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One purpose of the Cuban Information Archives is to provide primary source materials pertaining to Cuban Exile activities as they pertain to their struggle to wrestle Cuba from Fidel Castro.

The general public has little insight into the unique character and flavor of the Cuban exiles both in the United States and around the world.  The English speaker has only been exposed to a number of varying examples of Cubans from the movies, the Mariel boatlift, and the prison riots of the 1980s.  Many of these stereotypes have been addressed in great detail in Spanish, but few have addressed this issue in English, the reason for the remaining stereotype among the "Anglo" population.  We hope to diminish this to some degree with this English only Cuban site.

The propaganda machines of Cuba, the Cuban Exile community and the United States Government have added to the misunderstanding.   The documents presented here are one way to help the reader sift through that "propaganda", even though many of the documents are PROPAGANDA.  With the announcement by the Central Intelligence Agency to utilize journalists as agents (the same as they have used academians), the newspapers can hardly be viewed as a reliable source.  (The CIA has in the past used journalists, but never made it publicly known)  To distinguish what is real and what is fiction is left to the reader by placing  references for the documents and by presenting contradictory documents.  Readers can see where the errors, accidental and designed, are made and have the opportunity to either accept or reject a particular opinion.  A document is the opinion of the author.

Another purpose of the Archives is to try to define the unique culture of the Cubans, that culture which differentiates them from all other cultures.  This is achieved by presenting not only the Exile struggle, but also the particular language and tastes of the Exile Culture.  This can be accessed from the WHAT IS A CUBAN page where the language, sayings, food and culture can be observed in both word and picture.

The documents presented here are overwhelmingly anti-Castro related.  Put that together with the fact that Floridians have always been closely tied to Cubans and you have a unique task for law enforcement agencies and Washington to understand any of this.  The Federal enforcement officers were overwhelmingly American, with a few Mexican-American agents who could hardly understand anything the Cuban exile said or did, and vice versa.  They heard the words, but never really understood.

The exile also was a convenient pool of mercenaries available to Washington as long as the enemy was classified as "communist".  The CIA handlers usually looked down on the exile with their Ivy League status, so the Cubans took their money and laughed all the way home.

The need for anti-Castro propaganda and the misunderstandings between Cubans and the U.S. authorities can be seen in   DOCUMENT 032 .


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