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Teofilo Babun & The Golden Falcons

[Reference: Dade County OCB case # 3-86-45]

CASE NO: 3-83,3-86,3-87
DATE: February 3, 1976

Continuing investigation into the alleged terrorist activities of ROLANDO OTERO which occurred on Friday, January 23, 1976, at approximately 10:45 a.m. in Dade County, Florida.


On Friday, January 23, 1976, at approximately 10:45 a.m., Detectives R. Diaz and E. Mederos interviewed TEOFILO BABUN at his office in reference to his possible association with ROLANDO OTERO.


On Friday January 23, 1976, the following information was furnished to these investigators by TEOFILO BABUN.

That he has known FRANK CASTRO since 1969 and that he introduced FRANK CASTRO to former Admiral DE WINDT and other Dominican Republic military officials.  That he is FRANK CASTRO'S child's godfather and he considers himself a close associate of FRANK CASTRO.

BABUN also stated that around 1969 DE WINDT made contacts for FRANK CASTRO and arranged for competition between the GOLDEN FALCONS and Dominican Republic skydiving clubs.

That prior to October, 1975, LUIS TORNES had applied for a visa for the Dominican Republic which was denied by Dominican Republic authorities resulting in articles against the Dominican Republic President BALAGUER in ROLANDO MASFERRER's newspaper,. "Libertad."  That because of the derogatory remarks made against President BALAGUER in MASFERRER's newspaper, the Dominican Republic President sent former Admiral DE WINDT to Miami to meet with MASFERRER.  That approximately three days prior to MASFERRER's homicide, BABUN, DEWINDT, FRANK CASTRO, CARLOS ZAYAS, MASFERRER, and a Dominican Republic attorney had a meeting to discuss the attack against President BALAGUER in "Libertad."  BABUN stated that on the newspaper issue coming out on the same day of MASFERRER's homicide that MASFERRER had already changed his attitude toward BALAGUER's government.

BABUN further stated that on January 11, 1976, he left Miami for the Dominican Republic and remained there until January 16, 1976.  That on January 13, 1976, he observed ROLANDO OTERO with FRANK CASTRO at OMAR BABUN's office in the Dominican Republic.

That on January 16, 1976, he departed the Dominican Republic for Haiti, remaining in Haiti until January 17, 1976, returning to Miami the same date in the evening.

That on January 20, 1976, BABUN received a long distance call from OTERO from the Dominican Republic.  That OTERO asked BABUN to call HECTOR SERRANO and advise SERRANO that he (OTERO) was under DE WINDT's custody, that he had no problems and he (OTERO) would be leaving the Dominican Republic soon.

According to BABUN, OTERO left the United States on January 3, 1976, and was arrested by Dominican Republic authorities on January 17, 1976 and later released to DE WINDT.

That FRANK CASTRO is employed part time by his nephew, OMAR BABUN; that FRANK CASTRO works on a commission basis.

BABUN also stated that FRANK CASTRO is undergoing a crisis with other members of the FLNC who disagree with FRANK CASTRO as to what type of activities in which the FLNC should be involved.

BABUN stated that he believes OTERO would leave the Dominican Republic and go to either Chile or Venezuela.

BABUN was extremely cooperative with these officers and he stated that he would cooperate fully with this office in reference to the investigation of any type of terrorist activity as long as these activities did not involve a direct attack against the CASTRO government.

Investigation continues.

R. J. DIAZ, Officer
Criminal Activist Unit
E. F. MEDEROS, Officer
Criminal Activist Unit

R. McGAVOCK, Sergeant
Criminal Activist Unit

T. LYONS, Supervisor
Tactical Investigation Section


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