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Orlando Bosch Avila has been a Cuban exile leader since coming to Florida in 1960.  He has had an active voice in forming opinion of many of the exiles.  Other than what is listed below, information may be found on Orlando Bosch in the deposition of Ricardo Morales Navarette PART II  specifically the 1976 Cubana Airline bombing, and in the NASSAU TRANSCRIPT  where Cuban State Security officials mention him twice.  Other references to him can also be found in numerous documents pertaining to Cuban organizations from this menu.

Attorney General's Exclusion of Orlando Bosch ..
Request for Political Asylum ..
Affidavit of Orlando Bosch ..
Bosch's Crimes Listed in Granma 1980 ..
Paintings by Orlando Bosch ..
Orlando Bosch & MIRR ..
Orlando Bosch Paintings on display at the Museum of the Political Prisoners March 2006 ..

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