Rolando Otero Hernandez

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ROLANDO OTERO HERNANDEZ was convicted of a rash of bombings in 1975 which culminated in a series of 13 bombings on the night of 3 December 1975 through the early afternoon of 4 December 1975,  including several law enforcement agency buildings (SAO, MPD, FBI) in Miami, Florida.  OTERO was convicted in State Court and sentenced to 40 years in prison in a very well publicized case held in Okaloosa County by Judge Clyde C. Wells on a change of venue from Dade County, Florida.

 Department of Corrections Current Information --

 Bombings -- Pipe Bombings Dec. 1975, Dade County

 Bombing: 1975 12-03 .. Riverside Post Office .. sketch of suspect
 Bombing: 1975 Dec .. Rolando Otero Hernandez - Search Warrant Jan 76
 Bombing .. Riverside Post Office Bombing - Continue Investigating

 GOLDEN FALCONS .. Parachute Club
 Teofilo Babun .. & The Golden Falcons

 PROJECT FREEDOM 78 .. defense fund benefit for Rolando Otero

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