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Eladio Ceferino del Valle aka "Lado" has been of great interest to some JFK students because he died on or about the day David Ferrie died.  He is a former Cuban congressman, gun runner, militant anti-Castro personality who claimed to form the first anti-Castro group in exile, and who is named as one of the conspirators by Cuba in the assassination of JFK. His death has been of great concern to many.  The cause of  his death has been given in a number of different ways, by machete, torture, ax, shooting, etc.  Here will contain the official records from different sources on his activities and death.  You can draw your own conclusions as to his connections to the conspiracy to kill the President.

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Medical Examiner's Autopsy Summary

Statement of   ... accused killer Teodosio Bahadue  February 23, 1967. Bahadue was charged in 1969 with the murder of del Valle but charges were dropped before trial. The other accused killer fled.
Statement of  ... accused killer Teodosio Bahadue July 15, 1969.
Petition for WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS -- Teodosio Bahadue  ...
Clerk's Minutes Habeas Corpus -- Teodosio Bahadue  ...
Estate of Eladio del Valle, Sr.  ...

Letter  dated Oct. 18, 1960 from Jose Benitez to William Pawley in Support of a Cuban Invasion by del Valle, head of FUERZAS ARMADAS y CIVILES anti-Communistas (FAYCA)

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