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Parachute Club

[Reference: Dade County OCB case #3-86-40]

CASE NO: 3-86, 3-83
DATE: January 26, 1976

Continuing investigation into the alleged terrorist activities of ROLANDO OTERO which occurred in Dade County on January 20, 1976.


On Tuesday, January 20, 1976, this writer and Det. R. Diaz interviewed ROBERT BOWEN at the South District police station regarding his past association with ROLANDO OTERO and the GOLDEN FALCONS parachute club.


On Tuesday, January 20, 1976, this writer and Det. R. Diaz interviewed ROBERT BOWEN at the South District police station in regard to his past association with ROLANDO OTERO and some other members of the GOLDEN FALCONS PARACHUTE CLUB.  Mr. BOWEN stated that he had met FRANK CASTRO (the president of the GOLDEN FALCONS) in 1969.  During this time CASTRO was enrolled as a student in parachuting classes being instructed by Mr. BOWEN.  In 1972 Mr. BOWEN was serving as the area safety officer for the PARACHUTE CLUB OF AMERICA.  It was during this time that BOWEN became acquainted with ROLANDO OTERO and several other members of the GOLDEN FALCONS, which he proceeded to name:


There were several other members including a Cuban black male whose name Mr. BOWEN does not recall.

BOWEN further stated that when the GOLDEN FALCONS PARACHUTE CLUB was first formed the main purpose was for its members to train in parachuting in order to take part in any future military actions carried out for the liberation of Cuba.  BOWEN feels that the GOLDEN FALCONS has evolved more into a social club since most of the members have lost their hopes concerning the liberation of Cuba from the present communist regime.  BOWEN related that at one time MANNY ALLEN had stated that they (GOLDEN FALCONS) had lost hope of a "legal approach" to the Cuban problem.

BOWEN also stated that the GOLDEN FALCONS still practice parachute jumping at a site located on the north side of the Tamiami Trail near the Forty Mile Bend; that the name of the place is the OASIS and that the building has a stripped down Super Constellation airplane perched on top of it.  (This site is located in Collier County.)

BOWEN described his relationship with OTERO as that of a friendly acquaintance rather than a close association, and that his contacts with OTERO were mostly related to the parachuting activities.  BOWEN stated that he does not know anything about OTERO's personal life, that he has never discussed politics with OTERO, and that he had never observed OTERO or any other member of the GOLDEN FALCONS undergoing training or practice with weapons or explosives.  BOWEN further stated that at one time MANNY ALLEN had told him that OTERO had a very violent personality, but that he had never personally observed any violent behavior or action from OTERO.

BOWEN also stated that he last saw OTERO approximately two or three months ago and that he has never been approached by OTERO or any other person trying to get him to obtain any explosives or armaments.  That in the past he has only provided parachute riggings and smoke grenades (allegedly to be used in skydiving) for some of the GOLDEN FALCONS.

Biographical Data:

DOB 8/18/40
20210 S. W. 111 Avenue
Home Phone 253-7760
Occupation: Parachute Rigger
Employed by: U. S. Air Force in a civilian position at Homestead Air Force Base
Business Phone 257-7363
Social Security #261-60-4369
Fla. Chauffeur's License #B 500 776 40 298

Investigation continues.

E. F. MEDEROS, Officer
Criminal Activist Unit
R. J. DIAZ, Officer
Criminal Activist Unit

R. McGAVOCK, Sergeant
Criminal Activist Unit

T. LYONS, Supervisor
Tactical Investigation Section

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