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The Cubans came to the United States at an opportune time for the government.  They were utilized as a tool as part of the Cold War propaganda.  Since the collapse of the USSR, their "privileges" have been slowly deteriorating culminating in the Elian Gonzalez custody battle, "the last dying gasp of a militant Cuban community".

Cuban exiles have for over three decades been talking to themselves, that is, in their native Cuban language. Yes, Cuban language, that form of Spanish which differentiates itself from all other Spanish cultures in its words, expressions, body language, emphasis, etc.  Not only do all Spanish speaking countries have this unique way of speaking, but they also have their own music, food, politics and subtle nuances which usually only a fellow countryman can detect.

To add even more to the language, the Cubans in the Miami area have developed their own language while the Cubans in Cuba developed theirs.  Neither is the same as they both spoke in the '50s in Cuba.

The Cubans from Cuba have a special way of talking while saying nothing.  When they are finished talking, you forget what they were talking about and confused as to the point they are making.  The Exiles, on the other hand, have developed a unique vocabulary, "bess buoy" is Best Buy, "La Vaquita" (the little cow) is the Farm Store, "parque de las palomas" (pigeon park) is Bay Front Park, "cielito lindo" (pretty sky) is the Dade County Court House, etc.

Additionally, the customs of the Exiles have also changed from that which is known as "old Cuba", but that is something else.

The Cuban Information Archives will also strive to open a small door of understanding to these distinct variations of Cuban life, to those who think all Spanish cultures are very much the same. (We do not use the words "Hispanic"* or "Latino"* because most Cubans do not believe they are part of those groups.)

They are CUBAN, period!!!

(If you think this is a bit of fiction, look at what Orlando Bosch filled in for  ETHNIC GROUP on his application  for Political Asylum.)

Also see what Ricardo Morales says he is in his deposition.

For other references go to Cuban A Distinct Language and Culture 

* [Hispanic is technically used for people born in another country, who migrate to the United States.
Latino usually refers to the children of Hispanics born and raised in the U.S., many of whom do not speak Spanish.]

A few facts about Cubans

Cubans DO NOT carry items on their heads!
Carmen Miranda was born in Portugal, citizen of Brazil!
Xavier Cugat was born a Spaniard!
Tito Puente was Puerto Rican!
Lissette was born in Peru!
Those who immigrated before 1979 are called "EXILES".
Those who came subsequent to 1979 are called "MIGRANTS".

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