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[REFERENCE: Part of Composite Exhibit G, attached to Orlando Bosch's Request for Political Asylum]

[NOTE: The translator certified she was fluent in English.  However, this is given here as originally translated and presented to the court.  Items in brackets are NOT in the original.]

GRANMA [Newspaper published in Cuba]
La Habana [Havana]
19 October, 1980


With the revolutionary triumph that took place in Cuba on January 1, 1959 behind him and the adoption of a series of measures that were to benefit the general population, Orlando Bosch begins to conduct contrarevolutionary activities in the central section of the island and El Escambray, establishing contacts with gangleaders in this region.  The heads of these bands of bandits, committed such revolting and cruel acts as the murdering of farmers, teachers, and such heroic figures as Alberto Delgado-the man of Maisinicu.

In a clandestine fashion, he left the country in 1960 en route to Miami in the United States.  On the 31st of August of the same year, he is designated as the general delegate in exile of the terrorist organization "MIRR" (Insurrectional Movement of Revolutionary Recuperation).  In conjunction with this group, he planned, organized, and participated in actions against Cuba.

During judicial proceedings that took place in the United States following charges accusing him of exporting arms and ammunitions, Orlando Bosch testified on June 4, 1966 that the CIA had urged and supported him in his sabotage of the refinery in Habana.

During this period, Bosch was also directly or indirectly participating in the activities of "Movimiento Nacionalista Cubano" (Cuban Nationalist Movement) which was a band of terrorists based in the United States.

In the year 1968, he founded the contrarevolutionary group called "Poder Cubano" (Cuban Power) which he used as a means of developing and implementing his terrorist theme of war throughout the world.  The primary goal of which was to attack, and in any way hurt the interests and objectives of those countries that had freely established diplomatic and commercial relations with Cuba.

The list of international terrorist attacks against the objectives of Spain, England, Japan, Mexico, Poland, and other countries that traded with Cuba, reached 78 in 1968, being condemned and repudiated by the international community.

Among the actions taken by this band of terrorists, we can cite the following as those in which their leader, Orlando Bosch, directly or indirectly participated:

1/8/68 Bomb sent in a suitcase to Havana, Cuba.
1/25/68 Bombs placed in various commercial establishments in the United States.
2/1/68 Bomb against Mexican consul in Miami, United States.
2/2/68 Bomb placed at the residence of the British consul in Miami.
3/12/68 Bomb placed at a restaurant owned by Cuban emigrants in the United States.
3/13/68 Bomb placed (but did not explode) at the Chilean consulate in the United States.
4/2/68 Bomb placed at a pharmaceutical company in the United States.
4/22/68 Bomb placed at the Mexican consulate in the United States.
4/22/68 Bomb placed at the Spanish office of tourism in the United States.
5/5/68 Bomb against the British vessel "Greenwood" in the United States.
5/25/68 Bomb placed on board the Japanese ship "Aroka Maru" in the U.S.
6/21/68 Bomb placed at the tourist offices of Spain in the United States.
6/23/68 Bomb placed at the Mexican offices of tourism in the U.S.
6/27/68 Bomb explodes in the garage of the Mexican consul in the U.S.
7/4/68 Bomb placed at the Cuban consulate in Canada.
7/4/68 Bomb placed at the tourism office of Canada in the U.S.
7/7/68 Bomb explodes at the Japanese Office of Tourism in the United States.
7/11/68 Bomb explodes near the Cuban mission in the United Nations damaging the Yugoslavian mission.
7/11/68 Bomb placed on board the Japanese vessel "Michagesan Maru" in Mexico.
7/14/68 Bomb at the Office of Tourism of Mexico in the United States.
7/15/68 Bomb is discovered at an office of the French government in the United States.
7/16/68 Unexploded bomb is discovered at the Mexican consulate in the U.S.
7/17/68 Bomb is placed but left unused at the house of a Cuban dignitary in the United States.
7/19/68 Bomb placed in the French Office of Tourism in the U.S.
7/19/68 Bomb placed at the Shell Petroleum Company building in England.
7/19/68 Bomb at a Japanese travel agency in the United States.
7/26/68 Bomb placed at Mexican tourism offices in the United States.
7/31/68 Bomb against British consulate in the United States.
8/3/68   Bomb placed at a branch of a British Bank in the U.S.
8/5/68   Bomb placed at the headquarters of the Communist Party in North America.
8/7/68 Bomb placed on board the Bahamian ship "Caribbean Venture" while at a U.S. port.
8/9/68 Bomb against Mexican Representatives in the U.S.
8/9/68 Bomb at the residence of the Mexican consul in Miami.
9/11/68 Bomb placed on British vessel docket at Mexican port.
9/12/68 Bomb explodes on board Spanish ship "Satrustegui" in Puerto Rico.
9/16/68 Bazooka attack against Polish ship in the United States
9/17/68 Bomb placed on board a Mexican airliner in the United States.
9/19/68 Bomb placed at the home of the Mexican consul in the United States.
10/18/68 Bomb at a Canadian travel agency.
10/20/68 Gas bomb at a theater where a Cuban actress was rehearsing.
10/24/68 Assassination attempts against the Cuban ambassador to the United Nations.
8/6/69 Bomb at the Mexican Department of Tourism in the United States.
8/6/69 Bomb placed the offices of Shell Oil of England in the U.S.
8/6/69 Bomb at the offices of Air France in the United States.

In October of 1968, United States officials detained his for his terrorist activities, further sentencing him to 10 years in prison.

In 1972, he was freed without serving his full sentence.   However, while he was still in prison, he continued to plan and direct the activities, conducted by the terrorist group "Poder Cubano".

In 1973, he traveled throughout various countries in Latin America, arriving in Venezuela with a fraudulent passport from the Dominican Republic, and is arrested.  Afterwards, he traveled to Curazao, where he met with Guillermo Novo (participant in the assassination of Orlando Letelier) and travelled with him to Chile.  There, he received an official welcome and treatment from the fascist junta headed by the blood thirsty Pinochet.  During his stay in Chile- from December 1974 through December 1975- Orlando Bosch established numerous contracts with members and leaders of the Fascist Chilean Junta and with those from the extreme right wing group -Triple A.  As a result of his visit and with the objective of continuing to receive support from the fascist Junta for his terrorist activities, Bosch pledges to physically eliminating Chilean personalities in exile (which would serve the interests of the Junta).  In this context, he was involved or directed, with the aid of Chilean fascist leaders, the following actions:

10/3/74 Assasination of the former commander of the Chilean Armed Forces General Carlos Pratts an his wife in Argentina.
10/5/75 The gunning down in Rome, Italy of Bernardo Leighton (Vice President of the Chilean Democratic Party in Excile) and his wife.
3/76 Orlando Bosch is arrested by the Costa Rican police on charges of the plotting assasination of the exiled Chilean leader Andres Pascal Allende in Costa Rica.
9/21/76 Assasination of a former Chilean minister during the administration of Salvador Allende, Orlando Letelier, and his colaborator Ronni Moffit in Washington, D.C. in the United States.

In 1974, Bosch created the terrorist organization "Accion Cubana" counting on his plans to be executed with the full support of the chilean fascist Junata.  With this group, he participated or plotted (during 1974-1975) the following international terrorist actions under the auspices of the Chilean fascists and the Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza.

1/21/74 Bomb placed at the Cuban diplomatic mission in Canada.
1/21/74 Bomb at the Cuban diplomatic mission in Argentina.
1/21/74 Bomb at the Cuban mission in Peru.
1/21/74 Bomb placed at the Cuban embassy in Mexico.
2/13/74 Bomb placed at the Cuban embassy in Madrid, Spain.
4/4/74   Placed bomb against members of the Latin Press in Mexico, but never exploded.
10/1/74 Bomb placed at the Panamenian embassy in Caracas, Venezuela.
10/30/74 Bomb at the Venezuelan-Cuban Institute of Friendship in Venezuela.
11/14/74 Bomb at the hotel where Cuban delegation was staying.
7/75 Shots fired at the residence of a Cuban functionary.
8/3/75 Assasination attempt against the Cuban Ambassador Emilio Aragones in Argentina.
11/17/75 Bomb placed at Venezuelan Tourism firm in Venezuela.
11/17/75 Bomb at the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela.
11/30/75 Bomb against Soviet commercial office in Mexico.

In June 1976, under the leadership of Orlando Bosch, the organization "Comandos de Organizaciones Revolucionarias Unidas" was formed in Costa Rica to carry out numerous terrorist activities agains Cuba and other countries.  That year registered the occurrence of the ultimate terrorist act- the sabotage (during the course of the flight) of a Cuban civilian aircraft en route to Barbados. [ See part II of Mono Morales' deposition for further information on this ] Other terrorist activities planned or executed by Orlando Bosch with CORU are:

6/6/76 Bomb placed at Cuban mission in the United Nations.
7/1/76 Bomb at the Costa Rican-Cuban cultural center in Costa Rica.
7/8/76 Bomb at the Cuban mission in Spain.
7/9/76 Bomb at the luggage/freight department of the flight of Cubana Airlines in Kingston, Jamaica.
7/10/76 Bomb placed at the office of Cubana Airlines in Barbados.
7/11/76 Bomb placed at the offices of Air Panama in Colombia.
7/23/76 Kidnapping attempt of the Cuban consul in Merida, Mexico, killing D'Artagnan Diaz Diaz.
8/9/76 Kidnapping of two Cuban dignitaries in Argentina.
9/1/76 Bomb placed at the Embassy of Guyana in Trinidad and Tobago.
9/18/76 Bomb placed at the offices of Cubana airlines in Panama.
10/6/76 Sabotage in mid flight of a Cubana airlines flight, killing 73 passengers.

As a result of his participation in the sabotage of the Cuban jetliner, Bosch is arrested by the authorities of the government of Carlos Andres Perez.  However, from his prison cell, he continued to direct the activities conducted by CORU.  During this stage, Orlando Bosch- facing the firm possition taken by the Venezuelan government in office at that time, determined to punish those responsible for the crime committed in Barbados- instructs the members of CORU to undertake a course of action that focused on activities that would hurt the interests and objectives of Venezuela abroad, as well as pressure tactics against the government of Carlso Andres Perez. During this period, the following terrorist activities took place:

3/30/77 Bomb placed at the Venezuelan consulate in Puerto Rico.
8/36/77 Bomb on board a Venezuelan airplane in Miami, United States.
12/23/77 Bomb placed at the office of the Venezuelan airline "Viasa" in the United States.
12/30/77 Bomb placed at the Venezuelan consulate in Puerto Rico.

Similarly, in 1978, from prison, Orlando Bosch planned and directed the execution terrorist activities against Mexico as a statement and response from the international terrorist elements, toward the government of Mexico in relation to the assasination of D'Artagnan Diaz Diaz by the criminals of CORU.

Following instruction from Orlando Bosch, the terrorist groups conducted the following activities against the interests of Mexico:

2/7/78 Bomb placed at the Mexican consulate in the United States.
2/7/78 Bomb placed on board the merchant vessel "Azteca" of Mexico at a Mexican port, resulting in 2 deaths and 7 injuries.

On September 9, 1978, the revolutionary government of Cuba announced its willingness to facilitate the initiation of talks with representatives from the Cuban community in the exterior not involved with terrorism.  This step in the Cuban Revolutionary process provoked a severe reaction of impotence from the fascist group headed by Orlando Bosch, who immediately instructed the members of his band of terrorists to increase their activities against Cuba and against the participants in these negotiations.  Such plans culminated with the assassination of Carlos Muniz Varela and Eulalio J. Negrin, members of the Cuban community in the exterior and of the Cuban diplomat in the United Nations Felix Garcia.

Among the terrorist activities undertaken during this stage under the leadership of Orlando Bosch in conjunction with the group OMEGA-7:

9/9/78 Bomb placed at the Cuban mission in the United Nations.
10/5/78 Bomb placed in front of Madison Square Gardens where Cuban boxers where scheduled to fight.
10/6/78 Bomb placed at the offices of the tourist firm "Girasol" of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party.
10/6/78 Bomb placed at the offices of the tourist firm "Antillana" in Puerto Rico.
10/6/78 Bomb placed at the offices of the firm "Record Public Service" owned by a Cuban emigrant in Puerto Rico.
10/23/78 Bomb at the newspaper "La Prensa" in the United States.
11/18/78 Bomb threat against TWA airlines against flying into Cuba.
12/28/78 Bomb placed at the local offices of the travel agency "Varadero" in Puerto Rico, presided by Carlos Muniz Varela.
12/29/78 Bomb at the Cuban mission in the United Nations.
12/29/78 Bomb placed at Lincoln Center in the United States where Cuban artists were scheduled to perform.
3/26/79 Bomb placed at the local offices of TWA airlines at J.F.K. Airport in the United States.
3/26/79 Bomb placed at the firm Weehawken, New Jersey, presided by Eulalio J. Negrin, member of the Committee of 75 (Comite de los 75).
4/28/79 Assassination of Carlos Muniz Varela, member of the Brigade "Antonio Maceo" and director of "Varadero Travel" in Puerto Rico.
11/25/79 Assassination of Eulalio Negrin- a member of the Cuban community in the exterior and participant in talks and negotiations with the Cuban government- in New Jersey, United States.
9/11/80 Assassination of the Cuban diplomat in the United Nations Felix Garcia Rodriguez.

This Orlando Bosch, criminal by nature, shamelessly admitted before the Venezuelan Military Tribunal in charge of the Barbados crime investigation, his fascist convictions and his active participation in numerous activities against the Cuban Revolution.

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