennedy [National Archives - AP]
JFK with a crowd of Cubans [National Archives - AP]
JFK shaking hands with Khrushchev [National Archives - AP]
Gen. Fabian Escalante Font [Archives of Cuba]
Ruby shooting Oswald [National Archives - AP]
Allen Dulles [Archives of Cuba]
Santos Trafficante [Archives of Cuba]
Frank Sturgis [Archives of Cuba]
John Roselli [Archives of Cuba]
David A. Phillips [Archives of Cuba]
Edward Lansdale [Archives of Cuba]
Richard Helms [Archives of Cuba]
Salvatore Giancana [Archives of Cuba]
Howard Hunt [Archives of Cuba]
Tracy Barnes [Archives of Cuba]
Tony Varona [Archives of Cuba]
Gerry Hemming [Archives of Cuba]
Col. Jack Hawkins [Archives of Cuba]
Richard M. Bissell [Archives of Cuba]

ATTACHMENTS/APPENDIX (ANEXOS) in the Portuguese version.

 1.   Power of Attorney Law [appendix 2, English printing] [Spanish]
 2.   Doc. Minint - About the detention of Dalia Jorge Diaz, participant of Liborio. [Spanish]
 3.   Guidelines for Operation Mongoose. [English] dated 14 March 1962. Copy 2 of 10.
       Declassified 1-5-89.  The document contains eight pages of excerpts.
 4.   Project Radio & TV Marti. [appendix 3, English printing] [English] USIA memo
       for Edward Lansdale, re Broadcasting to Cuba, dated September 11, 1962.
 5.   Doc.  Minint - About the detention of Guillot Castellanos and others. [appendix 1,
       English printing] [Spanish]
 6.   Contingency Plan No. 2 against Cuba. [English] 5412 Special Group (Augmented)
       Washington 25, DC. Memo for: Sec of State, Sec of Defense, Dir CIA, Dir USIA
       from Lansdale. No date. 14 pages.
 7.   Telegrams from the CIA about the Uprising of August 30, 1962. [English] 3 pages
 8.   Doc. Minint - About the assault to the "Mines of Mata-hambre".
       [appendix 5, English printing] [Spanish]
 9.   Memorandum about the discontinuation of Mongoose. [English] Memo from Lansdale
       to Dep under sec of State for Political Affairs, re: Cuba, Operation Mongoose, dated
       January 28 1963.
10.  Doc. Minint - About the destiny of Brigade 2506. [appendix 7, English printing] [Spanish]
11.  Form of Lee Oswald "no" Mexico. [Visa application][appendix 7, English printing]
12.  Doc. Immigration of Jack Ruby. [Spanish]
13.  Doc. Minint - Report about Veciana and Bishop [appendix 8, English printing] [Spanish]
14.  Doc. Minint - Composite sketch of Harold Benson.  [Spanish] Lab report and sketch
15.  Doc. Minint - Noel case. [Spanish]
16.  Doc. Minint - Letters about Lee Oswald & Pedro Charles. [Spanish]
17.  Doc. Minint - Report about Oswald in Mexico. [17.1= appendix 10, English printing]
18.  Doc. Minint - Report about agent Felafiel. [Spanish]
19.  Doc. Minint - Agent Noel about Benson. [appendix 4, English printing] [Spanish]

The document list for the English version with a brief description of each document are:

1.    1962 report of Cuba's State Security Department on CIA-backed
        counterrevolutionary groups [Spanish] [anexo 5, Portuguese printing]
2.    Cuba's "Patria Potestad" Law [Spanish] [anexo 1, Portuguese printing]
3.    CIA document on radio broadcasts to Cuba [English] [anexo 4, Portuguese printing]
4.    Report on Cuba's State Security Department and its agent "Noel" on the CIA's
       "Harold Benson" [Spanish] [anexo 19, Portuguese printing]
5.   1962 report on Cuba's State Security Department on counter-revolutionary attacks
      on mines at Mata-hambre [Spanish][anexo 8, Portuguese printing]
6.   1963 report of Cuba's State Security Department on the strategy and tactics being
       used by the CIA against Cuba [Spanish] [anexo 10, Portuguese printing]
7.   Lee Harvey Oswald's visa application form submitted to Cuban Embassy in
      Mexico City [Spanish] [anexo 11, Portuguese printing]
8.   Report of Cuba's State Security Department on Veciana and "Maurice Bishop"
      [Spanish] [anexo 13, Portuguese printing]
9.   1963 report of Cuba's State Security Department and its agent Juan Felafiel
      (agent "Neno") on the activities of the CIA [Spanish]
10. 1978 report of Cuba's State Security Department investigation into the Kennedy
       assassination [Spanish][anexo 17.1, Portuguese printing]
11. Documents in possession of Cuba's State Security Department showing that
      Eladio del Valle ... was an agent of Batista's secret police [Spanish]
      [not in Portuguese printing]
12. Newspaper coverage in Costa Rica in May 1957 showing Herminio Diaz
      [Spanish][not in Portuguese printing]

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