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Project Freedom 78
A Fund Raiser for Rolando Otero

[Reference: Dade County OCB case #3-86]

CASE NO: 3-86
DATE: October 30, 1979

Investigation into the activities of convicted bomber ROLANDO OTERO.


On 26 October 1979 at 7: 30 p.m. a fund raising dinner was given by OTERO and his PROJECT FREEDOM 78.


This detective along with Det. H. Rapado and MPD Investigator D. Diaz covered the dinner at the Casablanca Banquet Hall located at 22nd Avenue and 9th Street.  This writer obtained tag numbers from the vehicles of most of the people attending.  The tags were run and with very few exceptions computer printouts were obtained of tag registrations and the description of the vehicles.  For further information as to who attended see Det. Rapado's report dated October 29, 1979, case # 4-213.

This writer also obtained some of the literature that PROJECT FREEDOM 78 had put out.  During the evening's presentation several prominent Latins in the Miami area were given diplomas of appreciation by PROJECT FREEDOM 78.  This was based on their cooperation and assistance in providing monetary funding throughout the year.  Some of the members who received diplomas that have been involved in terrorist activity were CONRADO RODRIGUEZ, HUMBERTO LOPEZ, SR. and others.

The dinner was attended by Mayor MARUICE FERRE, City Commissioner LA CASA, ex-Cuban political prisoner TONY CUESTA, and several others.

Following is a list of tags and tag returns obtained by this detective from vehicles in the parking area:
1W-48924-1972 Olds Station Wagon SMITH. VINCENT J.
1W-88656-1972 Chevrolet 4 Door, Green CORTES. JULIO A.
GDB702-1978 Brown Datsun 2 dr. RODRIGUEZ. JAIME O., DOB 12/18/45 1132 SW 8 St., Miami
1-240422-1972 Red/Gray Dodge 2 Dr. IBARRA. BENIGNO J.  27 Phoenetia Ave. #2, Coral Gables
DJY515-1973 Chev. 2D, Blue CASTELLANOS, ELENA M., DOB 3/22/46   16701 NW 49 Ct., Opa Locka
1W-26374-1974 Mercury 2D, Blue VIDAL, GABRIELA, DOB 10/2/29 2139 NW 26 St., Miami
1W-71770-1965 Olds Cp.; observed on Silver Grand Prix RODRIGUEZ, ANA ZAYAS, DOB 10/25/37 1850 NW 135 St., Miami
1-8219-1974 American 4D LLAGOSTERA, J. 355 W. 20 St. A308, Hialeah
1W-205607-1974 Dodge 2D SANTOVENIA, YOLANDO C, & EMETERIO 2485 SW 18 St., Miami 33145
1D-118975-1972 Toyota 2D LUZADER, BENNY A,   17325 NW 77 Ct., Miami 33169
DKW190-1978 Toyota 2D ORTEGA, MARGARITA L., DOB 5/20/15   1812 SW 84 Ct., Miami
FLY379-1973 Cadillac 2D BENITEZ REALTY   300 SW 12 Ave., Miami
1W-175361-1972 Chevrolet 4D CAPONE, ANNA, DOB 11/12/10  3490 SW 107 Ct., Miami
EUS859-1969 Cadillac 4D BATTISTELLA, EDUARDO DOB 6/6/31  8020 NW 7 Ave., Miami
ETR717-1971 Cadillac 2D DIAZ, GUARIONE M., DOB 5/8/41   3875 SW 75 Ave., Miami
1-447193-1972 Plymouth SW, Brown REYES, MIGUEL A., DOB 1/9/29   1525 NW 31 Ave., Miami
1-278199-1968 Chevrolet 2D BRAO, JOSE L., DOB 2/2/33   3512 SW 91 Ave., Miami
GAN368-1975 Olds 2D SERRANO, MIGUEL R., DOB 11/13/39   3512 SW 91 Ave., Miami
GAN368-1975 Olds 2D SERRANO, MIGUEL R., DOB 11/13/39   590 SW 23 Ave., Miami 33135
GBZ207-1973 American 2 dr. CUESTA, CARMEN DOB 5/2/46 9251 SW 88 Terr., Miami 33176
EVS857-1977 Olds Cutlass 2D, black ERESNEDA, MIGUEL ISA 170 NW 27 Ct., Miami 33125
ETR717-1971 Cadillac 2D; observed on a red Chevrolet DIAZ, GUARIONE M., DOB 5/8/41   3875 SW 75 Ave., Miami
1W-353147- 1975 Buick 2D, White/Lt. blue LOPEZ, HUMBERTO F., DOB 1/29/20   2999 W. Flagler St. 10, Miami 33135
EUR808-1978 Buick 2D, Blue LEIRA, ALDORA, DOB 11/28/32   65 E. 8 St. #1, Hialeah 33010
BSF099-1973 Olds 2D, Blue FAZ, TOMAS JULIO, DOB 1/13/07   1800 NW 24 Ave. #304, Miami
1-320876-1977 Plymouth 4D; observed on red Grand Prix BOWER, JAMES T., DOB 12/14/28   1045 NE 131 St., N. Miami
1E-17015-1977 Mercury 2D DEATRICK SYSTEMS CORP.   3600 NW 54 St., Miami
1W-5198-1964 Ford; observed on White Chevrolet LEON TROADIO A. RAMOS 169 NW 34 Tr., Miami
GAS764-1978 Merc. Cougar 2D, Tan CRUZ, REINALDO S., DOB 11/27/22   10362 SW 11 St.,Miami
1-98324-1967 Dodge 4D, Blue POWER, EMILIO 2232 SW 11 St.
1-301554-1976 Buick 2D, Red APARICIO, FRANCISCO, DOB 10/10/21   1510 SW 19 St. Miami 33145
FYA691-1973 Chev. Caprice 4D, Red YANEZ, EDUARDO 520 SW 8 Ave., Miami 33130
GBD702-1978 Datsun 2D RODRIGUEZ, JAIME O., DOB 12/18/45   1132 SW 8 St., Miami 33180
EUL599-1977 Jeep SW MOOY, MICHAEL A & LAURA S., DOB 11/5/43   9701 SW 62 Ct., Miami
1W-340715-1973 Buick 2D HUERTOS, GUSTAVO, DOB 6/1/22   9950 SW 8 St. #111, Miami 33174
DNG436-1974 Cadillac 2d BAQUERO, DALIA, DOB 7/29/28   3020 NW 83 St., Miami
1-240422-1972 Dodge 2D IBARRA, BENIGNO J. 27 Phoenetia Ave. #2, Coral Gables
1-333461-Buick 4D FERNANDEZ, ADELINO DOB 2/19/21   2814 NW 1 Ave., Miami
AGH759-1970 Mercedes Benz 4D MORGAN, MARYCLARE P., DOB 5/8/46   44 W. Flagler St., Miami
GAS187-1975 Peug. 4D FEINBERG. DORIS W., DOB 9/13/36 Buttonwood Bay Rt. 2 Apt. B-2, Key Largo 33037
JHV340-1977 Chevrolet 2D VERA, PEDRO R., DOB 2/22/43   10911 SW 7th St., Miami
No information available:
Investigation continues.

D. BENITEZ, Officer
Terrorist Unit

P. JANOSKY, Sergeant
Terrorist Unit

REVIEWED BY: _________________________
G. R. HAVENS, Lieutenant
Tactical Investigation Section


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