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Pro-Gobierno Constitucional de Cuba en Exilio PGCC
Pro-Constitutional Government of Cuba

[REF: Cuban Counter Revolutionary Handbook 10 October 1962 by the CIA.
FBI HQ  file number  109-584-3387; NARA RIF Number  124-10279-10032]

[NOTE: The copies  were very hard to transcribe because of  poor photo reproduction. At points where the words were unreadable, three dots (...) were inserted to indicate a missing word or words. Words in brackets are not contained in the original.  FURTHER NOTE: Please consider the date, 10 Oct. 1962, when evaluating the organizations.]

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Common Title:  PGCC

Title:  Pro-Gobierno Constitucional de Cuba en Exilio
           Pro-Constitutional Government of Cuba

Political-minded "Unity" organization seeking "government in exile" as legal mechanism to overthrow Castro, and dedicated to making GARCERAN president of that government.  Seeks cooperation of varied exile anti-CASTRO organizations. The stated aims are to overthrow the communist regime of CASTRO, restore Constitution of 1940, effect reconstruction of Cuba, de-communize Cuba, and hold elections as soon as possible.  PGCC is opposed to any CRC suggestion to reform the 1940 Constitution.

Leading Personalities:  Julio GARCERAN del Vall y Souza; Jose Guillermo ARIAS Hernandez;  Jose P. IRIARTE Diaz.


GARCERAN arrived in Miami on 24 Aug. 61; backed by one faction of exile lawyers, he "accepted" position of Provisional President of Cuba, and was elected President of the newly formed PGCC on 6 Oct 61.  Original backers; Dr. Francisco ALABAU Trelles, Dr. Elio ALVAREZ Lopez and Dr. Rafael HERRERA Tellez.  Gathered some support from President Ydigoras of Guatemala in spring 62; together they sought to force unification of all exiles under GARCERAN "Constitutional Thesis" concept.  MIRO refused to considered.  SANCHEZ Arango cooperated initially; PRIO was sympathetic; but both late withdrew support.


GARCERAN …with YDIGORAS for training camps in Guatemala.  Also wants training programs in Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.  Unconfirmed reports state GARCERAN has set up training camp in Florida … and has trained over 400 Cubans, but IRIARTE stated … has no arms, boats ,planes, equipment, has trained military staff, propaganda, intelligence and finance sections …by lack of funds and hope obtain financial … Guatemala and possibly other Latin American countries.

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