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Pipe Bombings
Dec. 1975, Dade County

[Reference: Dade County OCB file # 3-86-15 p2]

CASE NO: 3-86
DATE: January 20,1976

Continuing investigation into the series of bombings that occurred during December 1975 in Dade County.


Status report of ROLANDO OTERO as of January 20,1976.


AT 1:23 P.M., Tuesday, January 20, 1976, Units 145 and 147 were dispatched to Miami International Airport by the OIC, Unit 102.  The assignment was a result of a telephone communication from the Miami Field Office of the FBI informing this office that the suspect would be aboard the Dominic-Air inbound flight number 302 due to arrive in Miami at 1:30 p.m. this date.

The aircraft was met by elements of the Public Safety Department, the Miami Police Department and the FBI.  All passengers were scrutinized at length and neither the suspect nor the agents assigned to the escort were found to be on the aircraft.  At this point there was a long distance telephone call from the agents in Santo Domingo to Agent Joseph Ball at the airport.

The substance of the call was the following information.  The agents did not make the flight and they were unable to account for the whereabouts of the suspect since 10:00 a.m.  Atlantic time, 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard time.  The suspect was released to a government official (a political power in that country) in time to be put on the assigned flight.  However, one hour elapsed before the local jail officials notified the waiting agents of the release.  The agents then called Miami and asked the field office to check the flight due to the fact that it had already departed the Dominican Republic by the time they were notified of the release.  According to the agent's call, the suspect was released to Retired Admiral Cesar deWINDT.

The Admiral is the father-in-law of FRANK CASTRO, an American citizen from our community and an active member of the GOLDEN FALCONS, a skydiving club.  CASTRO is also in the Dominican Republic at this time.

The FBI is contemplating a request to the Justice Department to have the United States Department of State notify the Dominican Republic via telegram tonight requesting that the suspect be rearrested and held and extradition papers will follow.  According to the extradition treaty between the two countries, our government would have two months (60 days) to process the papers.  The treaty, based on a 1904 extradition agreement, does not cover bombings; however, it covers all forms of arson which may possibly cover our case.

Reliable information received by other Tactical units indicates a strong belief that the suspect will flee to Caracas, Venezuela.  It is known that one of his former roommates now lives there.

Attached is some background on the roommate which is furnished confidentially and is requested not to be disseminated.  The roommate will assist us in our case where possible.

Investigation continues.

J. CURTIN, Officer
Criminal Activist Unit

R. McGAVOCK, Sergeant
Criminal Activist Unit

T. LYONS, Supervisor
Tactical Investigation Section


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