Ricardo Morales Navarette

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Ricardo "El Mono" Morales Navarette*
*The spelling of "Navarette" is taken from the deposition since the court reporter usually asks the witness for the correct spelling before beginning a deposition.  The FBI and news media spell it in numerous ways, Naverrete, Navarrete, etc.

EjÚrcito Rebelde en el Exilio (Rebel Army in Exile) pleads for release of Ricardo "Mono" Morales Navarette on bombing charges in Feb. 1968, with photo of Morales in the Congo.

In 1981 a large drug conspiracy case in Dade County occurred which came to be known as the "Tick Talks" case.  It was so named because the hidden microphone was placed behind a clock and all the intercepted conversations had the clock ticking in the background.  The main case, which never went to trial, was suppose to be tried under  case number 81-17247 after consolidation with cases 81-17257, 17267, 17272, 17260, 17264, 17269, 17280, and others.  In this case the deposition of "Mono" Morales commenced on April 12, 1982 and ran to about 10-11 parts.  The parts transcribed were, IA, IB, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII.
The INDEX TO THIS DEPOSITION  is given here by subject (key word) and name.  The deposition was said to have never been filed with the court, but this is hard to verify.  The case was "dropped" and is now under court seal.

Morales was granted limited immunity in return for his testimony in the "Tick-Talks" case.  Before Judge Kogan, lead agent Diosdado Diaz said of the 1976 Cuban Airlines bombing, "He didn't go into details, but I also knew about it from other was a CIA operation.  The people aboard were G-2 agents.  The fencing team was a cover."  The deposition expands on this and other bombings and murders.

(For more on the Cubana Airline bombing, see  Orlando Bosch )

The first three parts give personal background on Ricardo Morales Navarette.


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