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Ricardo Morales Navarrete

[REF:  PATRIA newspaper AÑO 9 NO. 444, 20 Feb 1968 page 16]

(Translated from Spanish.  A letter to the editor)


Mr. Armando Garcia Sifredo
PATRIA Director

Distinguished Countrymen:

Ejército Rebelde en el Exilio (Rebel Army in Exile) wants to make known through this newspaper its energetic protest for the detention (arrest) of the tireless fighter for the cause of democracy, Ricardo Morales Navarrete, who has been accused of placing bombs in establishments catering to the delivery of clothing and medicine to Cuba.

We want to make it clear, we do not support terrorist acts that put innocent lives in danger.  That is why the young Navarrete is innocent of the accusations and we feel his arrest and his bond set at $25,000 is unjust.

The bond cannot be obtained by his family, since the economic situation of Morales and his family is like that of the majority of the Cuban exiles in this country, that they have to work in order to support their families.  That is why we ask the authorities, in this case, as each day that goes by is unfair to Mr. Ricardo Morales Navarrete, his three children and wife suffer more hardship because they depend upon him for substance.

Also, for the general public, that is unfamiliar with the young Morales Navarrete, we show a  picture of the young Morales Navarrete when he was fighting communism in the Congo.  What he has done for Cuban freedom, there is no need to speak, and those that have not turned their backs on the Cuban tragedy know him.

The Executive (of Ejército Rebelde en El Exilio) (Rebel Army in Exile)

Signed:   Jesus Gomez Calzadilla
              Raul Diaz Torres
              Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo
              Gilberto Rodriguez Fernandez

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