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Statement of
July 15, 1969

[REF: Teodosio Bahadue vs E. W. Purdy  Habeas Corpus in the Circuit Court in and for Dade County, Florida. Case number HC-3237  Petitioner's exhibit #2 filed 8/15/69]

The following statement was taken in the Dade County Public Safety Department, 1320 N.W. 14th Street, Miami, Dade County, Florida, on July 15, 1969, beginning at 10:30 a.m. and ending at 11:25 a.m., and was given by TEODOSIO BAHADUE, W/M, 40, of 5890 W. 14th Lane, Hialeah, in the presence of DETECTIVE C. RODRIGUEZ, DETECTIVE D. GREEN, and Steno Reporter MARY SCOZZAFAVA.


having first been duly sworn cautioned, testified upon his oath as follows:

Q: (BY DET. RODRIGUEZ) For the record, would you please repeat your full name, age, and address.
A: TEODOSIO BAHADUE, age forty (40), 5890 West 14th Lane, Hialeah; business address 1491East 4th Avenue, Hialeah.

Q:What is the particular name of your business, sir?
A: Zip Appliance Service Inc.

Q: Do you have a telephone number at the location?
A: Yes, 888-5752

Q: MR. BAHADUE, I call your attention specifically to the date the 22nd of February, 1967, and ask you if you recall any unusual incident on that day?
A: Any unusual incident like what?

Q: Did anything happen that is out of the ordinary that you have knowledge of?
A: Nothing.

Q: Now, I ask you MR. BAHADUE, did you know the late MR. ELADIO C. DEL VALLE?
A: Yes.

Q: Would you care to briefly elaborate how you happened to know his at that time?
A: He is a congressman; I know him from Havana.

Q: He was a congressman in Havana?
A: Yes; representative.

Q: Do you recall what period of time he was a congressman in Cuba?
A: No.

Q: Roughly?
A: As best as you recall, approximately for how many number of years did you know MR. DEL VALLE?
A: Maybe ten (10), twelve (12); exactly I don't know.

Q: And were you at that time a close friend of MR. DEL VALLE?
A: I am as a friend, but not very close friend; I don't know what you call a close friend.

Q: MR. BAHADUE, in your course of business, did you ever have occasion to transact any business with MR. DEL VALLE?
A: Yes.

Q: Would you care to elaborate what type of transaction?
A: Yes; I sold a lot of second hand merchandise to Santo Domingo.

Q: This would be in the Dominican Republic?
A: That's right.

Q: And these sales, were they made to any particular firm in Santo Domingo?
A: It's made to some firm and some people; I can furnish you the date; the paper; what boat go on; what marine; everything, sir.

Q: You have your records that would reflects this transaction?
A: Complete.

Q: Fine
A: I will furnish that record before two years ago to other officer; I was here too; and I furnish the record to other officer and Wackenhut; and I furnish the papers to the F.B.I.

Q: In this particular transaction you are speaking of involving appliances and trucks?
A: Appliances and trucks.

Q: Were made mainly through MR. DEL VALLE?
A: He brings the customer to me and I sold to the customer direct; he make commission.

Q: MR. DEL VALLE would get a commission off the sale?
A: That's right.

Q: And roughly could you estimate the total amount of money involved including all your–
A: How much I lost?

Q: Including all your transactions with MR. DEL VALLE?
A: Every cent I make I lost it; I never collect any money; I make sale for the truck, thirty-two thousand; I never collect one dime. I ship the other six hundred pieces or five hundred pieces; I never collect.

Q: And on those five hundred or six hundred pieces, what was the approximate value?
A: Second hand–see those pieces I pick up like five, ten dollars a piece; fix it and ship it; that's in  ‘65; ‘64.

Q: My question is the approximate value?
A: I don't know it; you can ask the F.B.I., because they have all the original copies.

Q: What was your impression of MR. DEL VALLE as a business man?
A: As a business man he is looking to make money and protect his family and make revolution against FIDEL CASTRO; that's his business.

Q: I ask you, MR. BAHADUE, on the 22nd of February, 1967, did you have occasion to see MR. DEL VALLE?
A: That's the day when he died or the day what?

Q: The last day–
A: The next day or before one day; I like to know which day because I don't–the same day–because one day he was in my place and the next day he is twelve o'clock dead; I hear in the news; so which day the 22nd?

Q: I am referring to the 22nd of February, which is reportedly the last day that he was seen alive.
A: That is the day he was alive; he was in my place and we have lunch; he was taking lunch with some two other people in Kimball (phonetic); it's on Palm Avenue between 3rd and 4th Street.

Q: And where was your business located at that time?
A: At that time I have the two places; 301 Palm Avenue and I have 1491 East 4th Avenue.

Q: And if you recall, approximately what time was it that you saw MR. DEL VALLE in your place of business?
A: The last time?

Q: Yes, sir.
A: I was with him; he bought some meat from the Blankita [Blancita] Market (phonetic) on 14th Street east 4th Avenue, right in the corner; he bought meat and a few crackers for his younger son.

Q: And approximately what time was this, sir?
A: Seven, seven-thirty; he called even from my place to his wife and he tell her he will be home; he going to pick up some shopping and go home.

Q: This was in the evening?
A: Yes, and at that time, particular time I pick up my son from the judo place.

Q: MR. BAHADUE, on that same day that same evening, did you have occasion to accompany MR. DEL VALLE anywhere?
A: No.

Q: In other words, MR. DEL VALLE left your place of business after calling home?
A: He didn't leave my place of business; don't mistake; that day he called his wife; and or he spoke with his son or his wife, and he go across the street, bought some meat; and the cracker; and he left to his house and I left to pick up my son from the judo to my home.

Q: Do you recall what kind of automobile he was driving that day?
A: Caddy.

Q: Do you recall the color of it?
A: A red color; you have the picture I believe, if you make an investigation you should have the picture; the F.B.I. have a copy.

Q: MR. BAHADUE, what was the name of the judo school where your son was taking lessons?
A: That is 29th Street Judo Karate.

Q: And 29th Street and what Avenue, if you recall?
A: Between Palm Avenue and 2nd Avenue.

Q: This would be in Hialeah?
A: That's right.

Q: Would you happen to know the name of the instructor that was instructing your son?
A: Is two people over; one is TONY RAUL (phonetic), and the other I don't know what his name; he is a milk man too; he bring my milk to my house.

Q: Still does?
A: He work for t he Foremost.

Q: The one named RAUL?
A: Yes.

Q: And–
A: RAUL MANOCAL [poss Menocal] (phonetic); I don't know what is the middle name; RAUL WASH (phonetic) I like to ask you one question; you have the record I tell the same day they pick me up, the homicide?

Q: No, sir.
A: Why you don't call them and pick up the records so you refresh the memory everything I said?

Q: Because at this particular time, sir, we are conducting a separate investigation as it involves other people other than we mentioned in the past.
A: Okay

Q: And MR. BAHADUE, after MR. DEL VALLE apparently left from the La Blankita [Blancita] Market, you did not see him again ever?
A: No, sir.

Q: And how did you learn of his death?
A: By the news.

Q: That was the following day, the 23rd of February?
A: His wife, she calls the store.

Q: She called your store?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you recall what she had to say at that time?
A: She told me who is the people that eat with him, so the homicide man called me or I called him and I met him that same day or next day and I told him everything, how short the guy is, description, I believe was description.

Q: MR. BAHADUE, I'm going to ask you in reference to a series of names and ask you if you recognize them.
A: Sure.

Q: I am also going to show you some photographs.
A: Be my guest.

Q: And ask you if you know or recognize any of the parties.
A: Beautiful.

Q: First, sir, let me ask you, do you know a party by the name of AMLETTO BATTISTI?
A: No, sir. I hear about BATTISTI, but I don't know any BATTISTI?

Q: Do you know what this MR. BATTISTI does?
A: In Havana he got the Sevilla Hotel (phonetic) or some hotel he was in Prodo (phonetic).

Q: And could you approximate this man's age, the one you are referring to?
A: I never saw him in my life.

Q: Then you would just know the name by hearsay?
A: That's all.

Q:I now show you a photograph marked with my initials and dated 8 July, 1969, bearing ID #10 and ask you if you have ever seen that person (indicating)?
A: No, sir.

(BY DET. RODRIGUEZ: Let the record reflect he was shown a photograph of MR. AMLETTO BATTISTI.)

Q: Do you recognize the name IRMA COLLAZO?
A: No, sir.

Q: Also known as IRMA PALA (phonetic)?
A: (Nodding in the negative)

Q: Also known as IRMA BATTISTI?
A: No, sir.

Q: I show you a photograph marked ID #6 with my initials and bearing the date 8 July, 1969, and ask you if you recognize the adult depicted in that picture (indicating)?
A: No, sir.

(BY DET. RODRIGUEZ: Let the record reflect he was shown a photograph of IRMA ESTHER COLLAZO FLORES (phonetic).)

Q: Do you know a man by the name of CARLOS YANEZ ZIGENHIRT (phonetic)?
A: No, sir.

Q: I show you a photograph marked ID #8 (indicating).
A: Yes; this fellow I know.  That is–he is a nephew of senator–what's his name is in Santodomingo [Santo Domingo] – I don't know what is his name; nephew, no?

Q: Yes
A: He was in place after ELADIO and he tried to buy 150 air conditioners for ninety days which his credit was not approved.

(BY DET. RODRIGUEZ: Let the record reflect that he has recognized a photograph of CARLOS YANEZ ZIGENHIRT.)

A: That is the nephew of that senator; what you call him?

Q: Would you recognize the name of the particular senator if I was to mention it?
A: Yes.

A: DR. SANTIAGO REY.  He took me to his house here in Northwest; one hundred fifty air conditioners he wanted to establish a credit ninety day basis, and his credit didn't go through.

Q: In reference to MR. YANEZ ZIGENHIRT, you state that he went to your place of business?

A: Yes.

Q:Do you recall approximately how long before MR. DEL VALLE'S homicide?
A: I don't know.  MR. DEL VALLE was his very close friend, I believe, with SANTIAGO REY.  He was making advertising for PRESIDENT BALAGUER (phonetic); propaganda; he is not communist, against the other guy, hi name BOSH (phonetic); JUAN BOSH.

Q: MR. BAHADUE, could you approximate in weeks or months when this occurred?
A: I hope I have the application that I could check it and give you; I don't know if I have it, though.

Q: Fine.  Would you be willing to make this information available to me in the future, sir?
A: Any time; be my guest.

Q:  Thank you.  Have you ever heard the name EUGENIO AMARO?
A: No.

Q: I show you a photograph marked ID #2 (indicating)
A: I don't know him.

Q: For your information, sir, this particular party, EUGENIO AMARO, was a former police officer with this department.
A: I don't know him.

Q: You don't recognize the name or the photograph?
A: No, sir.

(BY DET. RODRIGUEZ: Let the record reflect he was shown a photograph of ex-deputy EUGENIO AMARO, ID #92417.)

Q: Do you know a man named FERNANDO SANTANA?
A: No, sir.

Q: I show you a photograph marked ID #7 (indicating).
A: This–I believe–he got the grocery in 12th Avenue, and excuse me; one minute; between when you pass 49th Street down between 49th Street which is 103rd Street, and 50th Street; Spanish grocery which I buy my stuff in; I live in the back of this grocery.

Q: And you–
A: Personally I don't know him.

Q: You don't know this man personally?
A: I buy over there only.

Q: But the photograph depicts that person?
A: That's right.

Q: But the photograph depicts that person?
A: That's right.

Q: To your knowledge he owns the grocery store?
A: Yes, and he told it too, Santana Grocery; he bought from some guy, he was there–approximately two years ago he bought that grocery.

Q: And you say that since he purchased it approximately two years ago he has since resold it?
A: Yes, after three months he sold it.

Q: Do you happen to know what kind of business he is engaged in presently?
A: Grocery; I don't know.

(BY DET. RODRIGUEZ: Let the record reflect that he was shown a photograph of FERNANDO SANTANA.)

Q: MR. BAHADUE, do you recognize the name JUAN FRANCISCO VICHOT?
A: No, sir.  If you show me the picture, like that one.

Q: I don't have that photograph available now.  MR. BAHADUE, do you recognize the name CESAR CAMACHO?
A: CESAR; CESAR CAMACHO; I know him here in Miami, which he was my milk man in Hialeah; he brings the milk to my home.  In 1960 or ‘61 he work for the Foremost too.

Q: I am referring, sir, to CESAR CAMACHO, also a former deputy Sheriff of this department; a detective.
A: I don't know that; that's a news for me, because I believe he has worked for the Foremost and he left for other job; I don't know what job.  Yu can call him; he know me.

Q: I ask you now, sir, do you recognize the name PEDRO PEREZ?
A: PEDRO PEREZ; no; PEDRO– if you show me the picture; I know a guy which he come with CARLOS with the other picture, you show me.  His name PEDRO MARTINEZ short fellow, and the skinny guy, dark, with a little hair here (indicating).  I don't know if PEDRO PEREZ is name, but what he gave me his name PEDRO MARTINEZ.

Q: I show you, sir, a photograph marked ID #1 and ask you if you recognize that person (indicating)?
A: No, this is not the guy.


A: The guy I know is short fellow, PEDRO MARTINEZ.

(BY DET. RODRIGUEZ: Let the record reflect he was shown a photograph of PEDRO PEREZ, City of Miami BCI #90728.)

Q: I ask you, sir, do you recognize the name MANUEL AZZAM?
A: Yes. I know him personally.

Q: You know him personally?
A: He was in my place too.

Q: I show you a photograph (indicating).
A: Yes, this is he.

(BY DET. RODRIGUEZ: Let the record reflect he was shown a photograph of MANUEL AZZAM.)

Q.  How long have you known MR. AZZAM, sir?
A: MR. ELADIO DEL VALLE bring him to my place and he bought two big central unit air conditioners, and he didn't pay me.  He paid DEL VALLE about seven thousand dollars; then I couldn't deliver the merchandise; I told him unless I have money I couldn't deliver, so he go to DEL VALLE and DEL VALLE said to collect the money, and he request two checks from me which I beat the case in J.P. #1, which he didn't give me the money or anything to me; he said he gave it to ELADIO; he didn't pay me; he was buying those for the casino in Espanola Hotel (phonetic) in Santodomingo [Santo Domingo].

Q: And to your knowledge, did MR. DEL VALLE ever settle t hat debt with MR. AZZAM?
A: I don't know.  They have different business and they both–I believe was the lawyer-the lawyer was here in back of this (indicating); Cuban lawyer; do you know the name of the lawyer?  It's right here; I don't know what is his name; Spanish lawyer.

Q: Spanish lawyer; would it be MR. EUGENIO [Gino] NEGRETTI [correct spelling Puerto Rican Lawyer] (phonetic)?
A: No.

Q: Would it be MR. BETTANCOURT [Betancourt] (phonetic)?
A: BETTANCOURT.[Betancourt]

Q: Now, this would be the lawyer that handled which transaction?
A: The transaction of ELADIO and MANUEL AZZAM.

Q: Do you recall the approximate date that this occurred?
A: I don't know.

Q: The year?
A: They was all the time together; I don't know what year it was.

Q: Do you know of any other transactions between MR. AZZAM and MR. DEL VALLE?
A: DEL VALLE, he never tell his business to nobody.

Q: And you stated that this particular transaction of the central air conditioning units; what was the total amount of the transaction?
A: Seven thousand and some dollars; I don't know how much exactly; I got in paper.

Q: Did you ever receive your money?
A: No.

Q: But you never did deliver the product either?
A: When I lost first time I never delivered to nobody unless I get letter of credit against bill of owing.  Otherwise, I can't do nothing.  Even one day MR. CARLOS, he called from Santodomingo [Santo Domingo] and he said they got the order from the government to buy air condition, and I said you have to write direct to the factory; and if the factory authorize to ship the merchandise, we'll deliver.

A: Yes.

Q: To the best of your recollection, what was the total amount of money gross that you recall ever losing as a result of dealing with MR. DEL VALLE?
A.  I don't know how much, really.

Q: Roughly?
A: I don't know.  I can't tell you.  I have to make statement for that and I–we try to get all the information now from Santodomingo [Santo Domingo] what they have done with the merchandise and everything else.

Q: (BY DET. GREEN) Did you declare an income tax loss on that?
A: No, we put as our losses in the income tax, because we have a–you see, in all the second hand I don't know if you understand that or not; if you realize what is appliance or what is second hand.  You buy something, it doesn't work at all, you buy it maybe for five or ten dollars in that particular year.  Then you take the set and you fix it; maybe the compressor bad, maybe a short in wire; and I got two mechanic in that particular time which they fix the merchandise; repaint in the same place and ship it to the dock, you know, and that's how I build little money in that kind of business.  It's not easy to calculate like if it cost me one dollar an I sell for fifty, you have to calculate not losses in what you make the money and what losses, how much it cost me to bring the stuff to the store and fix it.

Q: How did you lose your first amount of money?  How was I lost?
A: We ship six hundred pieces and the people like to declare no prices on it over there.  We sold the piece for forty dollars; we ship about three hundred fifty-four different article of compressor, burner, and sent the guy; we didn't deliver any money, then the freight company call me up and said we cannot release the merchandise unless we collect money, so I call ELADIO and ELADIO make call over there and the people send the money direct to the freight company to release the merchandise over there, and the condition is as soon as they take the merchandise out sell it; they send the money, and that's the first time; but in the mean time I shipped other eight trucks to there which I bought very cheap; I bought them for a thousand dollars, or sixteen hundred, but I fix them; they paint them, put parts on them, refrigeration trucks; I bought them from Felder (phonetic).

Q: Did ELADIO cause you to lose this money?
A: You know; I don't know how to explain it to you in English.  The blame is not on him.  I can't blame a person who bring you to me to make a business.  The blame; I don't know, really, who is to blame.  Now he is dead; I can't blame nobody.

Q: In your opinion do you think ELADIO made money from them without you knowing it at the time?
A: Possibly; possibly.  I can't give you my sincere opinion.  It's I figure you can figure I am a good person and I am not; I figure he is a decent person, maybe he is not; I can't give you like sincerity in his opinion, because he make business with you, and he go to business with her and different with you and he make to me different; he is different; he is all the time in different since they offer to me in that time prefabricated houses to sell a stove, air condition, refrigerator, and water heater; four pieces to each house they build for the government, and I took the people to different factory here which I spend over eighteen hundred dollars in the factory which repaid when you bring a customer the government will build so much prefabricated, and then we have the estimate like in half and all the Chevies they send over there and they put them together to make a car; assemble; and I took him to do two factory, Westinghouse and Wellbuilt, and they agreed to assemble all the refrigerators for the prefabricated because was four hundred thousand prefabricated houses they are going to start to build for the poor people over there which the Federal Government have insure them and any merchandise go it guaranteed no matter what they got paid.  That's the business which I work very hard and never come through.

Q: (BY DET. RODRIGUEZ) Excuse me, sir; in this particular transaction, where was the prefabricated houses; where were they going to be built at?
A: They got factory in Hialeah and that people can move the factory to Santodomingo [Santo Domingo].

Q: In the Dominican Republic?
A: In the Dominican Republic, and prefabricated with the American materials; the government was.

Q: The United States Government?
A: United States Government.

Q: Was sponsoring that program?
A: They got big fight like this they took it; we have from Alliance for Progress; we have letter from Washington, everything; the plans, American engineer; and I spend a lot of money on it and it didn't come through.

Q: So it never did materialize?
A: It materialized, but then the government didn't accept the conditions; Alliance for Progress put to build those houses.

Q: To your knowledge, were the houses ever built at all?
A: I don't know; I never–

Q: Okay, MR. BAHADUE.   Now I ask you, do you recognize the name MANUEL SIDAN?
A: SIDAN; no.  She me the picture.

Q: (indicating)
A: No.

Q: Do you recognize the name ARMANDO PEREZ (phonetic)?
A: ARMANDO PEREZ; I know a lot of ARMANDO, but ARMANDO PEREZ; let me see the picture if you don't mind.

Q: I don't have one available.  Do you know a man named DANIEL VASQUEZ (phonetic), also known as NATO?
A: No.  You know how many people come to my store; every day.

Q: Now, MR. BAHADUE, have you ever had occasion to make any business transactions with a man by the name of EDWIN P. LEMAY, also known as CAPTAIN EDDIE LEMAY?
A: (Nodding in the negative)

Q: Who allegedly is a marine appraiser?
A: I never did any business with him.

Q: Have you ever been to the residence located at 427 S.W. 3rd Street in Miami?
A: Residence; no, sir.

Q: You don't recall that particular address in any way?
A: I live in Hialeah; four what; I never live southwest.

Q: 427 S.W. 3rd Street?
A: I've never been there.

Q: MR. BAHADUE, according to your knowledge, if any, why was MR. DEL VALLE murdered?
A: Who knows?  That's a question of sixty-four thousand dollars.

Q: Have you heard through conversation why?
A: I heard only one thing; he died because he cheated revolutionary of Haiti; he was very close friend to MOSS FERRER [Masferrer] (phonetic); I believe he was convicted of revolutionary against DUVALIER (phonetic).  They was preparing a revolution to go from Haiti to Cuba after they take over DUVALIER Haiti.  That's what I hear.  You hear so much story you don't believe nothing.  See, I got already like this you ask me; I got already seven, eight times already; same question.

Q: MR. BAHADUE, since the murder of MR. DEL VALLE, has MR. AZZAM had occasion to be at your place of business?
A: Never.  I believe he left the country.  He never show up.  I don't know if he left here or not.

Q: Do you know why the F.B.I. questioned you in reference to this case?
A: Yes, that's because they kill ELADIO.  I was in the second day there, third day.

Q: After the homicide?
A: Second day I was in the homicide, third day I was over there.

Q: At the F.B.I.  Office?
A: Yes, and they was in my place; they took the phone number and the telephone was in my desk and everything.

Q: (BY DET. GREEN) Where is their office at, sir?
A: It's right in the Biscayne and where you go up.  It's very difficult to park there.

Q: (BY DET. RODRIGUEZ) Do you know the name of the F.B.I. agent or agents that questioned you?
A: I got a lot of small cards, you know, I save them all I got, some from F.B.I., some from homicide here; I got some; two people I got from Wackenhut; working for the government direct, and one Wackenhut.

Q: (BY DET. GREEN) The F.B.I. talked to you about the actual homicide?
A: Yes, sir.

Q: And asked you questions about the homicide?
A: Yes, sir, and they took time and everything what I did whole day; where I have my breakfast, what time I left, what time I left, what time I opened, we go to the Blankita [Blancita]; even I took the inspector to the Blankita [Blancita] where he bought the meat and the guy was crying, he said I gave him the meat to eat, not to die.  You know, he is a well known good man, and lot of money; then what he did here is a different story.

Q: (BY DET. RODRIGUEZ) You are talking about the victim, DEL VALLE?
A: Yes.

Q: (BY DET. GREEN) Did he create a lot of enemies here?
A: He created a lot of enemies because he work in the revolution so much, then they got other people in the invasion.

Q: After he died, did he leave an estate or property worth money?
A: Before he dead two weeks I loan him four hundred dollars to pay his mortgage in Dade Federal; he doesn't have money; a bluff.

Q: After his death, sir, have you entered–
A: He live to show.  Actually he is nothing.

Q: After his death have you entered any type of lawsuit against his property or possessions to repay you for the money that you lost?
A: I never ask anything; not interested in nothing.

Q: (BY DET. RODRIGUEZ) MR. BAHADUE, did MR. DEL VALLE ever disclose to you that he had bank accounts here in Florida?
A: Never in his life?

Q: So you don't know if he had any?
A: Never in his life?

Q: Account anywhere?
A: I don't know anyway; but I know never in his life he got over two hundred dollars in his pocket; never.

Q: Do you recall approximately how long has it been since you have seen MANUEL AZZAM?
A: Since we left the court which ELADIO was alive and everything; two month before ELADIO was killed.

Q: And AZZAM was suing you?
A: Suing me, yes.

Q: For the merchandise?
A: For two checks and sufficient fund for seven thousand dollars or six thousand nine hundred or seven thousand; then when we got to court he come to me, he said was a pistol in my hand, MANUEL AZZAM; he said did you receive the money yes or no, and it was DEL VALLE did; I did not receive it; tell him.  He said give me two checks then I go to MR. JOHN GILBERT in district one and I got a MR. DANNY LINARES and I swear warrant of his arrest.  they couldn't find them; then they find him and arrest MANUEL AZZAM; and we go to the court and I beat the case; then the judge condemn him in it for the assault.  I don't know what happened there.

Q: (BY DET. GREEN) Do you remember the type of gun he had at your head?
A: .45; and ELADIO all the time he got his gun on him.

Q: Is it correct that MANUEL–
A: He is very violent man, MANUEL.  You can sit down with him, in three minutes and he is right away, you know, he is violent.

Q: Is it correct that he swore out a warrant for you on the checks and had you arrested and then you later swore out a warrant for him because of the gun to your head?
A: No, when he took the checks after two weeks, I swear the warrant.  I go, say broke all the window in the store for me, then I go swear the warrant.]

A: In the night time they break all the window.

Q: (BY DET. RODRIGUEZ) Excuse me, MR. BAHADUE, there is a little confusion.  How or who signed the checks initially?
A: I signed the checks.

Q: You signed them?
A: I forced to sign them; if I don't sign them they would kill me there; right there.

Q: You signed them at the time he had the gun to your head?
A: That's right; was 8:30 at night.

Q: Do you recall the date?
A: No.

Q: The year?
A: The year ELADIO died; what year?  ‘65?  ‘67.

Q: And subsequent to him allegedly forcing you to give him two $7,000.00 checks signed by you–
A: I don't know the exact amount, but I can get you the photostatic copy and furnish it to you; it's right in the record; I be very happy to help against this guy any way.

Q: And subsequent to that, you went to the Justice of the Peace?
A: Yes, and he come back to me and he said I do this with you, you send me two hundred pieces and I pay you in cash.  I said no, I can't do it; I won't sell you one piece; go buy it any place you want.  There's one hundred places you can buy it.  Then he come back to me and said if you don't sell me I will sue you.  I said go ahead, sue me.  Then ELADIO, he come to me and said, "Why you don't ship two hundred?"   I was preparing the second hand to in that time to Corribi S.A. (Phonetic); then I didn't ship the merchandise to him.  I ship it and they pay.

Q: And you stated that subsequent to your issuance of the checks under alleged duress, you went to Justice of the Peace number one and swore out a warrant against MANUEL AZZAM?
A: Yes.

Q: For aggravated assault with the gun?
A: And attempt to kill.

Q: And intent to kill? Then subsequent to you–you say the warrant was served by MR. LINARES?
A: The warrant was served by a detective there, and in that time I don't speak frequent English, so they put me with LINARES, which is a very honest officer.  They told me you don't have to worry, he will protect you, you have home, you have family.

Q: Then the case was heard do you recall by which judge?
A: BERMAN (phonetic).

A: I believe the judge was BERMAN and the JUDGE BERMAN he sent him to Dade County.

Q: To the jail?
A: I don't know what they did with the case.  Oh, he said his lawyer was GENO [Gino] NEGRETTI; from Congress Building; and he my lawyer was HERMAN COHEN (phonetic), and then he told my lawyer I will give you a release now; we don't go his place we don't do any business and we give this and so I make the release and sign it right there

Q: Non-prosecution?
A: No, not non-prosecution.

Q: Did you ever go to Criminal Court?
A: No.  He give me a release.  I don't know what you call it.  My lawyer he advised me to sign it so I sign it.  Said otherwise he will take a child from my home and kill him.  I told the judge that.  He said so that's your privilege to go to the court or to listen to your lawyer.  I will advise you to go to the court.  I said the lawyer said because every time the lawyer go there you have to pay him money.

Q: (BY DET. GREEN) Why did MANUEL want to kill you for this?
A: Because MANUEL thinks I cheat him, because ELADIO said to him he give me the money and ELADIO he never give me any penny; they was put together; ELADIO; him and SANTIAGO REY; they was put in so much big government deal.  Government deal; he got like he got the whole hotel, to be redone; put new equipment in it, and put rugs and make it tourist for all the American people which they come from the United States over there; they got that signed by the government there, you know, but they never show up with no money to sell.


Q: Do you have anything else that you could add to this statement that might help us in our investigation?
A: I will add any time you need my help, call me any time you like to come see me, you're welcome any time.

Q: Fine.
A: Any time I could be any help give me call I be here.

Q: Thank you, sir. MR. BAHADUE, is this statement that you have given here today true and correct to the best of your knowledge?
A: All the truth, I will swear and sign it if you want.

Q: Have you been abused, forced, or threatened by me in order for you to give this statement here today?
A: No, sir.


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