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Minor Cuban Organizations Oct 1962:
Accion 62 -to- Asociacion de Miembros de la Policia Judicial

[REF: Cuban Counter Revolutionary Handbook 10 October 1962 by the CIA.
FBI HQ  file number  109-584-3387; NARA RIF Number  124-10279-10032]

[NOTE: The copies  were very hard to transcribe because of  poor photo reproduction. At points where the words were unreadable, three dots (...) were inserted to indicate a missing word or words. Words in brackets are not contained in the original.  FURTHER NOTE: Please consider the date, 10 Oct. 1962, when evaluating the organizations.]


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A-62:  Accion 62 (Action 62)

Belongs to the MRAC; military organization; no current activities.  Known person: in Cuba:  Eduardo Enrique SOTOLONGO Medina.   In US:  Alfredo OTERO Sotolongo, Gustavo ALVAREZ, Aurelio BASANTA Adan.

AA:  Asociacion de Arroceros
(Association of Rice Growers)

Reported in 1960 as collaborating inside Cuba with the MRR.

AAC:  Accion Anti-Comunista  (Anti-Communist Action)

Identified by name only.  No exile organization.

AAEC:  Asociacion de Agrupacion Empresarios de Cuba
  (Association of Theatre Owners of Cuba)

Adhere to PGCC.  Leader:  Jose M. FUENTEVILLA

AAM:  Asociacion Amigos del Mar (Friends of the Sea Association)

Summer of August 1962 attended "Unity" meeting in Washington, D. C.

AAPJ:  Asociacion de Auxiliares del Poder Judicial  (Association of Auxiliaries)

Civic organization associated with PGCC.    Leader:  Humberto GUERRA.

AC:  Accion Catolica (Catholic Action)

Not to be confused with larger AC (Accion Cubano), which is identical with the MRAC.  No visible assets.
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ACA:  Accion Civica Anticomunista (Anti-Communist Civic Action)

Joined the original UR in December 1960.  Reported still operating in Cuba under Alianza Revolucionario in the spring of 1962.  In exile, affiliated with JRLN and PGCC.  Leader in the US:  Ernesto AZUA Font.

ACCC:  Agrupacion Comandos Centinelas del Caribe (Comandos Sentinels of the Caribbean)

Self described as dedicated to gathering information on persons entering and departing the US who are in contact with CP-USA.
Leader:  Luis PUMARIEGA.

ACDH:  Asociacion de Cronistas Deportivos de la Habana (Association of Sports Editors of Havana)

Attended the August 1962 "Unity" meeting in Washington, D. C.

ACE:  Asociacion de Colonos en el Exilio  (Cane Growers Association in Exile)

Leader:  Ricardo Rafael SARDINA Sanchez, who attended organizational meetings of the PGCC in spring 62 (SARDINA had accompanied GARCERAN on a visit to see President YDIGORAS of Guatemala just previously).

ACHL:  Accion Cristiana de Hombres Libres  (Christian Action of Free Men)

Affiliated with the JRLN and PGCC.  Leader:  Antonio N.  RIVERO Martinez.

ACI:  Accion Cubana Institucionalista  (Cuba Institutionalist Action)

Exile organization.  Conducted propaganda broadcasts from the Florida Keys early in 1959.  Now affiliated with the PGCC.

ACIA:  Agrupacion de Comerciantes e Industriales Anticomunistas
(Association of Anti-Communist Merchants and Industrialists)

Associated with the PGCC.
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ACMA:  Accion Civico Militar Anticomunista (Civic Military Anti-Communist Action)

One of several military orders consisting entirely of former members of the BATISTA army, and therefore probably BATISTA oriented.  Dedicated to the reconstruction of the Cuban Armed Forces to fight Communism and restore "democratic" system.  Founded 23 November 1960 under Oslidio PEDRAJA Santiesteban; later headed by Angel SANCHEZ Mosquera; now led by Homero LEON Fernandez.  Some relation with FACE of Ruben de LEON and General Martin DIAZ Tamayo.  Opposes CRC.

ACMD:  Asociation Cubana de Mujeres Democratas  (Cuban Association of Women Democrats)

Identified by name only.

ACPPCE:  Asociacion de Contadores Publicos y Privados de Cuba en el Exilio 
(Association of Public and Private Accountants of  Cuba in Exile.

Organized January 1961 as politically nonaligned professional association; not active politically, but is affiliated quietly with CRC through membership in CPUCE.  Leaders:  Aurelio FERNANDEZ Diaz, Oscar ROGER Ills, Carlos M. TAMAYO Silveira.  In summer 1962, its members began to emerge as spokesmen for the activist secret Alpha 66.  Its propaganda chief, Antonio VECIANA, has been overtly publicized as the A-66 leader.

ACSM:  Asociaciones Campesinos de la Sierra Maestra (Association Campsinas in the Sierra Maestra)

Collaborated with MRR in Cuba in February 1960.  No current information.

ADC:  Accion Democratica Cubana
(Cuban Democratic Action)

One of organizations affiliated with the ULNC inside Cuba early 1962.  Leader:  Armando RODRIGUEZ

ADC:  Accion Democratica Constitucional
  (Constitutional Democratic Action)

See:  FIL
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ALC:  Agrupacion Democratica del Caribe (Democratic Group of the Caribbean)

Pedro Esteban SANTOVENIA Rodriguez, aka LA SOMBRA  and Miguel ESTROCO, refugee who arrived Key West August 1962, claimed to be head of group by this name in Cardenas; about 100 members.

ADCE:  Asociacion de Dentistas Cubanos en el Exilio

Professional organization headed by Ramon IGLESIAS Vasallo.

ADI:  Accion Democratica Insurreccional  (Insurectional Democratic Action)

Leaders:  Dr. Manuel R. MORALES Gomez, Dr. Mario LAMAR, Dr. Armando ARANGO; Eloy de CASTROVERDE, Dr. Manuel HERRERA, Published (28 January 1962) statement of pro-democratic principles.

ADRA:  Asociacion Democratica Revolucionaria Anticomunista  (Democratic Revolutionary Anti-Communist Association)

Affiliated with ULN in exile and ULNC and UNIR in Cuba.  Inside leader was Armando TORRA Duran, aka: Armando de Jesus CEMENO, arrested in April 1962 along with FND leaders.

AEFEASEC:  Asociacion de ex-Funcionarios y Empleados Anticomunista del Servicio Exterior de Cuba. 

(Association of Anti-Communist Ex-officials and Ex-Employees of the Cuban Foreign Service

Leftist.  Led by Luis L. FERRER Cartaya and Mercedes LINGOYA y Gonzalez Clavell.  FERRER (formerly MRP officer inside Cuba) broke with MRP in exile and tried to join unsuccessively with CRC.  Believed to have secretly re-establish contact with Manolo RAY.

AFAC:  Alianza Femenina Anticomunista de Cuba  (Anti-Communist Feminine Alliance)

Organization of women of "important fraternal organization" (possibly Masons) which signed agreement with UCAR for clandestine resistance inside Cuba in early 1962.

AFPJC:  Asociacion de Funcionarios del Poder Judicial de Cuba en el Exilio  (Association of Officials of  The Judicial Power)

Allied with PGCC:  GARCERAN claims AFPJC first "suggested" his becoming Provisional President.  Leader:  Francisco Albau TRELLES.
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AIPE:  La Asociacion Isla de Pinos en el Exilio  (Isle of Pines Association in Exile)

Small group of former residents of Isle of Pines, aka Sociedad Pinera (SP), organized 21 October 1960 in Miami.  President:  Gabriel G. SANCHEZ Martinez.  No clandestine organization.  Claims US could regain Isle of Pines under Hay Quesada Treaty of 1926 which guarantees American citizens residing there at the time would "suffer no diminution of rights and privileges".  No action assets; SANCHEZ occasionally provides intelligence from Isle of Pines.

AL:  Accion Libertadora  (Liberator Action)

Little known internal organization claiming membership 34 organizational groups.  National Secretary;  Raul ARANGO, now in the US.

AL:  Antorcha de la Libertad (Torch of Liberty)

Small inside organization.  Organized August 1961.

AMA:  Asociacion de Mujeres Anticomunistas  (Association of Anti-Communist Women)

Allied with PGCC.

AMC:  Asociacion de Madres Cubanas  (Association of Cuban Mothers)

Allied with PGCC.

AMCE:  Asociacion de Medicos Cubanos en Exilio  (Association of Cuban Doctors in Exile)

Part of CPUCE, which is CRC member Enrique HUERTAS Pozo, President of CPUCE and AMCE, is strong Anti-CASTRO speaker and writer; has consistently fought BATISTA and CASTRO except for short period CASTRO supporter early 1959.  Approximately 1000 members.

AMPJ:  Asociacion de Miembros de la Policia Judicial  (Association of Members of the Judicial Police)

Affiliated with PGCC.  Leader:  Ricardo XRURETAGOYENA

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