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Minor Cuban Organizations Oct 1962: FARI:
(Independent Revolutionary Anti-Communist Front) -- FOCA: (Cuban American Labor Front)

[REF: Cuban Counter Revolutionary Handbook 10 October 1962 by the CIA.
FBI HQ  file number  109-584-3387; NARA RIF Number  124-10279-10032]

[NOTE: The copies  were very hard to transcribe because of  poor photo reproduction. At points where the words were unreadable, three dots (...) were inserted to indicate a missing word or words. Words in brackets are not contained in the original.  FURTHER NOTE: Please consider the date, 10 Oct. 1962, when evaluating the organizations.]



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FARI:  Frente Anti-Comunista Revolucionario Independiente  (Independent Revolutionary Anti-Communist Front)

Inside organization.  Coordinates its activities with MOA (Movimiento Obrero Anti-Comunista).  Membership composed mostly of "clean" elements of pre-revolutionary army and some civilians.  Allegedly has 13,000 members throughout Cuba.  Has provincial organizational breakdown.

FARI:  Frente Anti-Comunista Revolucionario Integrado  (Integrated Anti-Communist Revolutionary Front)

Organized prior to 1961.  Most members ex-Cuban Navy personnel.  Member of FND.  Resistance action during past year has been limited to burning cane fields.

FCL:  Frente Cubana de Liberacion  (Cuban Liberation Front)

Resistance group destroyed 28 July 1961 when G-2 agents arrested Captain Miguel MARTINEZ Rodriguez and five of his brothers.  Captain MARTINEZ was FCL chieftain, now serving thirty year sentence.

FCN:  Frente Catolico Nacional  (Catholic National Front)

Merged with Frente Unido Nacional (FUN) in April 1962.  FUN immediately issued orders to cease all resistance activity and to stay on standby basis.

FDI:  Frente Democratico Interno  (Internal Democratic Front)

Inside organization which functions in six provinces.  Member of UNIR.

FEL:  Federacion de Estudiantes Libres  (Federation of Free Students)

Probably identical with FEUL.

FEU:  Frente Estudiantil Unido  (United Students Front)

Exile organization; member of PGCC.  Director:   Julio A. MORE.

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FEUL: Federacion Estudiantil Universitaria Libre (Federation of Free University Students)

Exile organization.  Member of JRLN which is affiliated with PGCC.  Director:  Jesus ARTIGAS, Jr.

FHN:  Frente Hospitalario Nacional  (National Hospital Front)

No exile representation.  Functions solely inside Cuba, primarily in Havana.  Member UNIR.

FIJD:  Frente Internacional de Juventudes Democratas  (International Front of Young Democrats)

Founded by Marxist and former Communist Orestes MARTINEZ (alias Alcantara), along communist cellular lines.  Combines religion and politics.  Has not been active since October 1960, when it joined DRE.  Leaders:  Alejandro PORTES Cortada, Virgilio PEREZ, Jr.  Membership included Julio Warterio DARNAS Darnas.

FIL:  Frente Interno de Liberacion (Internal Liberation Front)
Also known as FIL-ADC  (Accion Democratica Constitucional)

Leaders:  Luis VISCAINO:  Julio PEREZ; "Campito"; "Mago"; Major Florencia.  Official organ: "Insurreccion."  Inside organization.  No exile membership.  FIL-ADC organized into Military/Civilian sides, each with a chief.  Military side has small bands of guerrillas operating in Camaguey, Matanzas, and Escambray.  Several members were arrested and executed near Guines in summer 1962.  Guerrillas completely lacking in food, clothing, arms and ammunition.  FIL-ADC also has engaged in distribution of propaganda material.

FIPE:  Federacion de la Industria de Petroles en el Exilio  (Oil Industry Workers Federation in exile)

Leaders:   Ignacio DIAZ Izquierdo; Santiago ARGUELLES; Jesus A. RODRIGUEZ Rives; Julio G. GARCIA Garcia; Marcos RAMIREZ; Luis SANCHEZ; Jose Ramon ALPENDRE Seisdedos; Andres GONZALEZ Valcarcil; Julia G. GARCIA Garcia; Antonio RIOS.  Exile organization; member CTC.  Affiliated with PGCC, FORDC.  July 1962 formed Military Commission and organized "Petroleum Brigo de Cuco Cervantes."  Issued application forms seeking at least 100 members.

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FIRD:  Frente Interno Revolucionario Democratica  (Internal Revolutionary Front)

Small internal organization; apparently inactive.

FIUR:  Frente Interno Unido Revolucionario  (United Internal Revolutionary Front)

Leaders:  Exile Coordinator:  R. B. ALFONSO.  Inside:  Tomas ACOSTA aka "Virgilio"; inside organization, main objective to help all guerrilla groups in mountains establishing direct communications between Cuba and US, and joining all groups together in one organization.  Lacks arms and ammunition.  Identification symbol of members is key with letters CMUT and FIUR.  Several members sought asylum in Uruguayan Embassy and have since come to US.

FJD:  Frente Jefe Democratico   (Chief Democratic Front)

Small group in Logia Mariana Crajalea, Havana, dissolved April 1961.

FL:  Flor de Lis (Fluer de Lis)

Believed to be GOC directed and supported.

FLA:  Frente de Liberacion Anticomunista (The Front of Anti-Communist Liberation)

Internal pocket organization affiliated with ARC.  Leader;  "Mac" (war name).  May be identified with Anti-Communist Liberation Front, of which Justo VENTO Peraza claims to have been Pinar del Rio Province chief before taking asylum in Uruguayan Embassy 23 April 1962.

FLAC:  Frente de la Liberacion Anticomunista Cristiano  (Anti-Communist Christian Front of Liberation)

Havana faction of FLA. Leader:  "La Chino" (pseudonym).  Affiliated with ARCA.  Presumably merged with UNIR.

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FLAN:  Frente de Liberacion Anticomunista Nacional  (National Anti-Communist Front of Liberation)

Pocket organization with PGCC.  Leader:  Pedro SALVA Montero.

FLE:  Frente de Liberacion del Escambray  (Escambray Liberation Front)

One of names used by Escambray fighters in early 1962.

FLIR:  Frente de Liberacion Interno Revolucionario  (Internal Revolutionary Front of Liberation)

Inside clandestine organization affiliated with UNIR.  Leader:  Yuyo" (war name).

FLR:  Frente de Liberacion Revolucionario  (Revolutionary Front of Liberation)

Identified by name only.

FLU:  Frente de Liberacion Unido  (United Liberation Front)

Headed by Filipi Fidel VIDAL Santiago, who was participating in training Cuba guerrillas in Florida in April 1962.  After long history association with SANCHEZ Arango, Eusebeo [Eusebio]  MUJAL and others, he formed FLU and initially cooporated [cooperated] with Comando 100 and GARCERAN, later with DIAZ Lanz.

FMO:  Federacion Maritima Obrera  (Maritime Labor Federation)

Organized summer 1962 under CTCE.

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FND:  Frente Nacional Democratico   (Democratic National Front)

Military oriented "unity" organization which once showed promise, but apparently suffered early penetration by G-2.  National Coordinator (Edmondo  ESTRADA Carranzana), arrested spring 62, confessed, sentenced to 30 years; most other identified leaders executed September 1962.  No visible organization in exile (not related to Aureliano SANCHEZ Arango's FND Triple A, sometimes called "FND"), but shortly after ESTRADA's arrest, underground sent out official-looking document naming Gen. Martin DIAZ Tomayo "Provisional President" of exile government, but imposing array signers unknown as resistance leaders, leading to assumption that the document is GOC provocation [provocation].  Names of personnel in US: one "Jose Garcia," mentioned in above-mentioned document as one who could be identified by DIAZ Tomayo; and Enrique PRIETO Pelaez and Miguel Angel de ORELLANO Rodriguez, both extremely uncooperative with US debriefers.  FND was working with Masons; two members executed (BISSET and CUETO) in August were Masons.

FNDC: Frente Nacional Democratico Cristiano
  (National Democratic Christian Front)

Only source of information is Juan Julio ALFONSO Rodriguez, refugee who arrived US July 1962; he claims FNDC was active in maritime and other support to guerrillas.  Head:  Chito CASTILLO, Raul de los SANTOS, Luciano LANTIGUA Suarez.

FNDMA:  Federacion Nacional de Mujeres Anticomunistas
  (National Federation of Anti-Communist Women)

Inside organization, member of ULNC.  Leader:  Rosa SUAREZ or India Cubana.

FNR:  Frente Nacional Revolucionario
  ( National Revolutionary Front)

Once described as the organization for which ELN was military arm.  Source may have meant FND, since there is no other evidence of "FNR" existence.

FOCA:  Frente Obrero Cubano Americano
  (Cuban American Labor Front)

Pocket organization affiliated with ULN inside Cuba.  Leader:  Juamos AMORES.

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