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Riverside Post Office Bombing
Continue Investigating

[Reference: Dade County OCB case #3-86-39]

CASE NO: 3-86 (284980-T)
DATE: January 6, 1976

Continuing investigation into the bombing of the RIVERSIDE POST OFFICE located at 2285 West Flagler Street, in Miami, Dade County, Florida, occurring on December 3, 1975.


Interview of witnesses and viewing of photo lineups presented by this detective to witnesses to the bombings of December 3 and 4, 1975.


This detective, in the company of Det. H. Rapado, met with PAT LOPEZ at CARIBE INSURANCE AGENCY at approximately 6:30 p.m. on January 6, 1976.

Miss LOPEZ was shown a lineup containing photos of the following ID numbers: 115352, 132225, 107614, 142167, 61345, 82675, and an unnumbered photo of JOSE ANTONIO CALATAYUD RIVERA, a known and active revolutionary.  Miss LOPEZ could not identify any person but stated that number 82675 had a certain resemblance.

The lineup consisted of one blackened Kodak sheet containing photos.  A second photo lineup consisted of front and side views, cut out photographs on opposite sides of a black piece of notebook binder paper.

Miss LOPEZ again stated that number 111876 showed a resemblance.  Miss LOPEZ then was shown the same photographs, front view and again picked number 111876 as having a certain resemblance.  The numbers in the lineup are as follows: 111876, 149058, 131294, 82675, 106599.  Also included was 00124, the photo of LUCIO BULIT, a known affiliate of ALPHA 66, and a suspected activist.

A third lineup was shown to Miss LOPEZ containing individual photographs of various persons, some having PSD numbers and some not; however, the collection contained one photograph of ROLANDO OTERO HERNANDEZ, white male, DOB 4/18/43.  OTERO'S prints have been matched by the FBI and PSD labs to latents taken from the airport bombing communique and the locker at the airport in which a bomb was placed.  See Case 3-83.  Of this group Miss LOPEZ picked OTERO'S photograph as being almost sure that it was the same person that she saw wearing a black leather jacket on the night of the post office bombing (see December 4, 1975 report).

A sketch was also shown to Miss LOPEZ with negative result.  (The sketch was dated December 9, 1975.)

Case open pending further investigation.

D. BENITEZ, Officer
Criminal Activist Unit

R. McGAVOCK, Sergeant
Criminal Activist Unit

T. LYONS, Supervisor
Tactical Investigation Section


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