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Significant Cuban Migrations:

1890s during the War of Independence (Spanish American War)
1930s during the Machado Government (Menocal and Prio Supporters)
1950s during the Batista Government (Castro and Prio supporters)
1959+ during the Castro Government (Batista, Prio, etc. supporters)
1965   Camarioca -- State Department Sealift
1965   Two Freedom Flights weekly begin -- began December 1965; terminated in 1973
1972? 50,000 Cubans from Spain
1979   3,600 Political Prisoners released. November-December 1978 Dialogue
1980   Mariel 120,000-125,000 leave Cuba -- April to September 1980
 ----     CANF air lift from third countries
1984   United States permits immigration of up to 20,000 Cubans annually.
1994   Rafter Exodus
1994   U.S. again allows a minimum of 20,000 from Cuba per year

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