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Rolando Otero Hernandez
Explosives Search Warrant Jan 1976

[Reference: Dade County OCB file # 3-86-39]

CASE NO: 3-86
DATE: January 22, 1976

Investigation into the manufacturing and detonation of explosive devices by ROLANDO OTERO HERNANDEZ, occurring in Dade County, Florida.


On Friday, 16 January 1976, at 4:10 p.m. this writer, along with Det. D. Benitez, assisted FBI agents G. Flynn and G. Kiscynski in the service of a Federal search warrant at 8810 Fontainebleau Boulevard, Apt. #210, which is OTERO'S residence.


On the above date and time, this writer and Det. D. Benitez assisted FBI agents Flynn and Kiscynski in the service of a search warrant at the above location.  Entry was made at 4:10 p.m. by use of a key which the FBI had legally obtained after having taken statements from OTERO'S roommates, MANUEL REVUELTA and CIRO ORIZONDO.  The apartment was not occupied at time of entry.

At the direction of Agent Flynn, this writer and Det. Benitez searched the southeast bedroom.  No items from this bedroom were impounded by Federal agents.  While searching this room, Det. Benitez located a spent projectile, bearing rifling marks, the projectile being of 9mm caliber.  The projectile was impounded by Det. Benitez, with the consent of REVUELTA, in lieu of impounding it under the search warrant.  The projectile was turned in to the PSD Crime Lab.

FBI agents searched OTERO'S bedroom and a closet in the living room which is used by OTERO.  Impounded by Federal agents was a roll of speaker wire and some pieces of the same wire, which are tentatively identified as the same type used in detonating devices which exploded or were found in the Miami area on December 3 and 4 of 1975.

Also impounded was some tape, yellow in color, a hollowed out book with a rubber band holding device on the inside, batteries and numerous other pieces of evidence.

The search was concluded at 6:10 p.m. and these detectives departed the residence after securing the same.

Investigation continues.

H. RAPADO, Officer
Criminal Activist Unit
D. BENITEZ, Officer
Criminal Activist Unit

R. McGAVOCK, Sergeant
Criminal Activist Unit

T. LYONS, Supervisor
Tactical Investigation Section


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